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What'd You Shoot Today?  (Golf BBV Thread) What'd You Shoot Today?  (Golf BBV Thread)

08-04-2022 , 02:07 PM
I forgot to mention that I pulled off a 30 yard hook out of the trees today. I don't hook the ball. Quite the feat for me.
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08-04-2022 , 02:56 PM
started 9 carrying with just enough morning to spare that the heat wasnt much of an issue. finished right at noon when temps were expected to hit 100 f.

had a real score going thru the whole 9 hole course, except once i got within 30 yards of the ninth green.

hit from the tips on the par 5 second hole. card says 557. instead of "trying to straighten out my slice" since coming back from the neck injury, I've taken to doing everything i can to set up a draw with driver. mixed results so far. today on the par 5 i aimed straight up the right side and set up for a draw. it didnt draw much against the left to right wind, just slightly with medium height flight. my pacing had me 275 from the green for my second. was definitely my longest drive ever maybe slightly over 280. had a putt from the skirt for birdie from 20 feet. made bogey.

lost a ball on 3 in the lateral hazard. almost made bogey after a decent wedge. meh.

par on 170 yard par 3 chip and putt.

driver into pretty stiff wind on 5. tried a draw as usual. it basically came off as a low slight pull, but i smashed it quite well and had 105 for approach.

3 wood from back tee on 9. this hole is must cut it for anyone longer than 230(from tips). driver would be in far rough that forms left edge. so i aimed 3 wood up the left and put it an inch forward, which is usually enough for me to slice it. i got through it pretty well. slight push from target with a little cut. found left fairway with 5 paces beyond to spare, but i was on the slopiest part of the hill which tilts 45 degrees to the left of the 9th green. if i hit it 2 yards in any direction the lie would have been better. needless to say that i didnt get down through the slope enough with my follow through and i came up 30 yards short. then i hit it directly into the river. it didnt get more than 2 feet in the air. just right in. lol.

ive learned my lesson playing that hole. i never take another shot from there after putting one in the river, because two in a row might be unbearable. so on such an occasion, i drop in the greenside bunker and play from there instead of attempting more shots over the river.

happy about the driver working tho.
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08-04-2022 , 10:31 PM
Originally Posted by UnitedAs1
Yeah sure, Here is the hole.

thanks. i wasn't thinking about horizontal fairway trouble in the landing zone but that makes sense.
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08-05-2022 , 12:42 PM
730 am start 9 holes walking. There was some fog earlier and the air was pretty moist, despite the lack of cloud cover.

I only had a real score on 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8. Singular par on 8. Hit a drive about 270 with a little draw on par 5 second that found fairway. Very few bright spots.
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08-05-2022 , 09:23 PM
45-40-85. 2 birdies, 1 double bogey, 1 triple bogey. 73.0/142/6700 yards. 10/14 fairways, 5/18 greens, 32 putts.

Closed decently with birdies on 15 and 17. Last two drives were solid, before that they were mostly straight but very short. Hit some really good hybrids. Chipping was mediocre and I didn't make too many putts (both birdies were about 3 feet) though my speed was mostly good.

Unintentional highlight was a successful explosion out of a deep greenside bunker with a 5 iron. Golf carts are stupid.
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Yesterday , 08:48 AM
37-34-71 +2 44 points playing off 10 in the stableford which won the comp.

Honestly I don't know how I managed to pull that one out the bag with my putting being so bad. Pace was off so much kept on leaving myself 3-5 footers for Pars.

2 Birdies and 1 bogey on the back and 1 double and 1 bogey on the front.
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Yesterday , 03:56 PM
42-38-80. 1 birdie, no double bogeys. 70.8/134/6338 yards.

Didn't make many putts, but also didn't have too many screwups.

Best shot I hit all day was a pured 6 iron fired directly at the flag on a par 3. It hit a power line that crosses the hole and was swatted down. Golf gods took pity on me for the bad beat as I played the mandatoy re-tee decently, hitting it to five feet and making the birdie putt.
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Today , 07:57 AM
Played 3v3 today and thankfully I got paired with the guy who got 51 points

I just played pretty average didn't do nothing special or to bad.
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