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Re: MISC/RANDOM/BS Golf Chatter Thread

Originally Posted by Spenda View Post
yea cuz $150 that could save a player 1-3 strokes a round for the rest of the time they use their clubs is "quite expensive"

who are you, are you just some golfer who reads internet forums, do you just read your monthly golf digest, are you an instructor?

fitting is optimal, necessary, and is not expensive at all compared to what ppl are paying for a set of clubs.
I never said that fitting wasn't important.

I'm just saying that the original poster said he has very "erratic" play, so getting fitted is likely going to not have as much benefit for him versus getting a lesson or something to develop a more consistent strike of the ball.

Given that he hits the ball more regularly - then yes I agree that fitting should be the next progressive step towards game improvement.
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