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golddog runs around golddog runs around

06-25-2022 , 04:07 PM
On the plane, LFG!
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06-25-2022 , 04:11 PM
Plus seat 12A, so an upgrade to Economy Plus from steerage.
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06-25-2022 , 05:39 PM
Now you hit a lucky streak!

Enjoy the flight.
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06-26-2022 , 12:41 PM
Heh. I actually hit a nice lucky streak to get as far as I did in the two tournaments I played.

Thanks, it was an ok flight. As always, nice to get home, be in my own bed, etc.

Let's go Avalanche!

This time for sure!
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06-26-2022 , 11:25 PM
Avs win! Happy dog!
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06-27-2022 , 01:05 PM
Oh yeah, one thing I wanted to mention. Looks like Hawaiian Marketplace and the strip mall just south of it (with Fatburger) are closed. Not demoed, but tape across the front.

No idea what's going in there. I like that Vegas has room for these kind of places as well as the huge casino resorts. Hope it's not getting smooshed.

Yes, I always wander into the Stage Door when in town.
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06-30-2022 , 03:22 PM
Went downtown today.

Lord Stanley made an appearance.

That was pretty fun, though a madhouse. Got off the bus, went outside of Union Station, hard to move--it was packed. Thought I'd walk a few blocks up 17th street, the crowd will thin out.

I guess it did, but I found a spot about 1/3 of the way along the parade route. Couldn't imagine how big a crowd it was.
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06-30-2022 , 06:29 PM
A couple stories from this morning.

When the truck with Aube-Kubel went by, the crowd started chanting "We dropped the Cup!" Apparently, he dropped it in Tampa during the postgame celebration.

When the truck with Kuemper went by (starting goalie), the guy in front of me motioned as if to toss him a beer. Kuemper saw him and nodded yes. Picked it clean out of the air.

Glove save, and a beauty.

A pretty good underhand lob too; it's a four or five-lane wide street, and of course Kuemper is on top of a fire truck. Maybe 20-25 feet horizontal, and 8-10 feet vertical?

That actually happened a few times during the parade; someone in the front of the crowd would get a player's attention, and toss them up a beer. The players seemed to have fun with it; of course, the crowd loved it.
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