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Boris's Life in The Orient

Hey All,

I thought I would take the plunge and finally start a thread, as I just found out tonight I failed the NY Bar Exam by 18 points and think this thread might serve as a good motivator for life/poker progress for me. I have kept a journal before, and think at this moment in my life, a poker thread/blog might be therapeutic, as I don't have a whole lot going on. So, here we go. I'll try and be as candid as I can with everything.

About Me:

A bit about me: 25 years old, living in New Hampshire with my mother and brother, law degree.

Like: Meat, beer, cheese, chess, asian women.

Dislike: Mouth-breathers, The Taliban, mayonnaise, the homeless woman I saw taking a poo behind a garbage can at Port Authority, married women on Tinder looking for friends.

Poker Background:

My poker background isn't very extensive. I only learned how to play poker in November of 2014 (at 24), after I moved back home from law school in Hong Kong (Father lives there) to complete and L.L.M. degree and prepare for the New York Bar exam. I have always enjoyed strategy games from an early age, and played/trying to get back into playing a lot of chess. After moving back home, with very few friends still home, I was tired of sitting on the couch every night watching Seinfeld reruns, and made a play money account on Full Tilt, as I had absolutely no idea how to play. I learned the basics on Full Tilt and eventually put $50 on BetOnline, which I promptly lost. I then purchased Theory of Poker (Sklansky) and received Mathematics of Poker (Chen) as a gift and read through both, one more thoroughly than the other. I then deposited $30 on Full Flush Poker (Equity Skin) in late November 2014, and never looked back. Within a week, I final tabled a 5k GTD freeroll for about $250, and slowly began building a roll. Since November 2014, I have made about 35-40k in profit from MTTs, online cash, and live cash - largest MTT cash standing at $5k. I played the bulk of my cash games at 100NL and 50PLO. I have had some mild success at MTTs, which I attribute to running very hot. I had a few several $2k weeks playing $1-$5 tournaments, and quite a bit of 4 figure cashes. I still consider myself quite a neophyte, as I mentioned above, I think I just ran pretty hot for the bulk of it.

In May 2015 I won a satellite for the Millionaire Maker and played that in Vegas. I'd say it went pretty ****ty, as it was my second time playing live, and I completely just got thrashed. My starting table was filled with a bunch of online grinders who ran me over a bit. I had BTCBlade at my first table, and then at my second table, I had John Gale to my direct left (who ended up winning the Turbo event). Needless to say, it was a pretty early exit and I busted about 7 hours in. I played some Daily Deepstacks and managed to bubble about every single one I played and left Vegas feeling pretty dejected. I also spent a lot of money at Palomino Club drunkenly trying to solicit handjobs from strippers.

Where am I at now?

Well, I spent a good chunk of my roll just in Vegas last June, staying at the Aria and just overspending on pointless stuff. I also paid off my LLM degree costs, and have spent a good amount just on food, booze, etc...

I actually received a max check from Full Flush the other day, for $2449, which is a good step in the right direction for Full Flush, as it has been having pretty atrocious cashout issues. I will be using that towards my live roll, possibly putting some on ACR or Bovada, as I purchased PT4 not too long ago and would like to start using that. I am also waiting on another $2500 check from FF, which I will be excluding from my bankroll as I need to put it towards purchasing some other Bar prep materials, hotel for Bar in summer, and general expenses for the Bar so I don't fail again. My online roll on Full Flush minus that $2500 stands at $1874.62 with 1 $50+5 tourney ticket.

Live roll: $2449 + 1 $565 Colossus entry

Online roll: $1874.62.

Poker Goals:

I have read a good amount of other threads and a good portion of people seem to have a set goal; ex. 10k profit in 3 months, 100k hands at 25NL, etc...

I don't have a specific profit goal. I am using this thread as an outlet to learn, write, and track my progress. As it stands now, I don't think financially I will be able to go to Vegas to redeem this Colossus entry, but maybe this next month will go well. So, I will keep that in the back of my mind. Online, ideally, I'd like to be playing 200NL regularly by the year's end, and be properly rolled for 100-200 PLO. I'd also like to move up to 2/4 live and be properly rolled for that. I would also like to cash my first live tournament. I've bubbled my fair share of Daily Deepstacks and then bubbled a 100k GTD I played at Foxwoods, ending up busting in 50th with 45 or so paying.

Life Goals:

The following are goals I'm hoping this thread helps me take proactive action to accomplish.

1) Pass the Uniform Bar Exam in New York in July, 2016

2) Lose 15 pounds

3) Run at least 20 miles a week

4) Keep improving/studying at chess. Get my online chess rating back to over 1900. I took quite a hiatus and am hovering between 1650-1700 currently.

5) Get some poonani. The unfortunate reality is that since I've moved home in August 2014 from Hong Kong, I haven't touched a woman. Right now, not very picky, and need to get out there a bit more. I have been a bit of a hermit. In this thread, I'll most likely be referencing my two main buddies who I hang out with, drink with, etc... They are Poopy Hands Bottom - PHB for short, and Drunk Step-Dad Foster - Drunk Step-Dad for short.

Thread Goals:

I'm hoping to post at least 3-4 times a week, with hands I thought were interesting, post about life, musings, the search for the one-eyed sword swallower (poon). I would like to iterate that I still am quite a fish and definitely am hoping for some constructive criticism on hands. Also, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on hopes for this thread, and anything else you want to add. Hoping this can get help get me out of my current funk, put things in perspective, and motivate me to be more productive in poker and life.

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Club Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread


Tonight, I knew the Bar results were going to be released online at midnight, so I chose to get out of the house and go play poker at my local card room. In New Hampshire, they only offer up to 2/4 NLHE, and PLO games rarely run. I chose to go to Manchester (ManchVegas), as its my favorite of the rooms in NH.

I have mixed feelings about playing live. It really is just filled with a large amount of terrible people. We must be masochists for going back and spending our night with unpleasant, smelly, mean strangers night after night. Rarely, have I come out of a conversation at a poker table feeling like it wasn't a complete drain on my soul. ManchVegas attracts quite a colorful crowd. The games are just too good though not to play.

