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What is DeucesCracked? Check out the Content Overview!

Welcome to and the 2p2-sticky,.

DeucesCracked features today's top online pros. Where you can find No Limit Hold’em videos from KRANTZ, whitelime, FoxwoodsFiend, Vanessa Selbst (fslexcduck), DJ Sensei, sthief09 and WiltOnTilt plus many more. Limit Hold'em and mix game videos from Entity, DeathDonkey, danzasmack and Joe Tall.

Membership to is $29 per month with no initial sign up fee and a free one week trial. We accept credit cards for monthly subscriptions and poker site transfers (Stars, Full Tilt) for 6 month memberships at $148 - a 15% discount. You can earn a free subscription to DeucesCracked by signing up for rakeback and achieveing $500MGR at Fully supported, fully automated, by major rakeback provider, PokerAffiliateSolutions.

DeucesCracked is also proud to introduce Poker Training Video Series. Each 8 week series is designed to cover a different poker game or concept. With our Training Series, you get the whole class, not just a lesson!

NLH - 6 max
Memoirs of a Limidonk - sthief09 explains NL Holdem with a focus on people that have a limit background
  • position, planning a hand
  • the HUD
  • analyzing hands, value of draws, calling 3bets, 4betting
  • a coaching session with Entity
  • bet sizing, handreading, isolation raising, interpreting villains' bet sizes
  • 3betting, playing LAG, image, handling villains' aggression
  • bluffing, how to stack people
  • 4bet sizing, 2nd barrels, balancing ranges (pre and post)

Baby Steps - Tubasteve introduces microstakes 6max NL (25NL, 50NL)
  • Basic strategies to win
  • 25NL -> 50NL changes
  • Pokertracker and HEM analysis and session review
  • overview of the general nature of 25NL and 50NL games

From the Ground up - Tubasteve and n0whereman teach the ABC of 6max NL
  • preflop play
  • betsizing

Real Life Micro NL-Grinder: Unlimited Texas Hold Them - WiltOnTilt takes his student from beginner to expert

King for a Day - sthief09 (and Entity) analyizes the play of different members at 50NL-400NL

Turning the corner - sthief09 explains how to beat small stakes NLH
  • selfreview of sthief09: preflop, position, pot control
  • preflop in unraised pots, raised pots, facing 3bets, adjusting based on villains
  • session review of a member, finding mistakes typically made by TAG players
  • maxing value, blind defense, 3bet pots
  • PF 3betting as the 3bettor and caller
  • adapting to aggro villains

Movin' on Up
- FWF moves up through thestakes and explains how the fish and regs play
- 100NL -> 2kNL with a mix of live play and session review and comments on the differences between the levels

Unconventional Wisdom - DJ Sensei and Vanessa explain unconventional lines
  • Playing in 3bet pots
  • Betting for information
  • Valuetowning people
  • Big bluffs
  • Turn agression
  • Playing vs huge fish

Freestylin' - DJ Sensei teaches midstakes
- DJ plays 600NL, 1kNL, 2kNL, 5kNL (FR) while commenting on his thoughts

Lightsabers - Krantz plays 1k, 2k and 5k NL

LIME-AID - Whitelime plays 600NL, 1kNL and 2kNL

pr1nnyraiding - Krantz and WiltOnTilt explain how to play NLHU
  • Preflop hand selection
  • Basic player types
  • Position, position, position
  • Table selection/geme rejection
  • Developing a General strategy
  • Playing against different player types: Shortstacks, loose passive, weak tight, TAG, LAG, maniac

Hoodie Wars - DC Members play HU, commented by Vanessa

Duel - Different DC coaches play HU matches from small stakes to nosebleed stakes
  • Krantz: 5k NL, 100NL
  • FWF: 20k NL
  • Dogishead: 400NL, 600NL, 2kNL
  • Bosoxx34: 50NL, 100NL
  • Vanessa: 1kNL
  • Xorbie: 100NL
  • Jsnipes: 1kNL

The Headsupament - the DC HU tournament (NLH and PLO)

Remember the Railbirds - FWF and Krantz look back at the 300/600NL match that FWF played against tie53 and comment on all interesting hands pausing the video whenever it gets interesting

Ringside - Bottomset and Nolan explain their FR game (25NL;100NL-600NL)
  • positional play, stealing, raise sizes, adjusting to players
  • playing raised pots vs the PFR in different positions
  • how shorthanded and HU play can improve your FR game

To Nit or not to Nit - DJ Sensei teaches FR
  • mix of presentation and live play 50NL, 400NL, 2kNL,

Misc - NL
Dear FoxwoodsFiend - FWF analyzes various poker hands (HU, 6max, FR)

Ghost - Players describe their thoughtprocess while you watch them play different games and stakes

Mathematics of NL Holdem - WiltOntilt explains the ins and outs of poker math
  • probability, odds, variance, equity, EV
  • pot odds, implied odds, fold equity, combinatorics, G-Bucks
  • reverse implied odds, table position, software tools, shortcuts for calculating odds
  • TUPAC methodology for estimating equity against a hand range
  • hand ranges and frequencies
    [* bet sizing
  • game theory

whitelime vs. pr1nnyraid - Whitelime and Krantz face off in different challanges
  • Win the most money in 200 hands of 1kNL
  • Win the most money in 500 hands of 2kNL
  • One hour of VPIP>50 at 1kNL (win the most money)
  • Coach 200NL HU for 300 hands, who coaches better?
  • HU deathmatch at 5kNL between pr1nnyraid and whitelime

The Home Game - DC coaches play different games for the fun of it. The DeucesCracked hole-card camera is used so you can see all the coaches hands, entertainment series.

