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01-15-2008 , 01:00 AM

Small Stakes Full Ring No Limit Texas Hold'em Master Sticky and FAQ.

Updated July 21, 2009.

- Table of Contents -

1) Forum News and Events
This FAQ is under revision. To contribute to this FAQ, please post in this thread:
2) Posting Guidelines
Because we get a ton of new players everyday looking and using the FRNL forum for the first time and to promote a better forum experience we have come up with some basic forum guidelines for posting a hand. So before you click that shiny button that says "New Thread" here's some things you should consider.

2.01) Where should I post my hand?
Beginners Questions - For beginner players
Micro Full Ring PL/NL - Full ring 50NL and below
Small to High Full Ring PL/NL - Full ring 100NL and above
Micro Stakes PL/NL - 50NL and below
Small Stakes PL/NL - 100NL-200NL
Medium Stakes PL/NL - 400NL-1000NL
High Stakes PL/NL - above 1000NL
2.02) Is this hand a bad beat?
In other words, did you get your money in ahead and still lose? If this is the case, we don't really care. Everybody who plays poker suffers through these all the time. It's part of the game, and does not require its own thread. If you just need to vent there are Monthly LC (Low Content) threads just for that. The LC threads are usually always on the front page so they are easy to find. This also holds true about brags. There is also a whole forum devoted to these types of threads. If you're brave enough you can post them there.
2.03) Is this post about something other than small to high stakes NL?
Yes, we all have things we are interested in besides FRNL poker. The purpose of this forum is strategy though, so we would really like to keep the LC threads to a minimum. When you post a LC thread it moves a post that was about strat off the front page so questions may not get answered. If you want to discuss something else please use the monthly LC threads.
2.04) Have you read the master sticky?
There is so much information in that one resource that you can spend months browsing through it. Many of the questions you have, are already answered in the concepts and topics covered in the master sticky. Most of your hand posts boil down to concept application. So you should really try to get at the root of your question. Not should I fold or should I shove. You're really looking for the 'why' not the 'what'. In other words, if you don't know 'why' it really doesn't matter 'what'anyone tells you. The master sticky is full of the "why". At least make a reasonable effort to see if your question(s) can be found in the FAQ.
2.05) Have you tried the search function?
Chances are your question has been answered before, especially if you do not have much poker experience. You really don't need to start a 'when to move up bankroll thread' just type in 'bankroll management' into the search function and you should be able to find something that will help you out. Don't be discouraged if you don't find something with your first search, sometimes you have to give it the right words before it finds something. There is also bankroll information in the master sticky already. So you might want to try there first.
2.06) Title your post correctly.
This is fairly important because it can effect the advice you get. Things to include in the title are Level of play, 10NL, 25NL etc. Usually your hole cards. Some sort of idea of the decision you are looking at, but try not to give away the outcome of your hand. Good Example would be, "25NL KK in LP, turn decision vs a nit" a bad title would be something like "25NL, KK am I always behind here?" It's subtle but you can tell what the outcome is before you open the thread up. Knowing the outcome of a hand really can influence the advice you get.
2.07) Be sure to convert the hand if possible.
Raw hand history is harder to read, and might get ignored by those who choose not to read it. Also, raw histories include screen names and its somewhat bad form to show these. Not all hand histories from all sites can be converted, but most of the larger sites HHs can be run through the forum's own hand history converter. If that does not work there are other converters listed below. Details can be found in this thread: Official TwoPlusTwo Hand Converter Thread.
2.08) Alternate hand history convertors.
2+2 now includes a built in hand history convertor. Details can be found in this thread: Official TwoPlusTwo Hand Converter Thread.

Here are some other hand history converters:
Lego Poker/FTP converter
Neil Dewhurst
How to convert Ultimate Bet hands?

2.09) Only show the hand up to the point of the decision you want to discuss.
For instance if you have AA and are check raised all in on the flop you don't need to show the cards that come on the turn or the river they are meaningless to the decision you are making and can influence how others see the hand.
2.10) Don't post results!
It really does change the advice you get and whether you win the hand or not has no bearing on the quality of your decision. In the body of your post try not to give hints as to the outcome either.
2.11) Include stats.
You see a lot of post that start with "villian was 35/14/2" These are stats given from most poker database software. (for example Poker Tracker) and are VPIP, PFR, Total AG. These stats are not the only ones the software can give you and I would suggest you include any stats that you might think pertain to the hand. If you don't know what these stats mean, then once again you can find that info in the Master Sticky.
2.12) Include reads.
These would be actually what you have observed a player doing. Such as 'villain checkraises sets on the flop'. Because of the built in variance that poker players experience, stats are not true reads until you get a bunch of hands on a villain. No, 50 hands is not a bunch. Reads are really important to a lot of decisions we make. The better your reads, the better the advice people can generally give.
2.13) Include your image.
At some levels this is important, at others not so much. How important really kinda depends on if you think villain is actually paying attention to what your doing. I think though if you have been fairly active it effects villains more than if you have been fairly quiet at these levels.
2.14) What can you expect from others?
People respond to hands in different ways and for different reasons. Some will give you fairly lengthy and complete answers, others may just say a few things that may not help you at all. Some people like to teach, others are merely working on their own game. The main thing you have to remember is that poker is a lonely game. You and you alone are responsible for your poker education if you want to improve. So if someone makes a comment on your hand that you don't understand ask them about it. Most are more than willing to explain their thinking when asked.
2.15) How do I post an image in a thread?
To post an image or photo, first you must HOST it on the web. Even if you are just posting an image that is already on the web, unless it is on your website you MUST rehost it. Hot-linking an image (linking directly to an image on somebody else's site) is very bad and may get you banned. Always rehost!

The most popular hosting sites are ImageShack and Photobucket.

One you have your image hosted, write your post. To add an image in your post, click this tool, which is just above the box where you enter your post: and enter the URL where the image is hosted.

