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Re: The Well: PrimordialAA -- Pooh-Bah Post --

Originally Posted by nathan View Post
cool thread primo here we go:

1, most recent leak that you fixed/noticed

Getting into the habit of calling too wide OOP, and not 3betting enough against people who MR a ton of their buttons

2, how did you wokr on your 20 - 30bb play, any good threads you remeber?

I don't really remember how it came about, I remember solving the equations that I based my HU SNG From Scratch: Advanced Concepts vid on with somebody, but up to that point I had never seen the information posted anywhere or discussed at all, so somebody did alot of that with me and I totally forget who (sorry u deserve some cred!!!), but since then i've talked this blind level over with a TON of different people and come along ways in my understanding of adaptions vs diff. player types / skill levels of players

3, hardest player you played?

Prolly BCM11 by a huge margin(not the first 18 games I played him a long time ago, but the 30 or 40 we played this winter), followed up by Adonis112

4, how many times you punched screen,broke mouse,hit wife etc etc.. due to tilt

Never, the worst I ever do is throw my mouse to the other end of my mouse pad (where it like flips upside down), or kinda bang my desk w/my fist, but both are pretty mild, im not like liv who I heard threw his monitor or PC out like a 30th story window or something (not sure if this is true or not, but I heard it from a decent source ;p)

5, hardest person you played in husngs

(see #3)

6, ever 7bet bluffed someone?

Hrmmm, actually im almost positive I have a few times ;p, but probably before I was even good at HU SNGs, I wish I had some recent HHs that demonstrate this ;p

7, biggest hand that sticks in your memory wether biggest pot lost/won, most you learned cause of it etc...

Only big hand I remember often is being in 14/17 where 16 WSOP ME packages go, everybody still having decent stacks, 17th place goes all in, I call OTB w/ AA, he has QQ and river 4 flushes me while I was in Budapest w/my whole family railing from their house and my gf behind me watching... I went out next hand cause I had like NO chips, it was super super super devastating, and I brushed it off really well actually, but that hand sticks out more than any other

8, scariest night of your life?

Hrmm, I have NO clue on this one, I guess my memory isnt that good, but I guess any time I have a HUGE DS is super scary for me in terms of my 'poker life', like in December I had a -14k day... after getting scammed my whole roll in Oct, making 35k in November, and then BOOm, a -14k day, it was a SUPERRRRRRRRR long day of me playing a TONN of games, and just brought back all the memories of all of the times ive had huge defeats cause of similar stuff in my poker rolls before I was ever serious, and just always this terror that im falling back into my 'old poker ways' or aren't really good enough or controlled enough to make it as a career

9, happiest moment of your life? (and please dont say getting married or will be pettintion to get **** locked straight away)

hahaha, this COULD potentially be tonight, why I cannot tell you yet... but details potentially to come . If it's not tonight, then i'll try to think up a good one to tell you

be back with more soon
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