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Re: MISC/RANDOM/BS Golf Chatter Thread

Originally Posted by ZBTHorton View Post
I have no idea what your disagreeing with. I don't care whether he is a good ball striker who can't putt/chip, or whether he is a below average ball striker who is good around the greens, there is absolutely no disadvantage to getting custom fit for your clubs.

94 isn't even that bad of a score, that's like basically bogey golf. I know tons of bogey golfers who hit the ball fairly well but just don't know how to score. A huge % of them would be helped by a basic club fitting. It's not like it's expensive. He can get a pretty basic fitting for free at most golf shops. I'm not saying he should ship 500$ to a custom club fitter, I'm saying he needs to make sure he's got the right shaft in his clubs, make sure his lie angles are correct, and make sure his clubs are the right length.

Although, it should be said at this point, that with a driver/3 wood, this stuff should really be done at time of sale.
Fitting is quite expensive, if you think of all the alterations that will be needed. It is likely that he isn't a standard lie and that his shafts aren't optimal for his skills -- therefore he will have to get 13 of his clubs bent and reshafted, at a pretty hefty cost. That money would be better spent on a lesson tbh.

The only real fitting that would be very beneficial is if this OP is like 6'4" and needs lengthened clubs. Otherwise the lie angle and shaft will have fairly minimal results. He might hit it a few yards shorter or hit it with a bit more left/right tail -- again though, fitting isn't entirely free.
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