2.16) What not to post.
Do not post requests for staking or offers to stake.
Do not post requests for coaching or offers to coach.
Do not post requests for rakeback or offers of rakeback.
Do not post spam.
Do not post bad beats except in threads designated for that purpose.
Do not post one word replies. Include some thought and explanation in your replies.
Do not post personal information regarding or identifying any other posters including but not limited to: phone numbers, addresses, URLs, AIM screen names, poker site accounts, etc. No trainwrecking!
3) General Information
3.01) What is allowed in my Location:?
No URLs.
No mentions of rakeback.
No "PM me" or "See profile"
No mentions of coaching or teaching.
Blogging is allowed.
3.02) What other FAQs and stickies should I read?
HSNL Best of Thread
3.03) Coaching
3.03.01) Where can I find a coach?
Try the Coaching Advice Forum.
3.03.02) Can advertise my coaching services?
No, but you can post in the Coaching Advice Forum.
3.04) Staking
3.04.01) How can I get a stake?
Do not post about staking in this forum. The Marketplace Forum has two staking threads:
***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (100 strat post minimum to post)***
***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***
3.04.02) Can I offer stakes?
Do not post about staking in this forum. The Marketplace Forum has two staking threads:
***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (100 strat post minimum to post)***
***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***
3.05) Where can I read some poker blogs?
Small to High Full Ring No limit maintains a list of blogs from posters. The blog list is at the top of the forum or you can jump right to the blogs.
3.06) Can I post my poker blog here?
Small to High Full Ring No limit maintains a list of blogs from posters. Instructions for adding your blog are included. The blog list is at the top of the forum or you can jump right to the blogs.
3.07) How do I contact FRNL posters outside of 2+2?
FR AIM Screenname Thread.

Be careful using AIM with people you do not know. There have been many reports of scammers attempting to impersonate people by using similar IDs in order to trick people into doing money transfers. Refer to the Internet Gambling forum's thread on person to person transfers before agreeing to any transfers. Also never allow anyone you do not know well to send you any files.

3.08) What do you people look like?
***Official Picture Thread***
4) Poker strategy, tactics and theory
4.01) What do the numbers XX/YY/ZZ mean?
These numbers are from Pokertracker (or other similar poker software). The numbers represent VPIP/PFR/AGG.

VPIP: Voluntarily Put In Pot
PFR: Preflop Raise
AGG: Aggression

4.02) Can you analyze my stats and/or graphs?
**** Official Stats and Graphs Analysis thread ****
4.03) Why don't you play 6-max?
LC - Why don't you play 6 max ?
4.04) What is a good win rate at FRNL?
Reasonable Win Rates at NL100
4.05) Should I slowplay this hand?
Should I Slowplay?
4.06) Should I fold KK preflop?
Should I fold my KK preflop?
4.07) Should I fold my set?
Should I fold my Set?
4.08) Should I play with a short stack?
Short stacking has several advantages over full stacking but you must make adjustments to short stack effectively and be aware of the disadvatages as well. For more information on short stacking: M2TR shortstacker illuminati thread and Crushing Short Stacks.
4.09) I hate short stacks! What can I do about them?
Online poker sites have shown no inclination to reduce short stacking. This is likely because short stacks are in the site's best interest - Shorter stacks mean bad players loose their money slower. Which means they play more hands and pay more rake. So all you can do is avoid tables with lots or short stacks and learn to play better against them. Most short stacks are terrible and have no idea how to short stack effectively. For more information on short stacking: Crushing Short Stacks and M2TR shortstacker illuminati thread.
4.10) Any advice for going to play live for the first time?
Great first time playing live thread for low-limit gamblers
4.11) How does online poker compare to live poker?
Online players are much, much better than live players at the same stakes. There are a number of reasons why:

1 - Live, the lowest stakes are $1/$2 NL. Online, the lowest stakes are $.01/$.02 NL. So online the worst players are playing $.01/$.02 NL. Live they're playing $1/$2 NL. Online, $.01/$.02 NL is SIX levels below $1/$2 NL.
2 - Getting into a live game is far more casual than an online game. Live games often have inexperienced players stumble into the game on their way from the blackjack tables to the slots. Online you need to download and install the software, register an account and figure out a way to deposit. Online takes a far greater level of dedication JUST TO GET STARTED.
3 - When a player wants to make more money live, he moves up in stakes. Online, he multi-tables. In this way online players are able to put much more money in play while limiting their exposure in any one hand and avoid playing with better players. Online $.5/$1 NL players can make a nice living out of multi-tabling. There aren't very many live $1/$2 NL pros.
4 - No HUDs or Pokertracker live.
5 - Online players see many more hands per hour, particularly if they multi-table. More hands per hour equals more experience equals better play.
6 - Free alcohol in many casinos.

Obviously this is a generalization. If you looked hard enough you could find tough, low buy-in live games somewhere. If you truly think your live game is that hard, you're playing in the wrong time or place.

4.12) What books should I read?
"Getting Started in Holdem" by Ed Miller
"Professional No Limit Hold'em Volume 1" by Ed Miller, Matt Flynn and Sunny Mehta
"The Theory Of Poker" by David Sklansky
"No Limit Holdem Theory and Practice" by David Sklansky, Ed Miller
"Mathematics of Poker" by by Bill Chen and Jerrod Ankenman
Go to the Books and Publications forum for more information.
4.13) I want to read more! What else you got?
The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 - HUGE list of essential and classic posts from all forums.
5) Software Guide
No amount of software will improve your game without you putting in the effort to match. However, if you find a free program that really really helps you, please consider shipping the author a little money.

Always be careful what you download.
Make sure that your firewall and virus checking are up to date, if you're not sure about something then don't install it.

5.01) Tracking software.
Pokertracker records every hand you play and provides analysis of how you and your opponents are playing.
Guide: Pokeys How to use pokertracker.
Holdem Manager is PokerTracker's chief rival.
5.02) Heads up display.
A head's up display puts those Pokertracker statistics right on your table so you can see them in real time. The most common is Poker Ace.
Pokeys HUD advice
Split Suits PAHUD Breakdown by colour.
GameTime+ is a free alternative to PokerAce. It's generally not considered as good as PokerAce, but for players wishing to experiment with HUDs it's a viable alternative.

Some players dont use a HUD, including some that crush uNL. Find what works for you.

