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***Official PCA '2+2 Choice' Event Nominations Thread*** ***Official PCA '2+2 Choice' Event Nominations Thread***

10-23-2010 , 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by Johnny Douglas
Awesome, was going to dig up the rules of "Swingo" from Albini's episode so SA could enter by proxy.
Swingo is addictive
10-23-2010 , 09:06 PM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest:

8-game Winners Call
Pretty straight forward. The winner of each hand calls what game the next hand will be (from the standard 8-game rotation).
10-23-2010 , 09:16 PM
My entry for the PCA is a gambling junkies dream

Crazy Pinapple Preflop
PLO After the flop

Let the madness begin.
10-24-2010 , 02:46 AM
My Entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest

6-max No limit holdem with a bounty on 7-2. Each player begins the tournament with a bounty chip. If a player loses a hand to another player with 7-2 they must give the player with 7-2 all of their bounty chips. In order to receive the bounty chips the player doesn't necessarily have to bluff. Obviously if you win with 7-2 by showing down the best hand you still collect the bounty. You can accumulate as many bounty chips as possible. So if someone has no bounty chips left then their is obviously no incentive to try to bluff them with 7-2, but if someone has accumulated say 5 bounty chips then you have more incentive to try to bluff them thus winning all 5 of their bounty chips.
10-24-2010 , 12:55 PM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest

Name: HELL, BRO! (easy to remember, all the games I like)

Dealer’s Choice at least means you have one more weapon in your arsenal – whoever is on the button gets to choose what the game is for that one hand.

Choose from the following:
Hold'em NL, (Eight or better) 7-Stud High Low, Limit Hold'em, Low-Ball 2-7, Badugi (Pot Limit or NL), Razz (Pot Limit), Omaha High Low.

You can play with, or without Dealers choice.. or alternate! how's that for options??
10-24-2010 , 02:00 PM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest


No Limit Omaha with Rebuys!
10-24-2010 , 03:37 PM
My entry for the 2+2 Choice Contest

Multi Table Size Shootout NLHE

you start with a Full Ring game. The winner moves onto the 6-max table. The Winner of that moves onto 4-max, then finally Heads-Up for the winner. It would take a player who plays all table sizes, and would shorten the length of the following rounds to grow excitement. Being NLHE people would be interested already.

Two variations that you could do
1) could do a different game each table, but be COMPLETELY random like do draw out of a hat or have a random number generator with each game having a number assigned. You can switch games each level or table. 8-game random game would bring a new twist.
2) I got this one from the big game. FLHE Preflop, pot limit on the flop, and on the turn and river make it no-limit. This game would help pro's because of how much it forces post flop play
10-24-2010 , 06:37 PM
Limit Anaconda

At the beginning of each hand, each player must pay an ante to receive cards. This is just a small bet thatís usually equal in size to 10% of the lower betting limit. So if youíre playing in a $10/$20 Anaconda game, the antes would be $1.00.

Each player is then dealt seven cards face down. The player to the left of the dealer receives the first card, and then each player to the left receives one card in turn. This process continues until every player has seven cards.
First Betting Round

The first betting round begins with the player to the left of the dealer. This player may bet, check or fold. The betting action continues to the left around the table until all the players have had a chance to bet and all bets have been matched. The bets in this round should be placed in increments of the lower betting limit.
First Pass

Now each player chooses three cards from his hand and passes those cards to the player to the left. Each player will simultaneously lose and gain three cards in this fashion.
Second Betting Round

Another betting round begins with the player to the left of the dealer. This round of betting is played in the same manner as the previous round.
Second Pass

In this round, each player chooses two cards to pass to the left.
Third Betting Round

After the players get their new cards, there is another betting round. This round also begins with the first player to the left of the dealer. From here on out, the bets should be made in increments of the upper betting limit.
Third Pass

Each player chooses one more card to pass to the left. This is the final pass.
Fourth Betting Round

There is one more round of betting identical to the previous betting round.
Pick Five

Now each player chooses five of the seven cards to make up his final five card poker hand. The remaining two cards can be discarded. The players then put their cards face down in a stack in front of them.

At the signal of the dealer, each player then reveals one card of his choice.
Fifth Betting Round

There is one more round of betting.

Any players remaining after the last betting round now reveal the rest of their cards. The player with the best five card poker hand wins the pot.
10-24-2010 , 07:00 PM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest

No Limit Holdem with an Ocean Card and with the Button on the Big Blind.

