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Life in Buenos Aires Thread Life in Buenos Aires Thread

02-12-2021 , 01:27 PM
Is possible to play on Pokerstars from BA?
02-23-2021 , 12:31 AM
Originally Posted by GiocoFelice90 Life in Buenos Aires Thread
Is possible to play on Pokerstars from BA?
Not sure about this, but I assume that yes, as playing on Party, Ignition, Unibet and GG is alright.

Originally Posted by Pride of Cucamonga
Hey Dub, congrats on the new house & moving to the 'burbs!

I've been reading some books on bitcoin and its evolution over the last 12 yrs. One author mentioned that Argentinians--who unfortunately have lots of personal experience with currency inflation--were much quicker to understand the benefits of, and started using bitcoin, much quicker than many other nationalities.

You've traveled all over--have you noticed bitcoin adoption being more prevalent in Argentina versus other countries you've traveled & lived in?

Wish we had talked crypto when we met in Peru! I am super-late to this game...
So will answer Cucamonga's DM over here, as to keep this thread alive/going So anyhow, for starters, I cannot really assess on the BTC scene in the world, as outside of searching for BTC atm's in different cities/countries, I was not normally reaching out to peeps to do transactions. That said, I did purchase in various countries from atm's and can assess that, yeah indeed, certain countries are more crypto-inclined then others. Here is the link to the world atm map in question, which should be indicative of the popularity of crypto per country :

USA has a ridiculous 13k+ of atm's

Anyhow, back to B.A. : BTC is what I use to exchange for pesos over here ; the guy simply comes over my place, gives me 1-2k worth in pesos and then I transfer him the cryptos. As far as I can tell, there is a substantial-albeit-unimpressive BTC scene in these parts (am part of the FB group and there are 13 atms in Argentina, all of them in B.A.). Of course, I believe BTC is the most efficient way of countering the forever devaluating Peso, especially if you want to evade government surveillance, which is a harder thing to do with USD$. Nonetheless, I am under the impression that BTC is more of a thing in Venezuela...
01-13-2022 , 09:20 PM
Hello im planing to move soon to BA. Now i live in Mexico in Merida. I have few questions. Can i rent apartment for 200 usd per month? I play low stakes im on budgete. Is there live game if yes how much is the rake? Any live Mtts?
01-14-2022 , 07:24 AM
Apparently you can also Western Union yourself money and you get the blue market rate.

here is a furnished apartment for slightly more than $200. more like $220 or w/e. just listed 5 days ago.

here are a number of listings :

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01-14-2022 , 12:09 PM
Been wanting to update this thread for some time now, as I have tried quite a few restaurants which EASILY sneak into my top 10 lifetime I mean, this was always going to happen, given that this is the most sedentary I have been in 3 decades (especially in an urban setting) and I was fairly broke until 5 years ago (so never got to gastronomically indulge in top notch places in all my previous travels). Anyhow, given that B.A. is the 5th biggest metropolitan population wise worldwide, I finally get to do so Anyhow...

Originally Posted by guatemalaqueen Life in Buenos Aires Thread
Hello im planing to move soon to BA. Now i live in Mexico in Merida. I have few questions. Can i rent apartment for 200 usd per month? I play low stakes im on budgete. Is there live game if yes how much is the rake? Any live Mtts?
You can find for 200$ a month, but a few things to know beforehand : as mentioned in the post above, there are 2 distinct dollar measuring rates in Argentina, the blue rate (which everyone goes by) and the official rate, which... whatever
hint : never use your credit card and always pay cash after exchanging in the one of the 2 methods mentioned below
So anyhow, if you are looking on a site like Airbnb, you would be paying the official rate and basically the double - a BIG NO-NO!!!, obviously. My advice : if you are trying to find an apartment beforehand, look into the facebook Marketplace or Mercado Libre (often quoted in USD$ as well).

And as far as 200USD$ per month, yup, for sure, it sounds feasible. Especially if you are looking into a studio apartment. Disclaimer : the market has changed SIGNIFICANTLY in a year since I last looked into it.

Also, don't limit yourself to Palermo, which along with Nunez and Puerto Madero, would be the most expensive barrios. Of course Palermo will have the biggest expat community, but just about all barrios will offer decent restaurants/bars to hangout in. Besides, you are always a train, subte, colectivo or Uber ride away regardless. So I would recommend Recoleta, Colegiales, Villa Crespo, Recoleta, Caballito etc.

As far as exchanging money, finding someone of confidence (I can help you out with my guy that exchanges BTC, bank transfers, USD$, Euros, Paypal etc. ; send me a DM) or Western Union transfers. I prefer myself to have my guy pop over and simply do BTC or bank transfers from the convenience of my home (WU is more a hassle for wait time and sums that you can exchange there, depending on location).

The casino of B.A. has cash games ; rake is high, capped at 20$ or so (I don't remember...) and 5%), but definitely soft. The best value is in the daily tournaments, BIs stemming from 150USD$ up to 1.5k. The fields are large and this is where you will find the best value (although there are some decent pros in the field).

Feel free to ask more questions friend and GL
01-14-2022 , 02:56 PM
There is much to add to the above, as B.A. is definitely unique in its way of doing stuff, but I will let you check out more apartments and answer your specific questions if you have any...

2 specific restaurants come to mind as experiences that blew me away ; priero La Casa Cavia, which is an old mansion type :

But more importantly, the food is outstanding, more in terms of its ingredients - like I almost had an organism from a simple shrimp salad, I kid u not - which are elite as can be, as its natural setting (within the city) in its wonderful patio where a big arse tree filled with birds can be found, a classy bar, and soothing lounge type music

Next up is Roux. Now being French (Canadian) and all, certain things are just too God damn important to be excluded in this lifetime, you know!!! Like good coffee. Cheese. Wine. And a fracking good French restaurant Unfortunately for the latter, it is a little difficult to come by in B.A.... The first 2 attempts were definitely whiffs, albeit my gf really did enjoy them, but I have indulged too many (dozens) of times in exquisite French restaurants to be content of failed duck a l'orange, u know... Until Roux, that is.

The settings of Roux is nothing to write home about - simple patio, a dining room of 15 tables standardly laid out -, but the food was ohhh so delicious - at least to pass the test of my French palate, u know :

That's it for now. More of these posts to come if there is some interest.
01-14-2022 , 03:27 PM
Always interested to hear from you. Glad to hear you're well. Take care.
01-23-2022 , 10:48 PM
What is rent price of modern one bedroom apartment in nice areas?