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Originally Posted by DopeyMcDope View Post
First. Woo-hoo!

Any tips on grinding a lot of hours playing at least B game? I can't do more than a few hours of husng's.

Just takes breaks, if im going to play alot of hours, I try to not play longer than 2 hours at a time without taking like a 5-30 minute break, it can be as short as getting a glass of water and stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, to let your head refocus and then back to the grind, or it can be a walk outside + lunch, chill out and watch TV or read a magazine, whatever works for you

Also, I tend to stop playing when I'm up a few buyins. I know this is bad, any outlook on that that may help me change my thinking?

I mean it's just gathering a fundamental understanding of the game really, we all have that tendency when we're +$300 on the day say "OoO, if I just made $300 every day i'd be balllinnnnn" , but we know if we have a 10% ROI, that REALLY means we need to play 30 games per day at $100s to get what we want, so rather than having a losing day and trying to grind out 80 games to get +$300, focus on whats important, and just getting in those 30 games each day to get what you want. But again, dont ever force this, if your feeling and playing GREAT one day, go ahead and play 50 games, and the next day, if you start out -2 BI and played terrible, just take a long break or stop for the day, the goal is to put in as much quality volume as you can, forcing poor volume will never be what you wanna do
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