Tonight, I got there around 8pm and was seated at a shorthanded 1-2 table with 5 others. There was another 1-2 game running with a bunch of supposed regulars. At our table we had a doppleganger of the Hawaiian dude from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (now known as Kunu - yeah I know that was Paul Rudd's name in it), a late 50s milf, a Lebanese nit, a mid 30s guy just looking to dust off some change, and some kid who spent most of his time chiefing heaters out in the parking lot. I bought in for $140 just to see how the table was, played a few hands and realized I was sitting at a table with some good potential. I loaded up to $200, and a few minutes later a crazy asian man regular walked in trying to get a PLO game started. He was followed by a mid 60s dude with a backwards ballcap, gold chain, and what I can only assume was a knockoff Adidas tracksuit. They both settled for my table and not long after the asian man and I played this hand.

Hero in BB with AT

A few EP limps, and asian man raises to $11 on button. SB calls, I call, CO calls. Pot $44.

Flop come Q63.

SB checks, I check, CO checks, asian man just shoves his remaining $70 in the pot, SB folds, I flat, CO flats. Pot $254.

Turn: 2

Check, Check

River: 4

I lead $70. CO folds. Asian man yells, "I have the Ace of diamonds so just fold."

"Well, this deck has got something wrong with it then." and I flip my hand. MHIG.

I ended up just nitting up for a bit and having some beers while I chatted. The only capable player (very liberal) at the table was Kunu, but even he was just overplaying hands. I soon ended up in a pot with Kunu.

Look down at A9 in BB.

Kunu limps CO, and milf lady in her late 50s who keeps saying "I'm so tilty right now" bumps it up to $12. I call, Kunu calls. Pot $37.

Flop: A74

I check, Kunu leads for $20. Tilty milf flats, I flat. Pot $97.

Turn: 4

I check, Kunu goes to check, hesitates, then pulls out $45 and bets. Tilty folds. I tank call. Pot $187.

River 6

I check, Kunu checks behind and tables A6. I muck.

Mid 50s milf goes on a bit about how she was married for 25 years and now is living for her. "I'm just looking for a guy who doesn't call me the day after a date. Let me live my life, god." Maybe she does have a point. She later squeezes all in from the BB with 88 and is called by some guy who just showed up and claims he has never played poker before. Board runs AKQTx and he tables for K4o for the win. I guess he wasn't lying. He keeps lifting his cards off the table to look at them, and keeps asking the dealer how much he has to call.

In SB I look down at 45. 5 limps in front and tilty milf on button pops it to $12. I squeeze to $28. New guy calls, tilty milf calls. Pot about $90.

Flop: Q36. I check, New guy bets $25 with about 50 or so behind. Tilty milf folds, and I pop it up to $80 putting him all in. He calls.

Board runs out 28

He shows J6 and MHIG.

I know these hands aren't that exciting, or spectacular, but not much happened. I didn't really have any other major hands, and just dusted off a little whiffing flops.

Profit: $+242

Current Live Roll: $2691

Current Online Roll: $1874.62

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Today was an interesting day. I just got back from an indoor soccer game, where our team won our final game, bringing our record to 1-7 on the season. It was a moral victory of sorts, but was good to get out of the house and clear my head.

Earlier in the day, I played 3 hours in Hampton at 1-2. Billy Pappas came in. Didn't recognize him at first without the Yoshi cap. Nothing exciting happened, and I creepily tried to scope his 2-4 table, but have poor eyesight so it was all around a sad excuse of a story. Bad eyesight isn't very +EV.

Cash didn't go that well. Hampton has a different dynamic than Manchvegas and is generally just a bunch of nitty old-timers. These old timers aren't your standard late 60s, early 70s old timers, they are the guys who literally could die at any minute. A few months ago, I sat next to Mr. Cody, who seemed to be a regular. He was pushing 85, and fell asleep at the table for 45 minutes. He was woken up when someone recognized him and asked him about his recent heart surgery. Not sure if the nap was voluntary or not. At that age, just take me out back and put me down.

My table was full of unenjoyable people. I had one guy to my left who might have been one of the most low-key terrifying people I've ever heard. Very italian, but spoke very soft. Just stared straight ahead, and reminded me of Joe Pesci in Goodfellas appearance-wise. To his left, some guy who looked like the BTK killer, then some guy who seemed like he had a clue what he was doing, but just was such an absurd nit (will call him T-bone - an ode to Seinfeld). I ended up playing my only interesting hand against him. To preface, the second hand I sat down I played a hand with him where I checked 85 in the bb and flop came 985. I checked, T-bone lead for $15, I bumped it up to $43, and he then came over the top and reraised to $145. I insta mucked and he tabled set of nines with pride. Later, T-bone raised button to $12, was 3-bet to $30ish by a fairly aggressive player in BB, then openly mucked queens. He limped essentially every pot, and the only hands he raised showed down with JJ+.

Here's the hand I played with him.

On button with AK - Effective stack about $265, T-bone sitting with about $500

UTG opens for $13, I 3-bet to $30, T-bone in bb counts out $90, gives a sigh and then flats, UTG goes to muck, then tank calls.

Flop: KJ3

Check, check, I lead for $65. In hindsight, looking at T-bone count out $90 and begrudgingly flat, I think I should have actually checked flop. I think in that situation T-bone lays down jacks, considering he open folded queens to a 3-bet, so here I can't see anything but KK, AA, and AK. He seemed liked the type of guy to think he was tricky flatting Aces in the bb, and seemed like the type of player who was too scared to 4-bet Kings.

T-bone then just open rips $500 on me, UTG folds, and I tank fold. Figuring I'm either chopping or crushed. No draw, no KJ, certainly no pocket 33s.

I then proceeded to dust off my remaining stack by seeing too many flops, as I was in a bit of a mood to gamble, and knew I had to leave for soccer soon. Embarrassingly I lost my remaining $130 on the table after I raised QQ UTG, saw 4 to the flop of JT6, c-bet 75%, was jammed on and then rejammed on. I had 3 minutes before I was leaving for soccer, and figured I was crushing the dirty hippy who came over the top with AJ, but knew deep down I was crushed by the rejam, which he ended up showing TT.