5.03) Equity calculators.
These programs will help you do the math at the heart of poker which can be complex.
Pokerstove analyzes hand equity. It should be opened almost every time you look at a HH. Play around with it, don't just post hands and expect someone else to do this for you.
Pokerazor is at beta stage right now. It looks advanced and seems to be attracting a lot of intrest.
5.04) AHK scripts.
Auto Hot Key is a programming language for automating Windows processes. You could write your own AHK script to do things like open and close a bunch of programs, type a string when you press Shift+F10 - you get the idea. There are a bunch of AHK scripts for multitabling, most of them you will find either at the Software Forum or the overcards AHK list.
There are many different scripts available, including:
Bet Pot Scripts (you can customize these to bet whatever you like with a single key/mouse click)
Auto Reload Scripts
Table Opener Scripts
Buddy Lists
5.05) Graphing software.
Just please be sure to post them in the appropiate LC/monthy thread or whatever. Don't start a thread just because you have a particularly good or bad graph!
Pokergrapher Makes a pretty graph of your winnings.
PokerEVgrapher So you can whine about running bad. Actually there is more to this software than luck graphs so explore it.
Flopped setometer will tell you how lucky you've been with your sets.

For details on how to post an image, check the Posting Guidelines section of this FAQ.

5.06) Table selection software.
Sixth Sense is a table selection tool for online poker players. Sixth Sense finds tables for you that are profitable. Sixth Sense works by downloading a list of tables and players from the server. It then uses your personal Poker Tracker database, and their proprietary fish scoring algorithm to rate each table, and list the best or “fishiest” tables at the top of the list. Free of use up to 25NLHE and up to 50LHE. Sixth Sense is banned at PokerStars.
5.07) Mod your table to make it look better.
A cleaner or more simplified table may help you play better or maybe you're just the kind of person who can't leave anything the way it is. Either way....
Full Tilt Mods
Stars Mods
5.08) Datamining.
For full tilt you can use use Full Tilt Table Opener and leave PT running. Someone recently said that its against FT T&C but mining tilt is so widespread nobody is sure what the exact situation is.
For Pokerstars, datamining is forbidden, some people still do it. Just be aware of the risks.

Note: Full Tilt no longer permits dataming.

5.09) Further software information.
If you have a specific question about software or a technical question, Don't post it in this forum.
You will get more responses if you go to the Software forum (thats what its for) or go to the appropriate website for that product.
5.10) Isn't all this stuff against the rules? Aren't you cheating?
Is a baseball pitcher cheating because he knows a hitter has a .210 average with men on base and likes to chase pitches outside?
Is a linebacker cheating because he's watched hours and hours of video on a certain tight end and can read his head-fake?
Is a hockey player cheating because he's watched enough film on a goalie to know to never go five-hole and always shoot high glove side?
These days nobody in any of these competitions would consider themselves to be playing at a high level without researching their opponents, usually with the help of coaches and statisticians. Why would poker be any different?

However, if you have any doubt as to the legality of any software, check with the site you are playing at:
Stars Software FAQ
Full Tilt Banned Programs

6) Videos
Video Archive Thread
Video Archive Thread II

We are now using the same video list for both the Micro and Small Full Ring FAQs. If you post your video in both forums, please include a link in both threads to the corresponding thread in the other forum in order to make it easy to follow both discussions as only one of the threads will be linked in this FAQ.

