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Re: The Well: PrimordialAA -- Pooh-Bah Post --

Originally Posted by NSidhu View Post
How did you learn the things you didn't know that you didn't know? Videos, talking to guys better than you or just through grinding and reviewing hands?

Also if you don't mind what were some of these things?

Also congrats on the marriage.
The first is a really interesting question, and tbh im not sure when I picked up the knowledge, alot of it came from talking w/cwar last summer in vegas, and doing exercises in the kitchen of the apartment I had rented there, that made me much more aware of meta, adaptions, and board texture. The biggest thing I learned there was paying much more attention to board texture and when you can ck/raise, etc., etc. , which was very basic stuff that I had just never paid enough attention to previously.

This along with talking regularly with some guys who have VERY different outlooks on the game (myself, hokie, chiry ... then Dibasio, Croix, Nofear, and Sifosis), I talked to all of them on a very very regular basis in the fall after I left vegas, and this really solidified alot of the stuff I had begun to look at before, and seeing so many different views on similar concepts got me into looking at the WHY of alot of different spots, and opened me up to trying to solve some parts of HU SNG I thought could be solved (like simple reshoving equations at <30bb, etc., etc.)

and thanks for the congrats
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