Six Community Cards instead of Five.

10-24-2010 , 10:59 PM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest

Hidden Holdem (played as a limit game)

broadly this is a three hole card holdem game played exactly the same as holdem with a variation on what cards are exposed and when.

Preflop each player gets one card up and two cards down. round of betting,

The board is then dealt with a flop with one card up and two cards down (Hidden part), once dealt each player must expose a further card from their hand and then the betting round commences.

turn Is dealt down then another betting round.

River is dealt up another betting round and then the hidden cards (two flop and one turn and your last hole card) is turned over - best poker hand wins.

We also tend to play with a rule that at least one card from your hand must be used but it never really plays much (ie cant split on the board cards).
10-24-2010 , 11:19 PM
2+2-Line Omaha Hi

6-max Split Pot Game with 5 hole cards per player.
2 boards of 3-1-1 are dealt - 2 x flop (bet round); 2 x turn (bet round); 2 x river (bet round).
Half pot awarded to best Hi hand for each board.

An action game, 2bsure 2bsure !!!
10-25-2010 , 12:23 AM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest

Guts Big O (2-7 low, 8 or better).

This game is played with a button that rotates. There are no blinds. Players each ante and are dealt 5 cards. On each betting round, players in order decide to be in or out, then every player who is still in puts in half the pot rounded up to the nearest ante. The betting rounds are preflop, flop, and turn. After the turn, the river is dealt and there is a showdown (with no betting on the river).

At showdown, the best 2-7 low that qualifies (i.e. is an eight low or better) and the best hand for high split the pot. For both low and high hands, you must use exactly three cards on the board and two in your hand. (For each half of the pot, ties for that half of the pot result in that half being split evenly between all tied players -- and odd chips are paid with preference to players who had to act first.)
10-25-2010 , 12:45 AM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest:

PLO madness

Phase 1: 6max PLO shootout
Phase 2: HU PLO flipament shootout

Phase 1:

Phase 1 is a 6-max PLO shootout. Once a player loses all of their chips they are knocked out of the tournament.

Any player who wins a pot with a PLO hand ranking of Ace-high or worse (either pre-flop or post-flop), gets a flipament ticket, valid in Phase 2 of the tournament. Once a player has received their first flipament ticket, they can take it and leave their 6-max table or continue and try for additional tickets. A player only has the option to leave their 6-max table after receiving their first ticket.

The winner of each 6-max table will also receive a flipament ticket.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 is a HU PLO flipament shootout. All players with flipament tickets (who were not knocked out in Phase 1) are randomly drawn in HU matches. Every time a player loses a flip, they lose 1 flipament ticket. When a player loses all of their flipament tickets, their opponent wins the HU match and moves on to the next round.

HU matches continue until there is one player remaining.

This is a winner-take-all tournament.
10-25-2010 , 11:09 PM
forgot to put the official entry thing, so:

My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest

Indian Hold'em (or blind man's bluff, for those trying to be politically correct)

played just like regular holdem, only each player doesn't know their own hole cards...they just know all of the other player's cards. this is accomplished by holding your hole cards up to your forehead after the deal so all the other players can see them, but you cannot. betting and everything else ist eh same as normal holdem.

*if you take your cards off your forehead or try to look at your hand in any way, it's a considered a fold and your hand is declared dead

i've played this a few times before and everyone had a blast, basically a big leveling game to try to get people to fold good hands, and also fun trying to figure out whta you have by what people do
10-26-2010 , 03:05 AM
Friendly reminder that nominations are closing at Midnight, Sunday October 31st. Keep em' coming!!!!
10-26-2010 , 04:32 AM
Originally Posted by JP OSU
My entry for the 2+2 Choice Contest


Split pot game where the best omaha hi hand wins half the pot, and the best badugi hand wins the other half.

We played this game at the 2+2 party in Vegas and everyone had a blast, I promise it will be a great time, badugaha is such a great game.

The game is played limit, you are dealt 4 hole cards, with 5 community cards, just as in Omaha, but there are also 3 draws.

There's a ton of action b/c people just very rarely fold and it's just an awesome gambling game.
+1, though there needs to be clarification on when the drawing rounds are in relation to the omaha board development


I nominate 2nd best holdem. LHE tournament, 2nd best hand wins at showdown.
10-26-2010 , 05:09 AM
Worst Hand Hold Em - maybe a little too 'solved' tho ?

Pot Limit stud
10-26-2010 , 09:36 AM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest

Stud Triple Draw.