6.01) Videos sorted by buy-in
6.01.01) 2NL
NL2 4 tables (Hklm8383) (En français)
6.01.02) 5NL
NL5(.01/.02) 4tabling Video (bottomset)
5NL Video (Zeth)
***5nl-10nl Video*** (CallMeLucid)
6.01.03) 10NL
10NL Video: Week 1 (xxrod17xx )
10NL Full Ring Video: Week 2 (xxrod17xx)
Full Ring Weekly 10NL Video: 3 (xxrod17xx)
10NL FR Video 4 (xxrod17xx)
10NL FR Video 5:No Audio (xxrod17xx)
NL10 video (bottomset)
Yet Another $10NL Video (Cry Me A River)
My First Video - 10NL (vinny34119)
****OMG 10NL Video!**** (RapidEvolution)
***5nl-10nl Video*** (CallMeLucid)
NL10 video. For NL2-NL10 players. (Autist18)
So, I made a video... (10NL) (Xerod)
Newman's 3rd 6 Tabling NL10/25/50 FR Video (130mb) (Newmanmi)
6.01.04) 25NL
25NL Video (ship_it_trebek)
***Video*** NL25 on Stars 2 tables... (skydancing8)
***Video*** 25NL on Stars Vol. 2 (skydancing8)
NL25 video (bottomset)
Video: 4 Tabling NL25 on Stars (oakrdrzfan)
made a 25NL FR video, looking for helpful criticism (jgallardo)
Video: 4 Tabling NL25 on Stars (oakrdrzfan)
25NL 4 table video by speedle (speedle)
VIDEO stacking 25nl *working* (Fishpocalypse)
noob making 25nl video this is not for instruction (gregGGhehe)
25NL 6 Tabling FR Video (jasons0147)
HAPPY HOLIDAYS: 25nl Video (notontilt09)
Jasons0147's 1000th post **25NL 4Table FR VID** With Prizes!! (jasons0147)
Video of me playing 6 tables at NL25. (Autist18)
25NL Video: Takin Redline Maney (JH1)
25NL video (threads13)
Newman's 3rd 6 Tabling NL10/25/50 FR Video (130mb) (Newmanmi)
6.01.05) 50NL
Short video of 4 tabling 50NL FR on Stars and "how-to" (Mr_Donktastic)
FR Video (6tabling 50FR) (Split Suit)
NL50 video (bottomset)
nl50 video (blooper) (bottomset)
$.25/.50 4-tabling video (threads13)
**Video 4 table 50nl** (ship_it_trebek)
Instructional Video - JE03 - 50nl on Pokerstars 1 hour sesh (Johnny Everypot)
50NL video (speedle)
Instructional Video - JE03 - 50nl on Pokerstars 1 hour sesh (Johnny Everypot)
NL50 Video (Berge20)
50nl (gregGGhehe)
50nl video I 3 bet alot... (gregGGhehe)
50nl video Happy pixel and I recorded sweat session has entertainment value as well (gregGGhehe, HappyPixel)
Introduction (lengthy) and first video (50NL) (CMaximus)
50NL video (speedle)
Another video thread (50NL) (speedle)
Newman 6 Tabling NL50 FR Video (60mb) (Newmanmi)
Newman's 2nd 6 Tabling NL50 FR Video (135mb) (Newmanmi)
Newman's 3rd 6 Tabling NL10/25/50 FR Video (130mb) (Newmanmi)
6.01.06) 100NL
***Video*** 100max 4 tbl on Stars (skydancing8)
Pokerstars 100NL Youtube Video 10min session (Sandviper23)
100NL - 9tabling Video (Split Suit)
100NL - 9tabling Vid2 (Split Suit)
Video: 4 tables, NL/PL100 for uNL (RyanCMU)
** 100NL Video ** (2008v.1) (Split Suit)
Video: 4 tables, NL/PL100 for uNL (RyanCMU)
#-# 100NL Vid - 2008 v.2 #-# (Split Suit)
Instructional Video JE01 - Moving up to 100nl and winning with a TAG style (Johnny Everypot)
Training Video 2 - 100nl Session (Johnny Everypot)
***100NL Video (2008v.3)*** (Split Suit)
***100NL Video (2008v.4)*** (Split Suit)
100nl Video, 6 tabling, Teaching a Donkament Player Cash (VINNY VT)
4-tabling 100NL Full Ring at FTP (Ulkis)
100vpip (*Split*)
threads13 at 100NL on Poker Stars (threads13)
Some full ring videos on Stars (Van Broken) 1/2NL, 2 tables; 2/4NL, 2 tables; .5/1NL, 4 tables
**Video** 100NL Part3 (Split Suit)
My gift to 2p2! 100NL video (RapidEvolution)
Instruction Video - JE04 - Battle of the sLAGS ! (100nl @ Stars) (Johnny Everypot)
100NL Video -- playing aggressive from LP (PartysOver)
Video -- 100nl Watch me play LAG! (PartysOver)
100NL min vid (oldschool)
Csfalcon18 plays 9 tables of 100nl. Notontilt09 runs commentary.(notontilt09, Csfalcon18)
Video: NL100, my biggest losing and winning hands (DiggaWasgeht?)
100NL video 4 tabling FR and 6 max (P0tR1PP3r)
6.01.07) 200NL
200nl Video!! (VINNY VT)
Some full ring videos on Stars (Van Broken) 1/2NL, 2 tables; 2/4NL, 2 tables; .5/1NL, 4 tables
6.01.08) 400NL
Some full ring videos on Stars (Van Broken) 1/2NL, 2 tables; 2/4NL, 2 tables; .5/1NL, 4 tables
6 tables of 400nl video (no download necessary) (VINNY VT)
6.02) Videos sorted by poster
6.02.01) Autist18
Video of me playing 6 tables at NL25.
NL10 video. For NL2-NL10 players.
6.02.02) Berge20
NL50 Video
6.02.03) bottomset
NL10 video
NL25 video
NL50 video
nl50 video (blooper)
NL5(.01/.02) 4tabling Video
6.02.04) CallMeLucid
***5nl-10nl Video***
6.02.05) CMaximus
Introduction (lengthy) and first video (50NL)
6.02.06) Cry Me A River
Yet Another $10NL Video
6.02.07) Csfalcon18
Csfalcon18 plays 9 tables of 100nl. Notontilt09 runs commentary.
6.02.08) DiggaWasgeht?
Video: NL100, my biggest losing and winning hands
6.02.09) Fishpocalypse
VIDEO stacking 25nl *working*
6.02.10) gregGGhehe
noob making 25nl video this is not for instruction
50nl video I 3 bet alot...
50nl video Happy pixel and I recorded sweat session has entertainment value as well
My sickest vid ever, I'll have you laughing to the bank(concept video)
6.02.11) HappyPixel
50nl video Happy pixel and I recorded sweat session has entertainment value as well
6.02.12) Hklm8383
NL2 4 tables (En français)
6.02.13) jasons0147
25NL 6 Tabling FR Video
Jasons0147's 1000th post **25NL 4Table FR VID** With Prizes!!
6.02.14) jgallardo
made a 25NL FR video, looking for helpful criticism
6.02.15) JH1
25NL Video: Takin Redline Maney
6.02.16) Johnny Everypot
Instructional Video JE01 - Moving up to 100nl and winning with a TAG style
Training Video 2 - 100nl Session
Instructional Video - JE03 - 50nl on Pokerstars 1 hour sesh
Instruction Video - JE04 - Battle of the sLAGS ! (100nl @ Stars)
6.02.17) Mr_Donktastic
Short video of 4 tabling 50NL FR on Stars and "how-to"
6.02.18) Newmanmi
Newman 6 Tabling NL50 FR Video (60mb)
Newman's 2nd 6 Tabling NL50 FR Video (135mb)
Newman's 3rd 6 Tabling NL10/25/50 FR Video (130mb)
6.02.19) notontilt09
Csfalcon18 plays 9 tables of 100nl. Notontilt09 runs commentary.
6.02.20) oakrdrzfan
Video: 4 Tabling NL25 on Stars
Video: 4 Tabling NL25 on Stars
6.02.21) oldschool
100NL min vid
6.02.22) PartysOver
100NL Video -- playing aggressive from LP
Video -- 100nl Watch me play LAG!
6.02.23) P0tR1PP3r
100NL video 4 tabling FR and 6 max
6.02.24) RapidEvolution
My gift to 2p2! 100NL video
****OMG 10NL Video!****
6.02.25) RyanCMU
Video: 4 tables, NL/PL100 for uNL
Video: 4 tables, NL/PL100 for uNL
6.02.26) Sandviper23
K9 on the BTN, Reraise (Video Short)
Pokerstars 100NL Youtube Video 10min session
6.02.27) ship_it_trebek
25NL Video
**Video 4 table 50nl**
6.02.28) skydancing8
***Video*** NL25 on Stars 2 tables...
***Video*** 100max 4 tbl on Stars
***Video*** 25NL on Stars Vol. 2
6.02.29) speedle
25NL 4 table video by speedle
50NL video
50NL video
Another video thread (50NL)
6.02.30) *Split*
FR Video (6tabling 50FR)
100NL - 9tabling Video
100NL - 9tabling Vid2
**Video** 100NL Part3
** 100NL Video ** (2008v.1)
#-# 100NL Vid - 2008 v.2 #-#
***100NL Video (2008v.3)***
***100NL Video (2008v.4)***
6.02.31) threads13
$.25/.50 4-tabling video
threads13 at 100NL on Poker Stars
25NL video
6.02.32) Ulkis
4-tabling 100NL Full Ring at FTP
6.02.33) Van Broken
Some full ring videos on Stars 1/2NL, 2 tables; 2/4NL, 2 tables; .5/1NL, 4 tables
6.02.34) VINNY VT
200nl Video!!
100nl Video, 6 tabling, Teaching a Donkament Player Cash
6 tables of 400nl video (no download necessary)
6.02.35) vinny34119
My First Video - 10NL
6.02.36) Xerod
So, I made a video... (10NL)
6.02.37) xxrod17xx
10NL Video: Week 1
10NL Full Ring Video: Week 2
Full Ring Weekly 10NL Video: 3
10NL FR Video 4
10NL FR Video 5:No Audio
6.02.38) Zeth
5NL Video
7) Digest Archives
Links to FRNL Digests:

