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Re: MISC/RANDOM/BS Golf Chatter Thread

I don't really have a swing, set up, or anything like that. I have talked to a couple guys who golfed in college that I have played with before and they said that the stiff shaft is probably correct for me.

I honestly don't think getting fitted would be beneficial for me right now because there is no consistency as to how I address the ball. I just kind of get up there and hit it. I mean I take my time and try to line everything up but my stance, grip, and swing all vary by the week. Heck I went to the driving range last week and doubt I had the same swing, grip, and position relative to the ball twice. Nothing looked great so I tried switching everything up hoping I would find one that works. I would imagine there is a slim chance that the way I would address and hit the ball with the club fitter would be the same way I would do it if I golfed again a week later.

I do understand how getting it fitted would be important and maybe that is something I will try when I actually try to get some consistency in my swing. This may all sound stupid but I do appreciate all the help.
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