End of day:

Profit: $-220

Current live roll: $2471

Online roll: $1885.

After soccer, I went over to a buddy's place, Fordski, where we had a few beers. Surprisingly, I feel a lot better than I should after finding out I failed the Bar exam yesterday. I'm quite optimistic for what is next, and am looking forward to getting back to the study grind to hopefully smash it this time.

A little side story about Fordski. I grew up with him, from my hometown. His father was my soccer coach, then had a mental breakdown and moved to Thailand where he ended up losing his mind and getting scammed out of a lot of money by hookers. When living in the Orient in my late teens, a buddy and I decided to go to Thailand for an unspoken trip of lechery. I contact Fordski's father - Roy Bai Wu and arranged to stay at his place in Phuket for upwards of a week. My buddy and I arrived in Phuket, where he was living in this shanty near refugee camps, where all the Cambodians had 8pm curfews. You had to carry a stick with you at night to fend off the stray dogs. Roy Bai Wu was living with his girlfriend, Nan. Within the first hour of meeting Nan, it became apparent that she was a hooker. Roy Bai Wu kept regaling to us how he enjoyed her giving him golden showers, but also confided in us that he had no idea where she went every night between the hours of 12am and 6am. Nan's sister was visiting, not sure of her name, but was a petite, big tittied, dark-skinned Thai from the North.

Throughout the week, my buddy and I participated in Songkran water fights, went to the giant Buddha, and just lounged on the beach. I wasn't sure if I was going crazy, but I swear Nan was soliciting my buddy and I subtly for sex. We mentioned how we were looking to go out that night to find some women and get some massages, and I remember looking at my buddy after what I was 95% sure was "you could just pay me." We ignored it, and Roy Bai Wu went to bed early, as always. Roy Bai Wu is another story. Nan and her sister took us to this hooker bar atop a hill in Phuket, it was almost puritanical. Looking down on the less fortunate from our hooker city upon a hill. In that night, I may have learned more about humanity than I ever could begin to fathom. At the bar, we shot pool, while a seemingly normal man, with his wedding band still on, rubbed off a tranny hooker at the bar. He was absolutely slaughtered and then ended up taking her home on his motorbike. I can only presume neither of them made it home. The night was winding down and finally Nan solicited both of us, telling us that because it was Songkran (Thai new year), that most massage parlors were closed. I had a moment of reflection, not wanting to be eskimo brothers with my now decrepit, senile former child soccer coach, and opted for the sister for a negotiated amount. We made our way to an abandoned home around the corner, walls torn down, possibly cobra pits inside, where I proceeded to pump out Nan's sister while Nan blew my buddy. In a moment of haste, I didn't strap on and just raw dogged. Nan's sister had a brillo-pad of pubic hair, but still enjoyed the 2 minute chopping.

I should add, I'm a hypochondriac who reads too many articles late at night. I self-diagnose and cause myself a lot of anxiety over nothing.

We finished up, and realized no cabs were running. As the reality was hitting me, that I rawdogged a working girl's sister in an abandoned, cobra-infested house, and possibly caught some life-altering STD, our rides arrived. Mentally, I was already crumbling. My ride was a 300 pound, shirtless, sweaty Thai man on a moped. To add, before we went to Thailand, I lost a bet with a buddy and cut my hair into a mullet, so I was sporting a Kenny Powers mullet.

As I rode on the back of the moped, mullet flapped in the wind, hands wrapped around this portly, glistening Thai man, I realized that this might be my lowest point. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. And that is the most terrifying part and why I can never return to Thailand.

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Crushing a McDouble in bed and drinking a Lagunitas like a complete savage right now. Went to Manchester and played live tonight. Before I get into it, just one thing I'd like to say about this thread.

I know not many people will read this, and I don't expect many too. But, I just wanted to give a clearer picture of why I'm writing this. I'm definitely just stuck in the middle between not a whole lot going on right now, and the next big step (life-wise). I just thought I would use this thread to give a look into my life right now and the transition period that a lot of people don't know how to deal with. Hopefully, someone in a similar position can identify and this thread helps a little.

Today started rough. Yeah, being 25 and living at home with your mother and brother will lead to some ridiculous arguments. My mother and I started the morning off on a bad note, with just petty bickering. I left in the early afternoon a bit irritated and went to the gym, which I've been meaning to do more of. I worked out, just some cardio, and felt a lot better mentally after. I was a bit apprehensive about playing live today, as I was already in a bad mood, and didn't want to go hang out with a bunch of angry strangers for the rest of the day. I also knew I'd probably end up having some beers, and I was coming off a pretty roarin' hangover after throwin back the tail end of 8 margaritas for my buddy's birthday the night before. I then remembered, there was the high hand giveaway going on in ManchVegas tonight, which was something like $700 every two hours for the best 5-card hand, and made my way over.

It was pretty packed when I got there, and was quickly seated at the youngest NLH cash table I've ever played. The average age was about my age, hoodies and sunglasses galore, and everyone was sipping their club soda and limes. I looked around and there were 3-4 other tables full of old asian businessmen, latinos, and some gamblers I had run into previously. I decided to stick it out for a little, with the intention of changing tables pretty soon. I ordered some fancy IPA and started some banter with the nits at the table, which wasn't appreciated or reciprocated. I whiffed some flops after opening in EP and was quickly down $50 or so. I then showed a bluff with a missed diamond draw, and immediately felt the target on my back pop up. There was one player at the table that had a unique look I hadn't seen before. I can only describe it as Eazy-E Lesbian-chique. We are just gonna call her "Lesbo grinder." She was going on about mass tabling on ACR and how it was a "pretty baller" thing to do. She scoffed when I chimed in with, "Mass tabling $3 tournies is maybe the most baller thing I can think of." Not long after, I picked up 89 in the bb, in a 7 way limped pot and popped it up to $15. Lesbo grinder was the only one who called.

Flop: 856

I lead for $22, LG flats.

