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Re: MISC/RANDOM/BS Golf Chatter Thread

well if you're buying new clubs at a major golf retailer the fitting "*should** be free! In some cases the clubs might have to be special ordered (at no added cost) and some upgrades (i.e. better grips/shafts) can cost more.

If you go this route you will have to settle with being fitted by the salesperson at one of these stores, or you could find a local PGA Professional and pay $50-$100 for a clubfitting session which also might cost more on the back end (unless you take this info to a retail store and they make the alterations if you buy the clubs from them).

You should be fitted for shat length/flex and lie. Those are the three biggest things. Most places are going to take a metal yardstick looking device and hang in to the floor to determine club-length, will have you hit off of a lie board to determine the proper lie and will look at swing speed to determine shaft flex. While these are not the best proper methods they certainly are better than nothing. You could try to get in well with the club makers at these places as they tend to know more than the random salesperson and will be the ones working on your sticks. Hell, offer them $20 under the table to spend 15 minutes with you fitting their sticks and then tip them after they finish adjusting your clubs.

All of that is nowhere near as good as visiting someone who knows how the golf swing affects the fitting process.
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