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Re: Golf Gizmos, Swing Aids, and Paraphernalia

Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
The swing magic is interesting, although I'm not sure it's worth the price. But I've got 90s to return it, so I'll give it a shot. I've done 100 practice swings each of the last two days. Playing Monday...I'll bring one to the range and see what that's like.
swing magic is a great training aid......... but i concur on the price. i think i paid $60 and you easily make a good facsimile for free. a golf iron with cardboard insert of paper towel roll would give same idea. bonus points if you can come up with something snugger to replace the paper towel roll.

tour striker for those who don't know is normal iron - i've used 6 iron and wedge - where the bottom third of the club face is ground away. only way you hit the ball off the ground is hands forward hitting down.......... not sure how easily you make your own. would some sort of tape on the bottom 3rd of the club face work.

i've started using impact board but not necessarily for #1 intended use. it has hole to put golf ball on board and then you can hear/feel/see where the club makes contact. very good for shorter game shots and moving swing plane forward.
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Re: Golf Gizmos, Swing Aids, and Paraphernalia

Just got a tour striker 7 iron. hoping it will help me get more consistent with ball striking. Anyone else use one?
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