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THE Official 2018/2019 & 2019/2020 PGA Tour Seasons Thread THE Official 2018/2019 & 2019/2020 PGA Tour Seasons Thread

01-10-2022 , 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by UnitedAs1 THE Official 2018/2019 & 2019/2020 PGA Tour Seasons Thread
I don't think it counts as record as it was lift clean and place. Well the presenters in the UK on Sky Sports said it didn't.

Don't quote me on that could be way off.

I honestly find it quite boring when they go to places like these and the course doesn't have anything to defend it.
Yeah agree the birdie fests are boring. When you have 32-under finishing in third place, that tells you it was not much of a challenge for these guys.
01-10-2022 , 01:14 PM
I mean it's a resort course with super wide fairways and huge greens. As BO said, when they can basically hit and stick the ball from anywhere out to 230 yards and there's no wind, they're gonna make a **** ton of birdies.

I think the one thing from watching this weekend that it really drove home is echoing what nchaz said on the last page.

Basically it feels like for these guys off the tee, there's no penalty for "Full send it" vs. swinging like 90% other than the fact that your 3% dispersion in each direction is slightly wider at 310 yard carry vs. 285 yard carry.

I think to make pro golf more interesting off the tee, the technology needs to somehow create incentives where there is a higher chance of inaccuracy the harder you swing at the ball beyond just the triangle getting slightly wider because the sides are longer.
01-15-2022 , 10:57 AM
With his match play record alone I think he should have been on one of the teams. Hard not to cheer for Kisner, seems like a great dude.
01-16-2022 , 11:22 PM
Evening playoff golf is great.

What a shot from Hideki on the playoff hole. Stuffs a 3-wood from 277 out to about 2 feet.
01-16-2022 , 11:43 PM
Filthiest of filthy 3woods from hideki.
01-17-2022 , 02:25 PM
Yeah, even my wife, who hates watching golf, was impressed by that one.