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Small Stakes Full Ring Discussion of .50/1 and 1/2 online and 5/10 live no-limit and pot-limit Texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Cry Me A River
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Index of posts according to buy-in level

This is an index of hand history threads (or any other threads which include buy-in information) in this forum according to buy-in level. So you can jump directly to threads of whatever level you are playing.

This index only includes posts with buy-in information. You will still need to browse the forum as a whole for general strategy threads, chat threads, etc.

This index will ONLY find posts with the buy-in in the subject, it will NOT find posts that only contain the blind level. That is, it will find posts with 200NL or NL200 in the subject but NOT posts with only 1/2 in the subject.

In the past I've edited subjects to include buy-in information if it was missing but didn't discriminate between posts that expressed it as 100NL or .5/1. Now I will edit all posts to comply with this indexing EXCEPT live hands which will (usually) still be expressed by blind level since max buy-in often varies by room (live hands form a small minority of posts). The search function does not include an OR so it's one or the other if this index is going to work properly and by far most people use 100NL or NL100.

Click here for Live posts (Includes posts in Micro FR forum)
Click here for 100NL posts
Click here for 200NL posts
Click here for 400NL posts
Click here for 600NL posts
Click here for 1000NL posts

Note: Some extraneous posts may result, for example "400NL with 200bb stacks" would appear in the 200NL search due to "200" being in the subject line. Overall though this should be a pretty effective filter.

Quick links to Monthly/Regulars threads:

*** Official February Chat Thread: The Midget Month ***
Any Full Tilt regulars on here? NL 200 and NL 100
***Official Star's Regulars Thread***
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