Full stud hand is dealt first.

Same betting rules as stud. Lowest exposed hand pays 'bring-in', and the first betting round and after first draw are small bet, 2nd and 3rd draw are big bet rounds.

Then 3 rounds of Draw and betting. Exposed cards are replaced with cards dealt face up, and hidden cards face down.

Highest hand wins.

Would have to be 6-max due to the number of cards dealt.
10-26-2010 , 09:19 PM
These are all pretty good, and am now thinking that i should have gone NL on my version given the degenerate games on here...

anyone of them looks like they would be a heap of fun.

GL all... may the best game win...
10-27-2010 , 12:31 AM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest:

Iron Man Event: NLHE. No breaks at all. Play until winner is determined. Eat at the table. Food provided (have food set out on some tables in a designated area) at least for dinner, breakfast and lunch time. Structured to last about 24 hours or so.
10-27-2010 , 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by Uncle Cecilia
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest:

Iron Man Event: NLHE. No breaks at all. Play until winner is determined. Eat at the table. Food provided (have food set out on some tables in a designated area) at least for dinner, breakfast and lunch time. Structured to last about 24 hours or so.
Structured to last about 48 hours or so = 2X as good ???
10-27-2010 , 02:00 AM
I have 2 ideas I will submit as entries.

Entry #1: Ante-up NLHE. They don't have one of these tournaments on the schedule, and I think it would be a fun event live. Blinds start at 25/25 with a 25 ante, and only the ante goes up. By the FT blinds are still 25/25 with a 5k ante or something. It's the exact same concept Stars already runs tournaments for. I think this could get a big field because a ton of people have some exposure to it during WCOOP and just by playing on Stars. Plus there are very few specialists so nobody would feel like they are giving up a huge edge. Plus it's NLHE so people will feel much more comfortable playing it.

Last edited by Mike Johnson; 11-03-2010 at 12:53 AM.
10-27-2010 , 04:08 AM
My entry for the Pca 2+2 choice event

reverse nl holdem (tuts holdem in some countries)

simple, yet effective and hella fun. will garner a big field and draw out the lolz at the same time.

just like good ol texas hold them, each player is dealt two cards.
but instead of it going flop, turn, river, you see the river first, then the turn, then the 3 card flop (but if the flop comes last, is it technically a 3 card river? hmmmmmm, deep thoughts itt).
im actually unsure why this game isnt offered on the reg.
cant wait to play it at pca.

tuts holdem ftw.
10-27-2010 , 06:57 AM
Hi All,

Some fantastic ideas, please keep them coming!

A quick note to Cecilia, post #70, the gaming rules in Bahamas require us to be closed between 4am and 12pm. Sorry, no Ironman.

I do however think you should be allowed to create a second entry as you were unaware of that restriction


PokerStars Live Events Specialist
10-27-2010 , 11:59 AM
My entry for the PCA 2+2 Choice Contest

"Pot-limit Discard 8/b"

This game is 8 max due to the amount of cards dealt out.

It is structured like a hold'em game with 4 rounds of betting and you end up showing down 2 cards but with additional steps.

1) Each player is dealt 5 cards pre-flop & a normal round of pot-limit betting occurs. When action is complete, all players left in hand discard 1 card, leaving them 4.
2) A normal 3 card community flop is dealt; when action is complete, all players left in the hand discard 1 card, leaving them with 3 cards.
3) A normal turn card is dealt; again, after action is complete, all players left in the hand discard 1 card, leaving each player 2 cards.
4) The river is dealt and the last round of pot-limit betting occurs. Showdown occurs and players show their hands to determine high and low hand.

Example showdown hand:
Board: AQ842
Player 1 shows K3 for 8-4-3-2-A to win low hand.
Player 2 Shows K5 for an 8-5-4-2-A for a worse low but the nut flush to win high hand.

The river showdown is exactly the same as hold'em, where 1 or both cards in a player's hand may be used and any A plays as high and low. Wheel is the nut low (A-2-3-4-5).

Self-promoting reasons why I think this will be fun for all involved:
1- lack of experiencing with games that have you discarding cards will make people over-value their hands pre-flop, meaning more people will end up playing to the turn.
2- it's a high/low game which tends to have more people involved per hand
3- it's pot-limit which is always fun and fast
4- it's a marriage of both omaha and hold'em with forward-thinking necessary
5- it's 8-max which is a nice compromise for those who argue between full ring & 6-max.