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Re: The Well: PrimordialAA -- Pooh-Bah Post --

cool thread primo here we go:

1, most recent leak that you fixed/noticed

2, how did you wokr on your 20 - 30bb play, any good threads you remeber?

3, hardest player you played?

4, how many times you punched screen,broke mouse,hit wife etc etc.. due to tilt

5, hardest person you played in husngs

6, ever 7bet bluffed someone?

7, biggest hand that sticks in your memory wether biggest pot lost/won, most you learned cause of it etc...

8, scariest night of your life?

9, happiest moment of your life? (and please dont say getting married or will be pettintion to get **** locked straight away)

be back with more soon
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