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Clueless kid moving to Manila - Never been to Asia before Clueless kid moving to Manila - Never been to Asia before
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Clueless kid moving to Manila - Never been to Asia before

07-17-2018 , 04:58 AM
You said skinny-fat to fit, which is subjective I guess. You're gonna kill yourself for 3 months doing lots of cardio and eating vegetables for dinner while being in a large caloric deficit everyday. When the 3 months is up youll look in the mirror and wonder why you look like a kenyan long distance runner. Just a warning.

Mind you, I don't know what your current body fat % is so im just basing this on what I can tell from the video. If you were like 50 lbs over weight I would understand your approach.
07-17-2018 , 06:14 AM
It's gonna be even harder to stream IRL 5 hours a day on that diet. But avovado and sweet fruits have plenty of calories, I eat 4-8 eggs a day and I'll drink coconut water (which is like sugar water) to get me through the day.

I don't know my body fat %, but even though I'm not overweight it's pretty high. More than 20% for sure, judging from this graphic I'd say 21-23%. I'm a pretty serious case of skinnyfat.

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07-17-2018 , 06:22 AM
Kenyan long distance runner is a step in the right direction anyways imo. Id rather try to put muscle on with that physique.
07-17-2018 , 09:55 AM
that durian rider says high carbs, high sugar.

i suspect he can stay lean because he rides a bicycle all day. doesn't matter what you eat if you're busting your ass on a bicycle all day you'll be lean.
07-17-2018 , 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Info Shove Clueless kid moving to Manila - Never been to Asia before
Surely some people considering this blog got 250k views in 18 months. Many people have told me they've read the full thread even after it had reached 1k posts, which is insane to me. It's near impossible to read the whole 2.5k posts now. That's why I want to write an ebook based on this thread to summarize and make it it easy to read the whole story of my first year and a half in the Philippines.

If not for the readers of this blog then for my future self. So many great memories of moving to the Phils at 22.
those 250k views are from 50 of us regulars, and im telling you i wouldnt pay 5 cents for that book.
The problem with it is that this blog here details your daily life so we come here for our 1 minute dosage every day, no one wants to commit reading for hours about your boring life, but whatever prove me wrong.
07-17-2018 , 12:54 PM
i dont even know what you would fill one page with?

Hi, i moved to philippines young, i came out broke, im still here after a year, but still broke. I dont do anything exciting. I cant even keep to a goal for more than 1 week. Ive been to some malls and met a girls parents once. Heres how you be selfish by nutting inside women and make them go through a ****ty time taking crazy contraception dosages to avoid them being pregnant.

The end
-infoshove, give me 3$ please
07-17-2018 , 02:07 PM
2+2 is of course the crème de la crème of intelligence, wealth, and game, so we wouldn't personally purchase his ebook but you'd be surprised how many sex starved guys there are out there who hate their lives. A 'living in manila and getting laid on $600' kindle ebook will give him a not insignificant (to him) passive income for the rest of his life. I didn't think anyone would buy k2d's ebooks but I was surprised
07-17-2018 , 02:58 PM

Here's a video of Info Shove giving the pitch for his book to an editor. Sounds pretty hawt to me.
07-17-2018 , 03:17 PM
Lol. You can also send a free copy to everyone who donates on the stream, that will increase donations infinite % (from zero to some)
07-17-2018 , 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by jspill Clueless kid moving to Manila - Never been to Asia before
You can also send a free copy to everyone who donates on the stream
That's an interesting idea

Originally Posted by jspill Clueless kid moving to Manila - Never been to Asia before
that will increase donations infinite % (from zero to some)
Actually people were generous on the 4 streams I did so far:

07-17-2018 , 04:00 PM
Wow very nice
07-17-2018 , 04:02 PM
We ballin'. $34 is 14% of my rent.
07-18-2018 , 11:24 AM
do you still play poker? how many hours per month? how much can you make a month on avg

do you make any money right now from other stuff you planned like twitch, youtube...
07-18-2018 , 01:05 PM
I still play poker but I don't wanna publicly update my ridiculous recent volume. My volume is nothing to be proud of, and I'm working on a change to the better but I don't think half dozen people judging me would help solve my motivation problem.

No significant money from YouTube or Twitch and I don't expect anything starting out, especially not with that sad volume (4 streams in over 2 months...)

But I'm streaming everyday from this Saturday and it would be interesting to see how much money streaming 35 hours a week can make. I might continue posting screenshots of donations like the above once a month if you're interested. But as I said, I don't expect anything starting out.
07-18-2018 , 01:29 PM
On the bright side, I just had the best sex of my life so far, both looks-wise and skills-wise

07-18-2018 , 05:16 PM
Nice gif
07-19-2018 , 12:58 AM
She bites and scratches

07-19-2018 , 01:03 AM
Great body How did you find her? Mall game?
07-19-2018 , 01:16 AM
07-19-2018 , 06:45 AM

80 days to go

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07-20-2018 , 03:59 AM
First stream in over 2 months will be tomorrow 1pm PHT. I'll be meeting a girl I'm VERY interested in for the first time. I know I say this a lot but this one is special, she's so intelligent and so good-looking I didn't think such combination existed. Maybe half point less hot than Pampanga girl but has double her IQ.

This will also be the first daily stream. As per my goals in that #myultimatesweat contest I need to reach 400 hours in 79 days. Think I can do it?
07-20-2018 , 05:04 AM
Nice pics of said girl half point less hot than Pampanga girl with double her IQ. Effin nice bro
07-20-2018 , 05:12 AM
Originally Posted by GonZo72 Clueless kid moving to Manila - Never been to Asia before
Nice pics of said girl
I'm meeting her on stream tomorrow.

I thought that was clear from my post.
07-20-2018 , 05:32 AM
And yes Pampanga girl is an 8.5 to 9 and my benchmark for anything else.
07-20-2018 , 05:51 AM
Yeah it was clear.

But, what if I tell you that you could get more viewers by posting her pics.. No need to show her face, her body pics would be perfect to sell your stream.

Pics > words