FRNL March 2007 Digest
FRNL May 2007 Digest
FRNL June 2007 Digest
FRNL July 2007 Digest
FRNL August 2007 Digest
FRNL September 2007 Digest
FRNL Oct-Nov 2007 Double Digest

8) Pooh-Bah Posts & PSAs
A Pooh-Bah post is a kind of essay on a focused strategy topic. Traditionally it's written by a poster who has transitioned up the learning curve a good ways by participating on the (strat) forums, building strategy conversations and playing a lot. They have learned most of the basics (which was harder than they imagined when they first started up the curve) and many of the advanced topics. Usually they write this essay around the time when they reach 1600 posts; which is the point where thier title is changed from 'veteran' to 'Pooh-Bah', hence the name.

A PSA is a 'Public Service Announcement' and is similar to a PB post, but it might not be strictly about hand strategy. It could be a broader topic (such as bankkroll or tilt control), or about contributing to the board. These will go here too.

1p0kerboy: a few tidbits about TABLE SELECTION 03/01/07
Cry Me A River: Get A Life! 03/07/07
Cry Me A River: The Bluffing Thread 03/08/07
D.L.M.: uhhh yeah im a Pooh Bah now, wtf????? 03/20/07
MyTurn2Raise: Playing the Blinds versus Limpers 05/30/07
The Main: Inside the mind of a nit 06/01/07
diebitter: How to improve your game 06/27/07
Phydaux: Confessions of a uNL grinder 09/06/07
Cry Me a River: Crushing Short Stacks 09/19/07
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9) The Well
A stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become part of. He is shown a well and his guide says "On any day except tuesday, you can shout any question down that well and you'll be told the answer" . The man seems pretty impressed, and so he shouts down: Why not on tuesday? and the voice from in the well shouts back: Because on tuesday, its your day in the well .

A number of FRNL regulars have appeared in the well. Here they are:

The Well: Mr_Donktastic 02/19/07
The Well: Berge20 02/23/07
The Well: 1p0kerboy 04/06/07
The Well: Cry Me a River 04/24/07
The Well: DLM 05/24/07
The Well: Bottomset 07/03/07
The Well: Cameronbarry 07/07/07
The Well: Grand Mellon 07/15/07
The Well: QTip 09/15/07
The Well: Renton 09/30/07
The Well: TOO EAZY 11/05/07
The Well: nation 11/08/07
The Well: the_main 11/22/07
The Well: EPiPeN11 11/22/07
The Well: SABR4204/25/08
The Well: pattay06/14/08
The Well: Coordi 07/16/08
The Well: illini43 07/21/08
The Well: AllTheCheese 08/01/08
The Well: Proofrock 09/11/08
The Well: JumanjiBoard 02/11/09

10) Dictionary of abbreviations, jargon and slang.

This dictionary is an amalgamation of several glossaries including Poker Acronyms & Abbreviations and Lingo and Abbreviations.

If you can't find something in this list, it's likely NOT a poker term, rather it's a common slang term or internet slang. Check the Urban Dictionary.

