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What'd You Shoot Today?  (Golf BBV Thread) What'd You Shoot Today?  (Golf BBV Thread)
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What'd You Shoot Today? (Golf BBV Thread)

11-30-2021 , 11:48 AM
Did my 2nd card for my handicap today, 1st card was 81, Today was a 72. Anything between 74-79 is a decent around my local for me.

37 Front (+3) 35 Back (Level) 72 Par 69

3 Birdies - 10 Pars - 4 Bogeys - 1 Double

61% GIR

3 putts are creeping into my game a little more these days had 3 today.

Only real highlight was a awesome shot on Par 3 about 180ish uphill, Hybrid for me actually hit what I wanted which was a nice high draw and stuck it to 5 feet past with it pitching pin high. Holed the birdie.
Yesterday , 12:26 PM
40-38-78 Par 69 +9

Wind was a bit tougher today but put my final card in for my handicap 81-72-78 are me 3 scores.
Yesterday , 04:43 PM
40 degrees partly sunny decent breeze from the south today in Massachusetts. Half the greens had been airated and sanded. My only brag is that I played 9 holes with a single ball. My best hole was the finishing hole on the 9 hole course. Driver from the back tee to 138 out. Hole is 394 on the card from the tip of the tee box. Hit 7 iron to the back of the green pin high 15 feet left. 3 putt bogey lol. No pars. Glad I went.