Turn 3 - Now, this is where I think I slipped a little. I then lead for $45. The previous hands I watched LG play were all drawing boards, where she raised every single drawing hand she had on flop. I expected her to float me on flop with any piece of it, and once she flatted, I figured LG wasn't drawing. Turn was rather inconsequential I think, but she then popped me up all in after hemming and hawing. Her buttoned polo at the neck blinding my consciousness. She gave me the lesbo stink eye while counting out the raise too to gauge my reaction, which I think I may have given off something. I had $80 behind or so and folded. She flipped over A4 expecting a roar from the crowd like Gladiator. Are you not entertained!!???

Waiting on my table change, I called a $10 on the button with 35 flopping bottom pair and it checking around, picking up an open ender on turn and calling a bet, and then raising a $6 river stab on a paired flush board up to $25. To which the guy talked himself into calling with K6o for like 4th pair. After this, I said my goodbyes and changed tables.

The only interesting thing from my next table was some "online grinder" who refused to talk to me and then just proceeded to tilt off his $300 stack. With about $100 left, he came over the top on an EP raise with 95 and showed the hand, telling the table, "I'm going all in every hand now." He also had to go to work in a little. Next hand I pick up QJ in the CO and open to $10, to which he overjams his $100. I yell, "SNAP CALL" and flip my hand to sweat it, and he only shows me a 5 and the board runs out with a J high flush for me. He flips his other card, a 2.

That table soon broke and I was transferred to my favorite table of the night, specifically because of Fred. Fred was an old presumably Eastern European regular who comes in looking to PLO, but ends up settling for the high-stakes of 1-2 when no one wants to play with him. I figured he was just a degenerate gambler, but it turns out he just falls asleep at the table too much. Fred decided on the steak tips, and ended up with rice all over himself. Fred got his steak tips and wasn't that happy, as he started shouting across the room, "MORE BUTTER." To which the waitress thought he was saying more water due to his thick accent. She kept bringing waters over as he chanted "MORE BUTTER." Eventually, Fred succumbed to his dry steak tips and a bout of drowsiness. He then began to nap on and off for the next hour and a half. Here's a pic of Fred.

Hope I did that right.

The rest of the night was pretty tame, and I just played a lot of medium sized pots that went in my favor.

3-bet the button from BB with QQ, two callers, flop comes JJ6. I check, crazy African moves all in for $75, who was just lighting money on fire the whole night, button folds, and I call. He shows 78 and MHIG.

Overall, I ended up +$725, with my stack peaking at $953.

Yeah, both the pictures are terrible quality, as I don't use a smart phone, and those were taken in a dark room on essentially a battery with a magnifying glass.

Also, I haven't written much about online lately. I haven't played a whole lot online actually. I've played two short sessions recently, one at 100NL, where I went down about a buyin over an hour, and then about a 10 buyin upswing at 25PLO. So currently, the bankrolls are as follows.

Live: $3196

Online: $2006.58 with a $2500 check still outstanding for other expenses, 1 $50 tournament ticket, and 1 $565 entry to the WSOP Colossus.

All the while I was out in Manch today, my mother rang me a few times wondering where I was, but I didn't answer. When I got home, she was asleep and I apologized for earlier and told her I loved her. One thing I've heard many times is never go to bed angry with a loved one. Life is just too short to go to bed angry over a petty fight. I mean, if they physically stab you in the back, or get you audited, then by all means, don't say anything to them. Otherwise, I think it's best to just put aside whatever petty animosity you still feel, and to end the day on a good note.

This week I'm going to start back up studying for the Bar exam, and will be playing online a lot more. I had some good PLO hands I tried to save but unfortunately the FullFlush client doesn't allow me to retrieve the hands. One big problem is my client disconnects pretty frequently, so any opened hands I have in the replayer are then sent into the abyss. I'll start trying to take better notes, as I much prefer PLO.

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Short online session today. Tried to copy the hand history script, but wouldn't let me. So just saved the replayer of each hand. Every hand seems pretty standard, but it was a short session at 50NL FR.

Hero: QT

MP limps, Hero raises to 1.75.

MP calls. (Pot 4.25)

Flop: 82A

MP check, Hero bets 2.63, MP calls (Pot 9.04)

Turn: 5

MP check, Hero check

River: T

MP bets 4.50, Hero calls 4.50

MP shows QJ

Hero wins 17.59 with one pair, tens.

Next hand:

Hero on Button with 9T

MP limps, Hero raises button to 1.75, MP calls

Flop: 582

MP checks, Hero bets 2.13, MP calls 2.13

Turn: T

MP checks, Hero checks

River: 8d

MP checks, Hero bets 11.00, MP folds

Third hand

Hero in CO with TT

Nicky limps UTG+1, MP limps, Hero in CO raises to 2.50, SB calls 2.50, UTG +1 calls, MP folds. (Pot 8.75).

Flop: TJ4

SB checks, Nicky checks, Hero bets 5.38, SB folds, Nick raises to 14.63, Hero calls. (Pot 36.11).

Nicky bets 83.85 and is all in, Hero calls (with 83.12 behind).

Nicky shows TJ, Hero wins pot with set of tens for $201.25.

Profit: $129.78.

Online roll: $2136.39

Live: $3196

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Played a 4 hour session in Manchester tonight. Went pretty well.

Earlier in the day, I went to the gym, which was good for clearing the head. Then was able to stop by Poopy Hands Bottom's (PHB) place to watch some of Jackie Brown. I felt a bit bad leaving PHB after I realized there wasn't much to do for the night, as I didn't really feel like sitting watching tv the rest of the night.

Went to Manch and was seated at a pretty good game right away. I wouldn't say there's really any spectacular hands played over the course of the night. Almost immediately upon sitting down, I was dealt pocket kings and flopped a set on an AK3 board, ginger-jew fro lead for 20, CO called, I called on button. Turn was a Q. GJF checks, CO bets 50, and I popped it up to 120, GJF folds, and it puts CO all in. He calls. River is a Q and I turn it over. MHIG.

The only interesting hand I can think of is opening UTG +1 with 67 to 8. Call, then CO pops it to 19, button flats, I call, and MP calls. Pot about 80.