10.01) Numbers and other symbols
-EV - Negative Expected Value
~$7 - Around $7 or about $7
+EV - Positive Expected Value
3-bet - A bet, a raise, and then another raise. The third action is a 3-bet
4b - Four bet
6-Max - 6 players per table
6m - 6-max
7SFAP - Seven Card Stud For Advanced Players (book)
9To - Nine Ten offsuit
10.02) A
ABS - Absolute Poker (online poker site)
AC - Atlantic City
AF - Aggression factor
AFAIK - As far As I know
Aggro - Aggressive
AI - All in
AINEC - And it's not even close
AIPF - All-in pre flop
AKQJT - Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten
AP - Absolute Poker (online poker site)
ATC - Any two cards
ATF - About The Forums (2+2 Forum)
Ax - An Ace with any second card
10.03) B
B&M - Bricks & Mortar: Playing at a poker club or casino as opposed to online
B/c - Bet and call a raise
B/f - Bet and fold to a raise
B3b - Hero's plan is to bet, and then 3-bet if raised.
BB - Big Bet or big blind (depends on usage)
BB/100 - Big Bets per 100 hands (standard measure of win rate)
BBL - Be Back Later
BBV - Brags, Beats & Variance (2+2 Forum)
BBV4L - Brags, Beats & Variance For Life (2+2 Forum)
BI - Buy-in
BI - Bring In
Blocking bet - Often a river bet made OOP when an obvious draw hits on the end, where you bet and fold to a raise
BR - Bank Roll
BRB - Be Right Back
BTW - By The Way
BWDIK - But What Do I Know
10.04) C
C-bet - Continuation bet
C/c - Check and then call any bet
C/f - Check and then fold to a raise
C/r - Check and then raise
CB - Continuation bet
CC - Check check
Check behind - To check when it's been checked to you, usually after betting action on previous street
CK - Check
CO - Cut off, player one seat to the right of button
CP - CardPlayer (magazine)
CTH - Computer & Technical Help (2+2 Forum)
10.05) D-E
DoN - Double or Nothing. A form of STT where half the players are paid and get double their money back (less the rake).
Donk - Short for "donkey". Donkey is an insult, equivalent to stupid, idiot, moron, etc.
Donkbet - Either to lead into the PFR on the flop, or a tiny bet made in relation to the pot
DP - Draw poker
Effective stack - The smallest stack amongst the players remaining in the hand.
eg - Example
EOM - End Of Message - often put at the end of the subject if a post has no content
EP - Early Position
EV - Expected Value
10.06) F
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FE - Fold Equity
FH - Full House
FL - Fixed Limit
Float - You call a bet with a marginal hand or draw, usually on the flop while in position, with the intent of stealing the pot on a later street.
FPP - Frequent Player Points
FPS - Fancy Play Syndrome
FR - Full ring (9 or 10 players per table)
FT - Full table
FT - Full Tilt
FT - Final Table
FTP - Full Tilt Poker (online poker site)
FW - Foxwoods Casino
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FYI - For Your Information
FYP - Fixed Your Post
10.07) G
GG - Good Game
GL - Good Luck
GLK - Good Luck
Goot - Good
Grunch - To post a responce in a thread without reading any of the existing replies so your opinion is not affected by other people's posts.
GT+ - Gametime Plus (software)
GTD - Guaranteed $1m GTD would be a tournament where prize money of over $1m was guaranteed
Gutshot - An inside straight draw
10.08) H
HE - Hold 'Em
HFAP - Hold'em For Advanced Players (book)
HH - Hand History
HJ - Hijack, player two seats to the right of button
HL - High limit games
HoH - Harrington on Hold 'Em (book)
HORSE - A game that rotates through H - Holdem, O - Omaha hi/lo 8-or-better, R - Razz, S - Stud (hi only), E - Eight-or-better Stud hi/lo (all limit)
HP - Hollywood Park Casino
HSNL - High Stakes No Limt (2+2 Forum)
HTH - Head To Head
HU - Heads Up
HUD - Heads Up Display. Software which displays opponent's stats on your table.
10.09) I
ICM - Independent Chip Model
IFYW - If You Wish
IGHN - I Go Home Now
IIRC - If I Remember Correctly
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
ISD - Inside Straight Draw
ITM - In The Money
ITT - In This Thread
IWTSYH - I Want To See Your Hand
IYAM - If You Ask Me
10.10) J-K
JAT - Just A Thought
JMO - Just my opinion
KJs - King Jack suited
KOTZ - King Of The Zoo (2+2 tournament)
Kxx - Refers to a King high flop
10.11) L
LAG - Loose aggressive (player)
LAP - Loose passive (player)
LC - Low Content
LDO - LOL, Duh, Obviously or Like Duh, Obviously
Level - To outsmart, as in this clip: Battle of Wits. Also used when someone falls for a joke or is gullible.
LHE - Limit Hold 'Em
LL - Lower Limit games
LMAO - Laughing My A** Off (available with numerous variations)
LO8 - Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
LOL - Laughing Out Loud, Lots of Luck, etc
LP - Late Position
10.12) M
Meh - The sound you make when you shrug your shoulders signaling indifference; not great, not terrible.
MGR - Monthly Gross Revenue
MHIG - My Hand Is Good
MHING - My Hand Is No Good
Minraise - Raising the lowest amount possible
ML - Middle Limit Games
MM - Mason Malmuth
Monotone - A flop of all the same suit
Moran - Moron (this is a deliberate mispelling - an in joke)
MP - Middle position
MSNL - Mid Stakes No Limit (2+2 Forum)
MTT - Multi Table Tournament
10.13) N
NC - No Content
NH - Nice Hand
Nit - A player who plays too conservatively, plays too few hands, is weak-tight.
