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Re: The Well: PrimordialAA -- Pooh-Bah Post --

Originally Posted by bluemage55 View Post
Since you started playing for a living, what was the single biggest change that you have made to improve your game? By this I'm including both leaks in-game as well as aspects outside the game like bankroll management, tilt control, balancing your life, etc.?
tbh going full time really didnt do much except give me the opportunity to magnify some really bad habits ;p, like playing WAYY too much when playing marginally, etc., it was when I first dating / living with my gf (now wife) that I really changed some stuff around, i'd say order of importance was basically:

Balancing my life: this is really important when you have somebody else you actually care about and your actions effect, before when I wasn't full time, my ex-gf would be over, but if I was having a losing night I would just grind through being MISERABLE to be around and playing as late as 4am, etc.

but now when I was full time, I would try to structure my life better, currently I wake up at like 10am, eat breakfast/whatever, and play from like 10:30 or 11 until 3 or 4 pm, and then try to do something with her for the evening. The same thing happened when I had first gone full time, I could try to make sure I was done playing by 8pm so I could spend my nights with her, and I knew even if I had had a bad day, I could sleep it off and wake up tomorrow more refreshed, and still would have the whole day to play

Bankroll Management: This has always been important, and I guess I kind of undervalued it, but living with guys like hokie and cwar (HUGEEE BR nits) and talking to people like Croix / M@D, who had both played $100s at a time with like 300k bankrolls, just made me realized how much easier / less stress this kind of situation would put you in. Yes I realize how important it is to maximize the value you can get, but I also like to enjoy my life, and hate having !)$@!n 10 BI downswings that are like 1/3 of my entire BR, it's just unbearable at times, and magnifies 100x the depression / euphoria cycles you experience

Tilt Control: I still haven't mastered this, and it always hurts me, I allow myself to have days like my -14k, -8k day, etc., where other people will never get to that point at the same stakes as me, because they dont tilt as hard, and they are willing to stop when they are down much sooner than I am, this is something I work on every day though, and know is a big weakness of mine
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