Flop: J36
I check, MP checks, CO leads 20, button flats, I call, MP calls. Pot 160ish.

Turn: 4.

I check, MP bets 130 and is all in, CO folds, and button tank folds. I didn't have any reads on the guy, other than he seemed pretty fun-ish; drinking a bud light, and a generally goofy aura to him. I shrug call and river is a 5. I flip my hand, and CO flips over 56o for a rivered two pair. Pot 420ish. MHIG.

Not sure if I should be x/raising flop there? Would be interested to hear thoughts on that.

Tilty milf was at the table, just berating players the entire time while she sat with her $50 stack. Really an unpleasant woman who keeps telling me, "honey, I know poker." She also kept going on about how she was 4 days clean from smoking and how this was a huge. She reminded everyone at the table about this every 5 minutes or so, and showed us her cigarette app that showed how much money she was saving. She also proceeded to tell any person who came back in after smoking a cigarette that they smelled disgusting. "But no offense, not you, the cigarette." Just a terrible person. Physician, heal thyself.

Fred also made an appearance and was found sleeping at the PLO8 table. Full body addidas track suit old guy was there too and he gave me the friendly shoulder tap, which makes me think I'm possibly in their good graces and might start being recognized as a regular. Fred doesn't really know what anyone is saying, but just gives a hearty grunt, which I think is a sign of endearment.

There was an awkward moment where apparently someone at the other table was being a bit of a scumbag to the waitress, and she overheard him say she had herpes and was dumb. Not really sure where the herpes came from, but it had my attention. The waitress then proceeded to go on one of those uncomfortable rants, that starts off fine, but quickly escalates into a narrative that just makes you realize she is really crazy. Pulling out irrelevant details about herself to try and negate those previous comments, pacing the entire room screaming "I'M NOT DUMB, I'M ACTUALLY VERY SMART," "FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I GOT AN STD TEST LAST MONTH AND AM CLEAN." It was definitely the type of angry that everyone's mother has gotten at one point, which just is the epitome of a derailed train, where irrational thought overcomes the ability to speak properly. A lot of head shaking. The guy was obviously in the wrong and a huge douchebag, so I think just a nice **** you and maybe tossing his drink would have been good. Anyways, I'm no expert on that stuff.

A new guy comes to the table, who is a regular, and tilty milf has told me how she doesn't like the way he plays because he is very aggressive and raises a lot of hands. Limps around to me on the button where I look at A9 and pop it up to 15. I get 3 callers, one being the new guy. Flop comes Q97, checks around to me, and i check. turn is the 8, checks around to me again and i lead for 25. River is a 5. New guy leads 35, and I call. He tables 22, and my pair of nines is good.

Overall, +$494 on the night.

Live Roll: $3690 + $565 Colossus buy-in

Online roll: $2170.62 w/ $50+5 tournament ticket.

It has been pretty ****ty out lately, and PHB wants to do a hike tomorrow, so I'm hoping it's nice enough for that. Last hike I went on was during a snow storm, on accident, and I ended up slipping on ice and going to Urgent Care 3 weeks later with a possibly fractured scapula. Everything was alright though. So, I'm a bit apprehensive.

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Played a 5 hour session at Manchester tonight. Felt good mentally going in, as I went to the gym before. Going to the gym before always clears my head and allows me to stay calm and relaxed at the table.

I will post the few hands tomorrow. Just wanted to check in. It was one of those sessions that was very break-even up until the last 30 minutes before close and we were four-handed. It was a lot of folding. The last thirty minutes made up for it, so sometimes all you need is the one hand to make your night.

I changed tables after an hour or so, as my first table had a couple there who were limping everything, and essentially there on a date. Two wasted seats. Never called a single raise, never played a pot bigger than $10, and complained every time someone raised it. Then there were two more dead seats with two old guys watching baseball instead of playing.

At my table change, I sat next to a kid from Dartmouth. Said he is on 2+2, so hope he reads this. Was fun playing with you tonight. He essentially made his entire profit for the night off this one guy learning poker and ended up busting him. The table definitely died down quite a bit after that guy left, which was a shame.

I can't help but feel the impending variance coming on, as I am running rather well as of late.

Big thanks to the Dutch PLO Terror "Hondinpot" for going over some hands with me earlier today. Really respect him as a player and a person, so it is great getting some insight from him. Also, shout-out to Whammy, hope you are reading this.

On a life note, when I was driving home from PHB's house on Sinkhole De Mayo, I turned on my brights to see the terrified eyes of a turkey briefly, before I ended the bloodline. Luckily, no damage to the car, and turkey feathers for 30-40 feet on the road. I guess I'm lucky I've only ever run into smaller animals, as I know others who have hit moose and deer, totaling their cars. I did accidentally kill an entire family of raccoons going over a hill once, which traumatized me for quite a while. But, I digress.

Overall, ended the night +$505.

Live roll: $4195 + $565 Colossus entry

Online roll: $2202.02 + $50+5 tournament entry and a freeroll for a Colossus package on Sunday. (Is only 200 players, and most don't know their registered, so it plays like a 50 person tourney or so).

Looking forward to taking tomorrow and Sunday off to spend some time hopefully with my brother and mother. Will lay off the beers for the next few days as well.

Will post some hands tomorrow.

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Lin Baba
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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Nice thread, what buy ins are u playing online and how much vol online? Is Boris your actual name.. Makes me think of goldeneye
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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Originally Posted by Lin Baba View Post
Nice thread, what buy ins are u playing online and how much vol online? Is Boris your actual name.. Makes me think of goldeneye

Hey Lin, thanks for the good words. Currently, online, I'm mostly playing 25-50 PLO, and 50-100NL. Since I've started this thread, my online time has been minimal, nothing more than 200 hands a day I'd say. The reason my online volume has been low as of late is that since I'm about to start another grind for the NY Bar exam, I won't be able to play live much, so I'm trying to play as much live as I can currently. From April-September 2015, I put in minimum 1k hands a day between two sites, for about 200k hands ranging from 25PLO-100PLO and 25NL-100NL (few rough shots at 200NL) online.

My actual name isn't Boris, but I chose the name as a mixture of Doug the Head and Boris the Blade from the movie Snatch. Great movie.