Nit - A person who is overly concerned with rules and precision. Compulsively corrects minor errors. Enforces the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. Is quick to be offended by minor slights, usually someone of stern disposition. Also often an implication of miserliness
NL100 - Number indicates the buy-in; this is No Limit, with $1 BB's
NLHE - No limit hold 'em
NSFW - Not Safe For Work
NT - Nice Try
NT - No Text in post
NVG - News, Views & Gossip (2+2 Forum)
10.14) O
o - Offsuited - K7o would be a King & 7 of different suits
O8 - Omaha Hi-Lo
OESD - Open Ended Straight Draw
OESFD - Open Ended Straight Flush Draw
OMG - Oh My God!
OOP - Out of position
OOT - Other Other Topics (2+2 forum)
OOTM - Out Of The Money
OP - Original Poster
OPP - Opponent
OT - Off Topic
OTB - On The Button
OTOH - On The Other Hand
Overbet - A bet amount larger than the current pot
Overpair - Having a pair in your hand higher than the biggest card on the board
OWA's - One Word Answers
10.15) P
PA - PokerAce Heads Up Display (software)
PAHUD - PokerAce Heads Up Display (software)
PAHWM - Play A Hand With Me
PF - Pre Flop
PFR - Preflop raise or preflop raiser
PL - Pot Limit
PLO - Pot Limit Omaha
PLO8 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
PM - Private Message
PO - Poker Ofiice
Pot control - Attempting to keep the pot small with a marginal holding
POTD - Post of the Day
POTM - Post of the Month
POTW - Post of the Week
POTY - Post of the Year
POV - Point of View
PP - Party Poker (online poker site)
PP - Pocket Pair
PPM - Party Poker Million tournament
PS - Poker Stars (online poker site)
PSB - Pot Sized Bet
PSR - Pot Sized Raise
PT - Poker Tracker
PTBB/100 - poker tracker big blinds won per 100 hands played. A PTBB is 2xBB.
PTL - Player To My Left
PTR - Player To My Right
Pwned - Owned or powned. Usually means you got outplayed.
10.16) Q
Q73r - r = rainbow flop
QFT - Quoted For Truth
QOPTW - Question Of Playing This Way
QOTPW - Question Of This Player's Win
10.17) R
R - Rainbow flop
R - Rebuy $11+R would an $11 tournament with rebuys available
R+A - Rebuy & AddOns $11+R would an $11 tournament with rebuys & add ons available
Rainbow - A flop of all different suits
RB - Rakeback
Reraise - Raising the PFR
RGP - - a long running Usenet group, now available as a forum
RIO - Reverse Implied Odds
ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing with numerous variations
ROI - Return on investment
10.18) S
S - Suited - K7s would be a King & 7 of the same suit
SB - Small Blind or Small Bet depending on how it is used in sentence.
Sc - Suited connector
SD - Standard Deviation
Semi-bluff - Betting/raising when you have a draw.
Set - Flop is K42, you hold 44, you have a set
SH - Shorthanded
sLAG - Slightly loose aggressive
SMZ - Sklansky, Malmuth & Zee - 2+2 Publisher's/Authors
SNG - Sit 'n' Go tournament
SNGPT - Sit-n-Go Power Tools
Spew - To expel chips with great force, as if vomiting uncontrollably (to play really badly in such a way as to cause the loss of a lot of chips quickly).
SS - Short Stack
SSNL - Small Stakes No Limit (2+2 forum)
Stars - Poker Stars (online poker site)
Stealing blinds - Open raising in late position with less than premium hands in order to take the blinds.
STFU - Shut The **** Up
Stop-n-Go - You bet, get raised, you call closing the action on that street, then lead out on the next street.
STT - Single table tournament
STTF - Single table tournament forum (2+2 Forum)
10.19) T
T$ - Tournament dollars, which can be used on a particular site to buy into tournaments
T&C - Terms & Conditions
TAG - Tight aggressive player
TC - Terms & Conditions
Thin value bet - Usually a river bet made when it's unclear if you are ahead or not
TL;DR - Too long; didn't read
TOP/FTOP - Fundamental Theorem Of Poker
TP2K - Top pair 2nd best kicker--You have KQ, flop K72, you have top pair, 2nd best kicker (the Q)
TPBK - Top pair bad kicker
TPBK - Top pair best kicker
TPCK - Top pair crap kicker
TPGK - Top Pair Good Kicker
TPNK - Top Pair No Kicker
TPTK - Top pair top kicker
TPWK - Top Pair Weak Kicker
TR - Trip Report
Trips - Flop is JJ8, you hold KJ, you have trips
TTH - Turbo Texas HE
TTHRIC - This Thread Has Run Its Course
TWIMC - To Whom It May Concern
TY - Thank You
10.20) U-Z
UB - Ultimate Bet (online poker site)
UI - Unimproved
uNL - Micro No Limit
UTG - Under the Gun, first player to act preflop
UTG - Under the gun, first position, to the left of the big blind
UTG+1 - Under the Gun plus one, second player to act preflop
UTG+1 - To the left of UTG
VB - Value Bet
Villian is 24/10/3(98) - Pokertracker stats indicating VPIP/PFR%/AF (with preflop aggression taken out) over 98 hands
VNH - Very Nice Hand
VPIP - Voluntarily put money in the pot
W$ - Poker Stars Tournament dollars which can be used to buy into Poker Stars tournaments
WA/WB - Way Ahead or Way Behind
WCOOP - World Championship of Online Poker - series of high buy in tournaments held on Poker Stars
WGAF - Who Gives A Flute
WGAFF - Who Gives A Flying Fig
WPT - World Poker Tour
WSOP - World Series Of Poker
WSOPME - World Series Of Poker Main Event
WTF - Huh?, What the ****
X-post - Cross-post. A post made in more than one forum at one time
YMMV - Your mileage may vary

