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golddog runs around golddog runs around

06-22-2022 , 03:16 PM
~28k first break.

Playing well. No hands of real note. Decent table, but similar of the less-experienced players are starting to bust.

Made a few mistakes, but nothing huge (I think), and did make a couple nice steals.

I think I'm probably in the middle in terms of skill, but it's just going to get harder.
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06-22-2022 , 03:22 PM
Oh, forgot. From 20k.
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06-22-2022 , 05:31 PM
`26k, 2nd break. A few hands early, then no traction.

That means cards coming next level!
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06-22-2022 , 05:44 PM
Bernard Lee at the table. Seems a real nice guy.

Another guy brought pens & glasses cleaning kits from his company.

Why I like the Seniors--play hard, but be collegial too.
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06-22-2022 , 07:17 PM
Suck out near double up. Folded to me, I make std raise w KJ in hijack. Button moves in, I choose to call.

Both that weird stack size where a move is necessary soon, read him as marginal.

He has KQ, naturally I river Broadway with a Q. Real nice guy, too bad.

Been on a nice heater since, just over 80 k
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06-22-2022 , 07:25 PM
Sorry, 50kish
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06-22-2022 , 08:02 PM
~58k at 3rd break. In addition to getting good cards, I can push some too. For example, last hand I played before break.

A couple limpers to me on the button with 54s. Sure, why not?SB calls BB checks.

Flop K53, one spade. Checks to me, I bet most of & take it.
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06-22-2022 , 10:18 PM
~65k at dinner.

Unfortunately, touched 100k, then had a run of legit raising hands that I couldn't stand the 3 bet, c bet, whatever. Kind of frustrating.

Also starting to feel tired, probably not making great decisions.
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06-23-2022 , 01:27 AM
~63k at final break. Tough round, most players better than me too.

One more level today...
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06-23-2022 , 02:55 AM
Brag: made day 2.

Beat: continued to dwindle, 41k.
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06-23-2022 , 08:39 AM
Run it up day 2!
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06-23-2022 , 12:15 PM
Oh yeah. Let's go Avalanche!
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06-23-2022 , 01:08 PM
After finishing up, BigSkip and BiteMeFish were nice enough to come by Bally's for a few drinks. Bed about 2, ofc I'm up at 7:30. So today probably pretty slow.

Walked over to Ellis Island for breakfast. After, wanted to get a walk, so headed down Koval towards Harmon.

This woman walks by, saying "I have a free phone, no ID required. "

In a nice coincidence, I happen to be wearing my U of American Samoa Law School T-shirt.

Go Landcrabs!
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06-24-2022 , 10:30 AM
At Blondie's on BigSkip's recommendation for breakfast.

Looked at my table draw. While I'm by far the short stack, there's also no huge stacks. I'm going to hope that's good. Maybe I can get some hands. One double and I'm close to being competitive.

I'd guess about a 10% chance of cashing. If not, I hope I can find a place that will let me watch hockey and drink a few beers tonight.

Let's go Avalanche!
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06-24-2022 , 10:53 AM
Just checked, tied for 1211th, 1079 pay. 1439 remain.

Not in great shape to cash, but possible.
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06-24-2022 , 12:12 PM
Oh yeah. In 11 hours of day 1, I failed to get any hand above JJ.

I think the best made hand I actually had was the straight I mentioned earlier.

Pretty sure the big ones are coming today. I hope.
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06-24-2022 , 12:17 PM
GL today! Go get em
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06-24-2022 , 01:15 PM
Thank, but no. Out ~1446.

First hand, TT (same as 1st yesterday).

4th, same black 10s, raise UTG, remained by MP with big stack. Thought for a few seconds, shoved, hoping he has just overs & we're racing.

Nope, KK. Started with bd flush & straight draws, improved to a flush draw on turn, but not to be.
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06-24-2022 , 01:43 PM
A few minutes to think about it. At this point, overall I'm pretty happy with my play.

Did I make some mistakes? Yes. I'm a rec player, so that's within expectation. Could've made better folds, got better value. Probably made some weak folds here & there.

However, I feel as if I played over my talent level. Also learned from watching better players.

Flushes or above made: 0
Starting pairs QQ+: 0
Sets: 1

TBF, I did have a great run in level 5 with several AKs that worked.

Think I might wander up to RW since I haven't been.

Finally, LET'S GO AVALANCHE!!!!!!!!
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06-24-2022 , 03:47 PM
Walked up to RW. Feeling a little hungry, look across thr street, it's Tacos El Gordo and Tacos al Pastor I've heard so much about.

Gordo a madhouse , went over to Pastor. Nice lunch.

Currently an alternate for RW's noon tournament.
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06-24-2022 , 05:12 PM
1st break, 37k from 20. Big hand was turning two pair and then having guy move in before me. Been getting some nice hands too.

It's nice up here. Good chairs, room's quietish.
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06-24-2022 , 07:24 PM
Out 20/70. Terrible call that had no chance, but I wanted to get on to the Avs game.
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06-24-2022 , 10:06 PM
Sorry missed you at Bally’s today - I didn’t check my thread until after you were gone. GL for rest of your trip!
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06-25-2022 , 03:29 PM
No worries brian, you would've had to be fast.

Just hung out in the room last night watching Avs, then walked the Strip, popping into a store to grab a beer as needed.

While out, happened upon a guy who was two to my left late day 1. Turns out, he just gotten knocked out for $2600. Nice guy, glad he cashed.

The player between us was someone from Leeds whose name I didn't catch. Also nice guy, quite a good player, hope he did well. Got quite a few chips off me.

Went east on Flamingo looking for a little breakfast this AM. Went a little past Koval, didn't see anything, so Ellis Island it was. The usual decent cafe food.

I was over Vegas by then, so got in the cab line. Guy asked if I wanted to share, I asked what airline he was on. He didn't realize there are multiple terminals. Sure, let's go, we'll figure it out.

He also played the Seniors, so we talked about our experience on the way over. When we pulled up at T1, he put his card in the machine. I offered him $20 to split, but waived it off. That was a nice surprise.

Was a small charge to get me to T3, but still a $15 savings.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my play (with the exception of final hand @RW yesterday). In both tournaments, I was able to run up a good sized stack.

I feel like I'm at the point of being competitive against *most* of the field, but not at the "good player" level. Decent ish rec I guess.

Not in cash games, ofc. I'm generally pretty bad there.

Enjoyed the trip. Sad and concerned the Avs didn't take the Cup last night. Tampa's tough at home. If it gets to game seven with these two, it's a flip.

Let go Avalanche !
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06-25-2022 , 03:51 PM
Apparently, one of the advantages of my United card is some priority for standby.

Checked on the chance of moving up flight, gate lady says there's 19 on standby, but I have priority over all but two.

One last piece of rundecent?
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