A few hands from yesterday. As mentioned above, about my 1st table, it was essentially just a dead table, with the couple who were on a date, and the two guys strictly there for baseball. I was essentially the only aggression. I don't think anyone else raised a hand, except for one kid with beats on, sipping a gin and tonic, who reraised my $15 sb squeeze with QJ to $75. Let that one go in a heartbeat.

I did get into one pot with a guy to my direct right who seemed to be the most competent of the players at the table (not saying much though). I popped it up in the BB with QJ to $15 on a limped table. Folds around to SB who calls. Flop comes Q58

SB checks, I bet $22. SB calls. Pot $80ish.

Turn is 5x. I watched this guy reraise TPWK on a pretty dry flop in a previous hand. He checked, and I decided to barrel turn for $55. He shrug calls. I still am pretty new (relatively) with live play, but this definitely was a shrug call, and not the "I have the absolute nuts shrug call," just a man who truly did seem to wear his thoughts on his sleeve. I think my turn sizing here is too big possibly, as he only had $75 behind. Or I think a check probably would have been alright. Interested to hear thoughts.

Pot: $190ish.

River: 9 and he insta-ships his remaining $75. Flush draw came in, and it did smell of a little desperation. I tanked for a bit, realizing I'm calling $75 to win $340ish and call. He looks at me and says, "You have Kings huh?" He flips Q7 and MHIG. He looks at me and goes, "No idea how you called there," and insta-leaves. Kid across from me who has been "calling my hands" at the end of each hand goes, "I put you on nines there." He then proceeded to call out random pocket pairs after every hand I took down pre.

I think my turn barrel is fine because of the hands people are generally calling with at 1-2, but fear I may be value owning myself at points.

Not long after this, I changed tables where I sat next to EK from Dartmouth. As I also mentioned above, he took this one guy learning poker to the cleaners. I didn't have much hand-wise in this span, and did get into one hand with the new guy, which I don't think I should have gotten so deep into the first place. Popped 44 on the button up to $8, two callers, one being New Guy (NG). Flop comes K73, NG leads for $15, I call. Turn is 7. NG checks, I bet $25, NG calls. NG had frequently been donking out random amounts on the flop, with absolute air, thinking he was just taking the pot down there, and eventually giving up on turn. I think I was a tad too ambitious here. Pot $96. River is 2x, and he leads for 30, which I shrug call. He flips 1010, and scoops it. EK stacked him with two pair not long after with J7 on a J79cc flop. River was a 2s and NG flips his hand exclaiming 'flush!" To which, the dealers had realized how bad this guy was, and just stopped explaining hands to him and pushed the pot silently to EK.

NG left, and the other fun players at the table. We were then 4-handed. One thing I am kicking myself for a bit, is I called a string bet on one of the remaining four guys, will refer to him as Mac, to which he replied, "Damnit, I need to stop doing that, that's the second time this week." What I'm kicking myself for is not actively immediately pouncing on that information, as him and I played a hand I certainly lost some value from. I guess I gave the guy too much credit. I look down at QQ in BB, after he is sole limper, and pop it up to $8. He essentially min clicks his limp up to $19. I think my biggest mistake here was not 4-betting my Queens here. Flop comes KTx, I check call 25. Turn is x, I check, he checks, and river is J - I check, he checks and he tables QTo.

Shortly after, I look down at QQ again in BB. Mac limps, EK pops it up to $8 on button, I 3-bet to $25 (sizing?), Mac begrudgingly calls, EK folds. Flop comes T64 rainbow. I lead $35, Mac flats, Pot $128. Turn 3x, I barrel $75, thinking surely he is going the distance with his AT, KT, QT here after my information from him and his string-bet. He quickly calls $75, which was a bit startling. Pot $275. River is Qx, gin. I tank for a second, and rip $215 all in, putting him all in (I have him covered by about $50). He thinks for a second, and calls. MHIG.

One of those sessions where just one hand made the session. About to hit Chipotle, then the library for a light Bar study. Been watching a lot of GM Simon Williams (Chess), as I'm still trying to improve and get back to 1900ish (currently 1750). If any of you are keen on chess, here's a pretty fantastic game that Simon commented on lately, where white sacs queen pretty earlier after Fried Liver, and king marches across the board. Some twists and turns. Probably the craziest game of chess I've seen.

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

2nd in the $750 GTD tonight for $199.20. Got TT in v AKss all in pre for about 30 biebers. He hit a K on the flop and I bricked the rest of the board.

Bricked the 2k and then didn't play that great at 50NL. Still up +$138 (not counting RB) for the day because I had a decent 25PLO session earlier that countered my bad NL play.

Current online roll: $2308 + 1 $50 +5 tourney ticket

Live: $4195 + $565 Colossus entry


Ps. I can add some stories like the above one from Thailand if people are interested

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Played a 4 hour session in Manch-Vegas tonight. Lately, been feeling a bit anxious about playing live, I think mostly to the types of people I'm tired of interacting with there. I went to the gym before, so felt mentally pretty okay and made my trip over.

Tonight didn't feel like too much of a win exactly, although I did end up +$188. I was +$500 or so for a while, but then just got old lady owned for a string of 15-20 hands or so. Nothing big, just a constant chipping down. I ****ing hate old ladies. For some reason, they always seem to get the better of me. The one good thing about them, is they play their hand so face up, but it's just so infuriating at points. This one old lady limped literally every hand, even monsters. Anytime I raised, she would jab the guy next to her and go, "Guess he mixed the purple ($1 chips) up with the reds ($5)." "There he goes again, colorblind!" Lady, I hate you. Ex. I pop it up on the button with 99 to $20 in a straddled pot (straddle for $4). Folds except old lady Rivers, she checks blind in the dark, flop comes KK2, I lead for $25. Old lady Rivers rips $400 in, then turns over K3o. Another hand, not in this one, flop comes 965ss in a 5 way limped pot ($10 pot). Turn comes a third spade. Old lady rivers leads $110 into the $10 pot. Turns over nut flush. I hate you old lady Rivers. Now your back's gonna hurt, cause you just pulled landscaping duty.