11) Index of Two Plus Two Stickies and FAQs (updated Feb 17, 2008)
11.01) Two Plus Two
11.01.01) 2+2 Magazine Forum
18 Month Review as Editor
Magazine Articles to be Translated into German (more $$$ for authors)
11.01.02) 2+2 Bonus Program
About this forum
11.01.03) Special Sklansky Forum
New Format - Anybody Can Start Threads Now
11.01.04) 2+2 Pokercast
Suggest a guest or segment
11.01.05) About the Forums
Official TwoPlusTwo Hand Converter Thread
Welcome to vB - How to use vB
What to do if you've been banned
If you come to this forum for assistance...
11.02) General Poker Discussion
11.02.01) Beginners Questions
"Official" weekly online games (not actually official)
What do the numbers xx/yy/zz mean? BEGINNER FORUM FAQ
11.02.02) Books and Publications
Purchasing Two Plus Two Books
About This Forum
11.02.03) Televised Poker
Re: Spoilers (New sticky 12/30)
Welcome to TELEVISED POKER, please read! updated 1/21
11.02.04) News, Views, and Gossip
2/16-17 High Stakes Railbirding thread (Durrr, Urindanger, etc)
Rules of NVG
11.02.05) Brick and Mortar
2008 WSOP Accomodations
B&M posting guidelines
Classic B&M Forum Threads from before the forum change
11.02.06) Home Poker
New vB functions, including Search
Just a reminder
Home Poker
11.02.07) Beats, Brags, and Variance
The least busto BBV threads eva--sticky this plz
BBV Guidelines - updated 11/14
11.02.08) Poker Theory
Poker Theory Sticky READ BEFORE POSTING (updated March 17, 2007)
11.02.09) Poker Legislation
US Tax Protester Threads/Posts --- Don't Bother Making Them
Legislative Forum: Master Sticky
11.03) Coaching/Training
11.03.01) Coaching Advice
Sponsored Coaching Forums
Coaching Advice Forum FAQ and Rules
11.03.02) StoxPoker
Forum Rule and FAQ Membership Pricing And Money Back Guarantee
About Videos and Our Coaches
11.03.03) DeucesCracked
Krantz and 3-bet Coaching Team join DeucesCracked!
11.03.04) CardRunners
"Action Jeff" Garza Sample Clip!!
CardRunners Sample Video: Taylor "Green Plastic" Caby 3/6 NLHE HU
Welcome to CardRunners
11.04) German Forums
11.04.01) Poker Allgemein
Kooperation 2+2/
Terms and Conditions
Welcome to the German Poker Forum
11.04.02) Strategie
g2+2 NL Anthologie
Coaching Directory
Für neue User: Regeln zum Posten sowie 2+2 – Links und Wissen
11.04.03) Internet/Online
Sicherheitsmaßnahmen beim Onlinepokern
11.04.04) BBV
Das "neue" GBBV
11.05) French Forums
11.05.01) Forum francophone
Where to play poker in France ?
Terms and Conditions
11.05.02) Strategie
11.05.03) BBV (French)
11.06) Limit Texas Hold'em
11.06.01) High Stakes Limit
POSTING IN THIS FORUM (new posters....please read before posting)
11.06.02) Medium Stakes Limit
Welcome To Medium Stakes LHE
11.06.03) Small Stakes Limit
Small Stakes LIMIT December 2007 Digest
Index of Small Stakes Limit Digests
Before You Post in This LIMIT Forum, Please Read
11.06.04) Micro Stakes Limit
February LIMIT Session Review Pairings
Micro LIMIT digest, January #2
MicroStakes LIMIT (not NL) Guidelines/FAQ v1.0
11.06.05) Mid-High Short-handed
Coaching List - updated 1.09.07
riverplay spreadsheet
Attention: *New* Heads-Up Forum!
11.06.06) Small Stakes Shorthanded
February hand swap pairings
SSSH Posting Guidelines, FAQ and Essential Reading V2
Coaching List - crosspost from MHSH sticky
11.06.07) Limit––>NL
Welcome to the Limit-->NL Forum!
The best way I know to show my appreciation: Welcome to the playground
11.07) PL/NL Texas Hold'em
11.07.01) High Stakes
Email Phishing scam
HSNL Preliminary FAQ
best of thread link: stickied
11.07.02) Medium Stakes
Coaching Directory
11.07.03) Small Stakes
NEWSFLASH!!!! Coaching Advice Forum Now Available
***SSNL V3gas -- July 4th Weekend***
11.07.04) Micro Stakes
***Vegas Meet-up -- July 3-6***
**A new user's guide to uNL**
**The best of uNL - Strategy posts**
11.07.05) Small-High Full Ring
Full Ring Master Sticky and FAQ - Read This First! (01/03/08)
S-H FRNL'er Blogs (Updated Live) Currently 19 Blogs Covered!
no asking for staking
Index of posts according to buy-in level
**** Official Stats and Graphs Analysis thread ****
11.07.06) Micro Full Ring
Micro Full Ring Master Sticky and FAQ - Read This First! (02/16/08)
Micro FRNL'er Blogs (Updated Live) Currently 19 Blogs Covered!
Session Review Signup Thread: Feb 15-18
11.08) Tournament Poker
11.08.01) Small Stakes MTT
Official review thread Schedule, Process, and FAQ
MTT Frequently Asked Questions v1.5 (READ BEFORE POSTING!)
An Anthology of 2+2 Wisdom on MTTs
11.08.02) High Stakes MTT
How to convert hands with new site
MTT Live PXF Directory! Now Open! 69 HH\'s Hosted!
Welcome to High Stakes MTT!
11.08.03) MTT Community
Blogs are back in town! (New Blogs!)
Convert Your Raw HHs!!!
Please put Strategy threads in SSMtt or HSMtt!
11.08.04) STT Strategy
Single Table Tournament Forum - Coaching listing
Single Table Tournament Forum - FAQ (Old, Broken Links)
*** Other Links - Tools, Events, etc. ***
11.08.05) Tournament Circuit
* IMPORTANT - 2p2 Changing to V Bulletin Software *
Welcome to the Tournament Circuit ***READ BEFORE POSTING***
****Official 2p2 WSOP Cashes 2007****
11.09) Other Poker
11.09.01) Omaha/8
Vegas Get Together 2008
Repeat from old software - Wonky Math for Omaha for a future sticky
Omaha/8 FAQ, Guidelines and Beset\'s Hand Posting Policy
11.09.02) Omaha High
Micro Stakes HU PLO World Championships 2008
NEW STICKY; Attention to all reg posters
****HU PLO MTT ROUND 2****
Posting Guidelines: Must be read by every new poster
11.09.03) Stud
Stud Hand Converter, Posting Guidelines, and FAQ
11.09.04) Heads Up Poker
HU Forum Posting Guidelines, FAQ and Essential Reading
11.09.05) Other Poker Games
Other Poker FAQ, Version 2.0
11.10) General Gambling
11.10.01) Probability
11.10.02) Psychology
ATTENTION...Important post about the upcoming upgrade!
11.10.03) Sports Betting
Sports Betting FAQ - updated 09.06.2007
11.10.04) Other Gambling Games
11.10.05) Entertainment Betting
11.11) Internet Gambling
11.11.01) Internet Gambling
Official threads, transfer requests, etc. (Updated 110207)
FAQ for the Internet Gambling forum
11.11.02) Internet Bonuses
Internet Bonuses Forum Rules
11.11.03) Affiliates/RakeBack
Creating New Accounts for Rakeback (especially Full Tilt)
No Rakeback Request Threads for Poker Rooms Listed in This Post or Get Banned
Sponsored Rakeback Support Forums
A/R Forum Rules and FAQ/Rogue Affiliates
11.11.04) Software
11.12) 2+2 Communities
11.12.01) Other Other Topics
Something you need to read
READ BEFORE POSTING - Rules for Posting in OOT -1/09/08
11.12.02) The Lounge: Discussion+Review
** THE GUIDE: to Topics and Great Threads in the Lounge (Updated)**
Welcome to the Lounge - here are the Rules
11.12.03) El Diablo's General Discussion
Resource Guide (And Other Useful/Excellent) Thread List
About Diablo\'s Discussion Forum (w/ thread starter list)
11.12.04) BBV4Life
The New BBV4L Sticky
11.13) Other Topics
11.13.01) Golf
Golf Forum Sticky (NEW 6/12/07)
11.13.02) Sporting Events
SE video thread
SE FAQ and "zero tolerance" bannable offenses (updated 2/17/08)
11.13.03) Politics
Forum Constitution & Amendments I & II
11.13.04) Business, Finance, and Investing
BFI Sticky (Links&Rules) **UPDATED 6/17**
11.13.05) Travel
Sticky: Master Sticky
11.13.06) Science, Math, and Philosophy
What kind of posts are legal in this forum. (short)
11.13.07) Health and Fitness
Welcome to the Gym - Here\'s our FAQ. (Updated 10/16/07)
11.13.08) Student Life
Do not make threads offering to pay people to do your homework
Welcome to the Student Life Forum
11.13.09) Puzzles and Other Games
Werewolf Game Schedule (updated 12/18/07)
Basic Rules and General Werewolf Guidelines
Announcements, Links, and the POG CHAMPIONSHIP (Upd. 3/8/2007)
11.13.10) Video Games
fanboy notice
Welcome to the Video Game Forum!
11.13.11) Laughs or Links!
Welcome to Laughs or Links!
11.13.12) Computer Technical Help
FAQ: Monitors
CTH FAQ. Please read!
11.14) Sponsored Support Forums
11.14.01) RakebackNetwork
RakebackNetwork Introduction and FAQ
Why Choose RakeReduction??
Sub-Affiliates or Refer your Friends: We want you

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