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Old 02-06-2019, 08:43 PM   #5126
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

Hi all,

Considering moving to or near Rosarito in the coming months w my wife and young child(4 months old). I am currently living in Las Vegas but am over the live grind and would like to lower our overall cost of living. Have a lot of online experience in the states. For those of you living down there, are there expat families in this area? Am I crazy for considering this as an option? Is setting up a bank account the biggest hurdle for getting Stars, Party, RIO accounts set up? Thanks in advance for the help!
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El Guapo
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

mexico is awesome, you're not crazy at all. gl and have fun.

idk about expat families/communities but i never felt out of place/treated differently or unwelcomed anywhere i went (full disclosure: i'm not a republican). i already had a canadian bank account that i used so i can't speak about opening a mexican bank account- i heard they tightened some restrictions on it recently tho so you might want to look into that. getting your stars account verified/unlocked is super easy, you just send them proof of residence (generally lease + utility in your name).

single biggest piece of advice i can give is to start learning some spanish- the effort will go a long way in garnering good faith and trust of locals, and will generally just make life easier. also it's just the right thing to do.
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Old 02-11-2019, 12:40 AM   #5128
The Lipo Fund
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

Originally Posted by boliver View Post
yo sterling, popotla is more of the local seafood spot you'd prob be into. It's a fishing village with restos lined up serving fresh whatever. Tacos baja jr is good ass seafood tacos. mongolian grill always had a spot in the repertoire. Susanna's isn't mexican at all but is bomb, same with frenchie resto el bistro. 3-4 decent steakhouses, tapanco was my favorite. been like 8 years since I started this thread/lived there, things def could have changed but I doubt by much lol and yaqui's like bustu says is the local favorite, you still there man? gonna go back for a bit this summer, will be like a time machine seeing the old familiar faces and places

puerto nuevo - lobster village, used to be awesome like 15+ years ago, anytime I'd gone more recently they were always trying to upcharge as its a popular tourist/trip advisor type spot. Used to be able to pick your own lobster and have em throw in tequila and weed for free and it was like $10 per person, not sure if that's still the case

popotla is really bad now. it was always a bit sketch, but things have really gone downhill quickly. i would not advise anybody to go there, and I don't say that about many places in the world

as far as current rosarito restaurants, here are some of my favorites:

dinner worth checking out:

1. ochuna
2. susanna's
3. cousteaus
4. ajenjo
5. surf/sushi pub
6. el gaucho
7. sokuna
8. ollie's
9. enrique's seafood truck
10. splash
11. encino
12. tapanco
13. pasta y basta
14. carnitas michoacan
15. acua (nothing amazing but 24/7 is sweet)


1. fat cat
2. los pelicanos
3. cazuela del mole
4. encanto
5. tamale inn
6. oceana
7. cielo verde

1. yacqui's
2. baja taco jr
3. tacos mago
4. taco's chino
5. tacos manuel

rosarito definitely has some good options.variety has expanded over the years. I eat out very regularly between these spots, and some favorites in TJ.
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Old 02-11-2019, 06:38 AM   #5129
El Guapo
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

puerto nuevo is pretty much the ****. what's going on in popotla now to make it "bad", just general crime and such? i know rosa is not the safest place in the world (it's less safe than ensenada, for sure) but i wasn't aware of any "no-go" areas on the beach when i was frequenting the area. were there some specific kidnapping/murder incidents or anything like that?
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Old 02-11-2019, 11:52 AM   #5130
Blowin it all at HK
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

There has been an obnoxious amount of crime in Popotla the last 1 year specifically. Multiple killings of random people in there. Almost all the local Mexicans I know say to not go there and that they themselves don't even go there anymore. I live basically next door in Calafia and have only been there 2x in the past year. Try my best to go early and am always with multiple other people and we just go eat and then bounce.

I'll give you the cliffs of 1 story I remember from last year.

-Man enters Popotla with his wife and 2 kids
-Some tweaker has a pitbull that ends up being aggressive towards that guys kids
-Man ends up mad @ tweaker for obvious reasons
-Man's throat is slashed in full view of tons of people and he bleeds out at one of the restaurants inside
-Nobody saw anything obv

I also remember the parking lot guys attempting to upcharge someone which led to an argument, where they ended up shooting the guy.

Even the locals have had enough. Have seen multiple news reports recently where the locals are calling for someone to do something in Popotla....the latest one was just yesterday
original article:
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Old 02-11-2019, 11:56 AM   #5131
Blowin it all at HK
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

Also nice list Marty. Restaurant/food game is definitely significantly better here in Rosarito now than we arrived back in the day

Colectivo Surf n brew (#5 on Marty's list) is super great. It's located across the street from Ollies and always has 15-20 beers on top and a great menu. Only bringing that one up specifically as a ton of people still don't know about it at all.

When are we going for the oyster eating championship Marty?
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Old 02-12-2019, 06:14 PM   #5132
old hand
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

I heard years ago that they are transporting drugs on some of the "fishing" boats around Popotla, so there's a lot of the associated activities and unsavory characters.
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Old 02-18-2019, 03:42 AM   #5133
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

my friend is doing a research paper and would like to know what the prostitution situation is in Ensenada.
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Old 02-18-2019, 06:44 AM   #5134
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

couple friends of mine came down to visit and got cocaine and prostitutes in el centro like a couple of fish fresh off the cruise ships (they're both a bit old for tinder). it was like a brothel of sorts- the pussy and blow were allegedly pretty good albeit overpriced.
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Old 02-21-2019, 11:09 PM   #5135
see my staking thread
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Re: Official Rosarito Thread

never too old for tinder
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