There is this one regular, who is a bit of a wildcard, competent enough, but still a bit of a gambler. Will call him Crazy Carl. Will see any priced flop, with almost any two. Here's a hand I'm not sure about.

Hero is on button with 99, 5 limpers, Hero pops it up to $17, SB moves in for $24, Crazy Carl calls the $24, I call remaining $7. Pot $75ish.

Flop: T85

Crazy Carl shoves $150. Hero? This doesn't seem like a fist pump, high five your neighbor, but still feels like a possible call. Confused on it.

I tank folded here. Crazy Carl shows T8 and scoops pot. One note about Crazy Carl, he kept over-jamming two pair on turn. CC's signature move it seemed. I think Carl has pegged me as somewhat competent, and generally tries to avoid pots. We did get in one interesting pot though.

Hero on button with J9, raises to $15, 5 callers, Crazy Carl included in BB - (Pot: $75ish)

Flop: T62

CC checks, checks, Hero leads for $55, CC flats, rest fold.

Pot: $185

Turn: 7

CC checks, Hero checks (I think I might be best off double barreling here, thoughts?)

River: 4

CC leads $20, something I've seen him do a few times to steal. Also, CC did not pull his signature x/jam on flop. Pot is $200. Hero has about $450 behind, CC about $300. Hero?

Hero raises to $110, CC insta-mucks.

Final hand for the night. There were two working class guys who sat down looking to gamble. Both of them started stacking off with TPWK, and had rebought 2-3 times each already. Hero is in MP with 53 and raises to $8, 5 callers, including aggro man on button. Pot $40ish.

Flop: K56

Checks, Hero check, aggro man lead for $20. Here, seems pretty standard he is ready to stack off with a crappy king. He has been raising hands like QJ, KJ, etc...

Hero calls $20. Folds. Pot $80.

Turn is 3. Hero checks, aggro man jams $135, Hero calls.

River: 5

Aggro man shows K4o, Hero drags pot.

If I think of any more hands, will post them tomorrow.

Had an interesting guy sitting next to me the entire night. Will refer to him as Tall Tale. Tall Tale started out the conversation by telling me he walked out of Foxwoods 1-2 the other week with $15k. Tall Tale also refuses to 3-bet AK. Tall Tale seemed like he was on the tail end of a long bout with alcohol abuse, as at first I thought he was really drunk, but then realized he had just been worn down from some rough drinking years. I won't name his profession (in case someone reads this that might know him), but it was something you just couldn't believe. I'd put like a 35% chance he worked at Dr. Scholl's and was senile. A strong 35% chance though. Tall Tale was drinking a blueberry beer the whole night which made me also not trust him.

Also, kind of a cute new chubby Indian waitress working. I imagine however, that protocol at cardrooms/casinos is not to ask for numbers, etc.. If someone could fill me in on that etiquette, that would be good.

Anyways, $+188 on the day.

Current live roll: $4384 + $565 Colossus Entry

Online roll: $2134 + $50+5 tourney ticket (had a bit of a rough day the other day, nothing too exciting, just punted a bit and got QQ in twice pre at 50NL. An observation I have. I was watching WGC's stream where he basically was saying you are always ripping in QQ pre, but he was also playing 2k NL at the time. And obviously also plays the highest stakes. At 50NL however, it doesn't really seem like anyone with 75bbs+ is really stacking off with anything but KK, AA. AK is at the minimum too.

Tomorrow Poopy Hands Bottom (PHB) and I are going for a run and hitting The Big Bean, possibly my favorite breakfast place in New Hampshire. Should be a good day. Looking forward to recharging tomorrow and hopefully going strong on Friday.

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Don't feel like I have too much to update, even though I played a 4 hour session in Manch last night. It was pretty rough. Just absolutely dead. I called ahead to make sure there were some games running since it was Monday night, and was told there was a 1-2 and 2-4 game going, and interest for a second. This seemed like a standard night. I went to the gym before, and have been doing about 2.5 miles a day, a bit short of my goal, but feeling better all around. Still dreading the re-study for the Bar.

Anyways, I showed up to Manch and there was only 1-2 game going, which I was promptly seated at. It was a younger crowd, and was just a nit fest. There was one guy in his mid twenties who we will call "Mr. Poker." Mr Poker decided to educate the table on 3-betting and blockers. It was actually infuriating considering anytime any hand would go to showdown, before the cards were flipped, he would point at the persons in the hand and call out their hand. Except he was really ****ing far off every time. "I know you don't have the flush, who's got the straight? I put you on a straight."

I only played one hand that he was in and I limped 55 in the sb to a fully limped table, flop comes 5Q9hh, I check, Mr Poker leads for $8, two people flat, and I pop it up to $32. Everyone folds. Mr Poker looks at me and says, "tell me your hand so I can help you figure out whether or not you could have gotten more value there."

For the next 4 hours, the table proceeded to be on the verge of breaking, often playing 4 handed. EK showed up, another young regular who is somewhat competent was at the table, Fred was there and EK's asian buddy. Fred slept the entire time, and held up the game as usual. EK knows what he is doing, so the only real person I was hoping to target was EK's asian friend. The only problem is EK's buddy bought in for $100 and spent most of the game in the $60-$80 range, so there wasn't a whole lot of money on the table.

One of the dealers who is a nice guy came and sat down with $100 or so. I opened UTG w/ 44 to $8, 2 callers, young reg and dealer. Flop is 422. I check, YR checks, dealer bets $8, I call $8, YR pops it up to $24, dealer calls, I call. Pot $96ish. Turn is a 9. I check, YR checks, dealer bets $35, with 20ish behind, I clicked it back to $70, YR folds, and dealer calls. River is an A. Dealer shows 53 and MHIG.

I spent the rest of the time absurdly card dead and ended the night $+7 for a killer hourly of $1.75/h. I guess any night that is in the + is an alright night. Going back tonight, and considering playing one of the tournaments for a change.

Current Live: $4391 + $565 Colossus Entry
Online: $2162

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Good day for an update, as I have 3 sessions to report on. Slacked off a little posting-wise, and the first two sessions were pretty sub-par.

