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What'd You Shoot Today?  (Golf BBV Thread) What'd You Shoot Today?  (Golf BBV Thread)

11-30-2021 , 11:48 AM
Did my 2nd card for my handicap today, 1st card was 81, Today was a 72. Anything between 74-79 is a decent around my local for me.

37 Front (+3) 35 Back (Level) 72 Par 69

3 Birdies - 10 Pars - 4 Bogeys - 1 Double

61% GIR

3 putts are creeping into my game a little more these days had 3 today.

Only real highlight was a awesome shot on Par 3 about 180ish uphill, Hybrid for me actually hit what I wanted which was a nice high draw and stuck it to 5 feet past with it pitching pin high. Holed the birdie.
12-01-2021 , 12:26 PM
40-38-78 Par 69 +9

Wind was a bit tougher today but put my final card in for my handicap 81-72-78 are me 3 scores.
12-01-2021 , 04:43 PM
40 degrees partly sunny decent breeze from the south today in Massachusetts. Half the greens had been airated and sanded. My only brag is that I played 9 holes with a single ball. My best hole was the finishing hole on the 9 hole course. Driver from the back tee to 138 out. Hole is 394 on the card from the tip of the tee box. Hit 7 iron to the back of the green pin high 15 feet left. 3 putt bogey lol. No pars. Glad I went.
12-02-2021 , 07:41 PM
Warm Dec day in NJ today, upper 50s. Started out terrible, felt out of sync, shot a 46 on the front. Went on a nice run of 6 pars in 7 holes on the back to shoot 39 and end up with a respectable 85.

Coolest part was that I got to play with a WW2 vet who was 101 years young. He flew 36 missions in the war. He played all 18 and hit the heck out of the ball. Super nice guy too. Quite an inspiration.
12-02-2021 , 07:56 PM
One thing I love about golf sometimes you play with some randoms and get to know them over the 18 holes. I’ve played with so many different people since playing golf again and genuinely have been a pleasure to play with. Great way to meet new people.
12-02-2021 , 07:57 PM
That's awesome; not sure I want to live that long but if I'm healthy enough to hit the ball maybe I do!

Hit 60* here in Colorado today - got out. 41-41 82 with a birdie on a tough, long par-4 which felt great!
12-05-2021 , 12:13 PM
42-38-80 +10

Woke up not feeling like I wanted to play,1 guy in our group pulled out so was just a 2 ball in the end. Turned up early so I could hit some balls on the range but when checking in guy said just go whenever. Being a cold windy day I ditched the range so we can just get it over with. Strange enough I actually played some decent golf today. It's 5600 Yards and 66.10/112 in ratings so not super difficult but it's pretty tight with a lot of trees. My best round this course is 85 but I'm probably averaging closer to 90.

Now I don't want to be all big headed but I actually hit a Par 5 in 2 today for the first time in a while. Tee's were knocked forward a little and if you hit the right drive you'll find that speed slot in the fairway. Shotscope say's it went 274 which would be my longest. I only had about 140 in, I bottom grooved my 8 iron to 30 feet Pin was tucked on the front with anything short going in the water, Hit a good putt but just a foot short tap in birdie.

My playing partner was having a nightmare, I don't normally score anyone else but me but I noticed from previous rounds he was making his score up so I decided to mark him today without him knowing. He said he shot 90 I have him at 99. I don't really care he's a 20 Handicapper and he's only cheating himself (We don't play for anything).
12-05-2021 , 06:41 PM
Have not posted in a while. Been really, really bad. I have struggled to break 80 for the last month or so. Finally starting to come out of it. I think I have shuffled through 4 putters in that time and I also have gone back to my old driver. Last 2 rounds have been 78 and 74.

I think it has been a re-learning process on one of the courses with the new greens. Fast AF with some really big slopes added to them. Also add that they are very firm and you have to learn the rollout on the greens.