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Royle Bluntson
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Weekend Warrior Swing Tips

Consistency.. I don't have it.

Been playing 10 years and I'm stuck at a point in my game where I either break 80 or want to quit after 13 holes.
I'm not going to go into my round today too much and derail the thread but I played 36 and the first 18 I shoot 80 with 6 three putts, 13/18 greens, and after a few drinks my 2nd 18..slicing, chunking. quit after 10.

What are some "good habits" to get you back on the right track of hitting solid shots that keep you wanting to play the game and don't tilt you into thinking you suck and going back into the same cycle.

One tip I have learned on my own recently is how to limit the curve on my slice/fade.

*warning I swing pretty flat/over the top**

But for someone who naturally slices/fades I have learned that with my driver I try to hover my "impact" and instead of hitting up on the ball or scooping it I try to deliver my impact about an inch off the ground and that seems to help straighten/draw it way better.

It's a pretty simple tip I suggest alot more slicers try. It's almost an effect of thinning a driver.

Anyone else got easy swing fixes for the weekend warrior that can help after a round goes bad?
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Re: Weekend Warrior Swing Tips

A weekend warrior (doesn't play a ton) is likely to play worse during the 2nd 18 of a 36-hole day; fatigue.

Drinking will also cause some players to play worse.

Expectation management is huge for golf. If you don't have PGA Live I would look into it; watching full rounds of top golfers in the world you see how inconsistent (relatively) they are. Pro scoring spectrum is like 65-75 (with of course scores outside of that; low 60s and the occasional blow up round). So if you can shoot 77 the top end of your range is probably 90 or above with some round that a going to be worse than that. Adjust for what your "low rounds" are; even if it's 74-86 or something.

Key is to either enjoy it regardless or find ways to keep your focus and grind out a 86 into an 82 (closer to breaking 80) or just get something out of the round (like working on hitting draws).
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Re: Weekend Warrior Swing Tips

i've had some moderate breakthroughs recently.

always slicing drives, esp. when i try to hit it hard... so i strengthened my power hand quite a bit. (hand further from grip) my hands don't necessarily face each other. i think jon rahm does this.

been having problems with wedges recently.. made sure i had my weight way on my front foot at impact............. a former golf phenom i know told me that many years ago. fyi, it is apparently documented that tiger woods thought he had the best short game he'd ever seen (probably juniors or ncaa). for sure, he knows TW fairly well.... EDIT: i'd never found it before, but here it is... McMillan shakes his head and smiles when it comes up, as it often does.

"I've never seen it, but that's the rumour," the 24-year-old Winnipeg-based touring professional golfer says. "It's great that he said it."

It is Canadian golf's version of an urban legend: Shortly after Tiger Woods's groundbreaking win at the 1997 Masters, he was interviewed on U.S. network television by Barbara Walters, who asked him whether there were other young players to look for.

"Watch for Rob McMillan," Woods replied. "He's a Canadian with an awesome short game. You'll hear a lot about him soon."

both these worked really really well for me.

also a psychological change i'm making.. i hit my 4 iron really well. depending on tees, i'm going to drive with it quite often.. probably won't be good from blue/black tees but then i usually have tons of room from those tees (at least out in the fairway... sometimes hit out of chutes)

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