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Re: MISC/RANDOM/BS Golf Chatter Thread

Originally Posted by UCBananaboy View Post
Getting fitted isn't that important imo. I think if you get down to near single-digit handicap -- then it should be more of a concern. At shooting 94, you likely have trouble making consistent solid contact anyways, so getting fitted is the least of your concerns (no offense). Only thing that you may want to get fitted for is if you are extremely tall and may need extended shafts and such... otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.

$200 is a great deal for the clubs tho. I think you'll enjoy what you got and really see an increase in length and such.
Eh, pretty much disagree with this entire post. We have no idea what his swing is like, so telling him that getting custom fit isn't important is pretty meh. He didn't even tell us what shaft he has in the clubs, so we have no idea whether these clubs are even remotely close to what he needs.

I personally think everyone should at least know the basics of their swing(swing speed, lie angle adjustments, etc) before they go buy clubs. Swinging the wrong shaft, or non adjusted irons can really hurt your game and keep you from improving. Shooting 94 is the exact time when I think you should be getting involved in custom fitting, because in most cases you've started striking the ball pretty well and can really notice a difference.
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