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Re: ***What should a beginner play - Sit an Go, or cash games????***

I also generally recommend cash games, though I'm a sit'n'go junky myself.

However, I think the people who mechanically try to grind sit'n'gos are VASTLY underrating the complexity of the game and strategy. There is no such phenomenon as a table full of perfect unexploitable players playing exactly "correct" strategy. Rather, there are players who are *not exploiting one another* because they're using the *same robotic strategy.* They find the strategy unexploitable because they personally are not exploiting it, and it's resistant to their own approach. The problem with rising to higher stakes in sitn'gos is the same as the problem of rising in cash games: the play is tougher. Some can hack it in the lower stakes, but not the higher. Some conclude that if their usual approach doesn't beat the higher stakes, the higher stakes are unbeatable. But they're merely harder.

I've never encountered an unexploitable player. The biggest problem with sitn'gos, as I see it, is that you're paying about 9% on your action, and it can be tough to overcome the higher stakes players by enough of an edge to overcome the takeout, plus keep enough for yourself.

I've seen some mega-multi-table sit'n'go players who "beat" the game by getting a 1-2% ROI and expect that to pay decently just through mass volume. I personally have seen that I can't play my best game even on two tables, though I can still play reasonably effectively on up to three tables... I just think, especially beginners, you must strive to be more than "reasonably effective." Striving to be your best is an impossible goal if you plunge into multi-tabling too early, or follow a forumlaic, mechanical approach to the game.
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