2x6 - Vanessa and whitelime teach low and midstakes PLO
  • preflop hand selection, position, playing for the nuts
  • HH reviews, PF aggresion, hand reading
  • 100PLO vs 200PLO

Mad Potters - DJ Sensei and riverboatking teach mid- and highstakes PLO
  • Exploiting villains' mistakes
  • Equity calculations
  • Big pots/big stacks/deep stacked play
  • differences between capped and regular games
  • heads up play
  • Ms. PLO - Vanessa teaches mid stakes PLO
  • preflop hand selection, position, playing for the nuts
  • playing AAxx (PF and post)

Duel - In episode "Vanessa #2" she plays 600PLO HU

The Headsupament - Episode 3 features some PLO HU

Sit and Go
Last man standing - ATM explains how to explain single and multi table SNGs
  • The early stage
  • The [early] middle stage

Push - ATM plays Sit and Gos
  • differences between FTP on Stars SnG structures
  • play and analysis

Limit Holdem - 6max
Real Life: Microlimit Grinder - Entity (+danzasmack) coaches PygmyHero from the ground up in low stakes limit
  • limits covered: 0.5/1-2/4
  • blind defense and stealing, position, SB play, good PF raise spots
  • turn play (with unimproved overcards)
  • board texture, oponents tendencies, narrowing down hand ranges
  • live play, note taking
  • moving up in limits, player types
  • 6 DC players with after the fact audio

Real Life: Microlimit Grinder 2 - Entity (+danzasmack) coaches PygmyHero from the ground up in low stakes limit
  • short handed play

Road to Robusto - Entity explains how to build a BR playing limit holdem

The Price is Right - danzasmack exlains lowstakes limit
  • basics, early position PF play, tough spots
  • late position PF play, blind stealing, thinking like a poker player
  • playing from the blinds
  • live play
  • examining player types and how to beat them
  • downswings, stats, moving up

Shouldn't Fold - danzasmack (+ Entity, Joe Tall) exlains lowstakes limit (continuation of The Price is Right)
  • limits covered: 1/2-2/6
  • Chuck talks about the big differences you'll see from the .5/1 games to the 2/4 games. Difference in villain aggression, the # of HU pots vs. multiway pots, frequency of strong players, and how that is going to effect our postflop strategies
  • live play with commentary
  • theory discussion

Relentless Assault - DeathDonkey exlains midstakes limit

Minbet Madness - DeathDonkey coaches FWF in limit holdem
  • stakes covered: 10/20, 15/30 (analysis of the blind structure included), 30/60
  • solid PF play
  • typical NL player's leaks in LHE
  • live play with discussion, recorded video with commentary from the player and coach
  • hand reading, hand ranges, player types
  • different skills needed fro midstakes and highstakes

My Danish Luckbox Oink explains a LAGTAG style for midstakes limit holdem
  • limits covered: 5/10, 10/20, 15/30, 20/40
  • LAGTAG preflop decisions and villains' reactions
  • Dealing with aggression, blind structures (2/3 structure)
  • preflop adjustments for higher blinds and lower rake
  • taking advantage of TAGs, isolating fish, stealing buttons and blinds

Limit Holdem - FR
LAGs on a leash - DeathDonkey and Danzasmack teach low limit FR holdem and focus on solid play
  • 1/2 typical oponent types, live play (from two tabling to four tabling)
  • 2/4 and the differences to 1/2, live play
  • general FR concepts and theory
  • 5/10, discussion of live full ring games, WSOP tournament limit hold'em, adjusting to higher stakes opposition

Limit Holdem - HU
Mano a Mule - DeathDonkey explains the fundamentals of HU Limit (mix of slides and live play)
- limits covered: 2/4-10/20
  • general discussion, PF hand ranges, Pokerstove
  • playing against loose passives and LAGs
  • game selection
  • playing against hyper LAGs and maniacs (live play vs FTP red pro)
  • dealing with tough opponents

Pistolas de Justicia - Danzasmack explainst midstakes HU limit

Mixed Games - Limit
From a Donk to a Stud - Joe Tall puts the ORSE in HORSE and teaches you the non holdem limit games
  • Powerpoint style explainations of Stud Hi, O8, Stud 8, Razz
  • Coaching of inexperienced player danzasmack in Stud Hi
  • Joe coaches Danzasmack at Omaha/8 with a combination of slides, hand replays from Danzasmack's Omaha session, and analysis with the help of an equity calculator
  • Joe coaches Danzasmack at Stud 8 and Razz

All Mixed Up - Joe Tall and danzasmack play O,R,S,E short handed and FR and comment on their play
This is the live play continuation of "From a Donk to a Stud"
10/20, 30/60 FR Omaha8

Late Night Coaching with Joe Tall - Joe invites different coaches each time and they go over hands of a student and discuss different topics
  • No Limit Holdem: WiltOnTilt, DJ Sensei, tubasteve, bosoxx34, Nolan, DOGISHEAD
  • Limit Holdem: danzasmack, DeathDonkey

Tool Time - Various DC folks teach you how to make your life easier using different tools
  • RSS feeds
  • PostgresSQL (database used for poker tracking)
  • HEM hand imports
  • HUD layouts and options
  • AHK scripts
  • Excel for poker math
  • DC search function

Click HERE and get started today!

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Re: What is DeucesCracked? Check out the Content Overview!

Season 5 is in full swing check out the line up here:
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Joe Tall
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Re: What is DeucesCracked? Check out the Content Overview!

Look for updates in the Content overview here:
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