First session (3 days ago): $-186.
This sessions was essentially very similar to the unwanted beat-off. You don't want to start, don't want to continue, but finish for the sake of not being a quitter. I will say, this session was less painful than my $+7 profit last night, even though I ended the session down -$186.

I arrived in Manch a bit after 8pm and was seated at an absolutely great table. My only complaint is that I spent the majority of the time folding, and wasn't able to get in on a bit of the action. We had quite a crew of people at the table; Fist pump guy (literally gave you a fist pump anytime you made him smile, or even beat him in a pot), old cranky Eastern European reg, Fred, Dirty Harry (EK's asian buddy), the biggest calling station I've ever seen - will call him Top Pair Tom (TPT), and Mother Russia (this chunky Russian dude who is absolutely terrifying and is always talking softly on the phone and leaving abruptly to lend people money).

I spent most of the night just watching TPT station his way to a $1k stack, then slowly dust it off to everyone but me. I played one pretty interesting hand with TPT, Mother Russia, and Dirty Harry.

Hero on button with JJ, Mother Russia in sb, TPT in EP, and Dirty Harry in CO.

TPT opens to $8, Dirty Harry flats, I pop it up to $36 on button, Mother Russia flats, TPT flats, Dirty Harry comes over the top and shoves for $60 more. Dirty Harry is all in.

I flat, Mother Russia flats, TPT flats: Pot - $385ish.

To preface, Dirty Harry is EK's chinese buddy and is very well off, likes to gamble, and was taking advice from TPT earlier who was telling him, "You know how many hands you can make a full house with? All of them! That's why I play the cards I do!"

Flop: 8 6 3

Mother Russia checks, TPT checks, I check.

Turn: 8

Mother Russia checks, TPT checks, I bet $55, MR calls, TPT calls

Side pot: $165

River: T

MR checks, TPT checks, I check.

Dirty Harry turns over JT for flopped flush, TPT and MR muck their hands and I scoop side pot.

I think my turn sizing was pretty bad, as TPT and MR were calling with any spade draw they had. I don't know why I bet $55, and I think it was pretty atrocious of me and I lost some value in MR and TPT chasing the 4th spade. I also think I should have probably come over the top on Dirty Harry. Would like to hear some thoughts here. Overall, I'd give myself a D+ on that hand.

Second session (two nights ago): +$20

This was a pretty brutal session, as I felt like a whipping boy for the first hour where I went down $300 pretty fast. I was essentially one-chipped, where I flopped a set of nines on a Q98hh board against this regular who prides himself on playing any two. I had popped it up pre to $20 or so over some limpers, and he was the lone caller. I led flop for $35, flats, turn is 3x, and I actually just decided to jam my remaining $150, to which he called. River 6x, and he shows T7o for rivered straight.

I was able to reclaim my money and a little after playing a few hands with a guy who looked and acted like Zvi Stern at last years Main Event final. Just a big douche who was very slow. I x/called a set of nines down in a 3-bet pot on a 982sss, 5x, Tx board, to let Zvi hang himself. I also 3-bet him with KK, flop came JT3, 3/4 pot on flop, he calls, 3 turn, I check, he 3/4 pots, I call, river is 2x, I check, he pots and I call and MHIG.

Once Zvi left, the table played 4-handed for a good amount of the night, and I just picked up and left early.

Tonight: +$396

I met up with my buddy Vroommmm, as he told me he was in Hampton playing a 1pm tourney. So, I hit the gym to run, then met him for a burrito after he busted the first tournament, and we decided to just have a casual day and drink some beers and chat and catch up in the $70 5pm tournament. Just an atrocious value tournament, with 1st paying $800 or so. One thing that is pretty ****ty about New Hampshire poker, is that the cardrooms by law give x amount (I think half) of prizepools to a charity. The tournament was pretty boring and I busted with two tables left. Was drinking some Goose Island though, which made the tournament bearable.

Vroommmm was still in the tourney, and ended up chopping 5-handed for $300 each. Like I said, just brutal value on the tournament. But I went there just to catch up and drink some beers. Or so I thought. I decided to play some cash after I busted and waited for Vroommmm. My first table was pretty atrocious and probably had $400 sitting on the table between everyone else at the table. Then one young-ish reg sat down and we played one hand before I asked for a table change.

I open UTG with AKo to $11, young reg flats on button. Pot $25.

Flop: J62 rainbow, I lead for $16, he flats. Pot $57. Turn is 7 of spades, bringing two spades.

I check, he bets $20. Felt like just a stab, I call. Pot $97.

2x on river, spades miss. I check, young reg bets $45. I call and we chop, both with AK. He freerolled turn with AKss.

I change tables and it is just the nittiest, oldest, senior citizen table I could imagine. I raised any marginal hand, which irritated the old lady next to me. She looked at me and said, "You raise too much, you should just bet big on the flop when you have a hand, so everyone can at least see the flop." No thanks lady.

Finally, one of the other tables broke, and was merged with ours, bringing a few asian guys, some chick who was doped up and 100% a junkie, sleeve slid down and were definitely track marks, and a few others.

EP raises to $8, every single person at the table comes along. I look down in the bb with QT and call. 9 people at the table.

Pot $72

Flop: QT8

I check, EP raiser, who has been limping hands like AJ, AQ, and JJ, leads for $15, wild asian kid who I've played with in Manch pops it up to $45, both of them have $55ish behind, folds around to me and I pop it up to $110, putting both all in. Call, call. Pot $375ish. We sweat it, and asian kid shows T8o, and clueless dude shows KJ for open-ender. J comes on the turn for a little sweat, and 6 on the river. MHIG.

Here is the other big hand I played. Hondi, I'm sure you have some stuff to say about this. EK, would be interested as well.

Hero UTG with KQ raises to $8. 5 callers; complaining old lady, some dude who was just the definition of a Melvin, junkie chick, young professional, and deep-ish stacked asian. Pot $40ish.

Flop: 328

I check, Junkie chick donks out $15, young professional flats, asian flats, I pop it up to $75, complaining lady shrug calls with her remaining $50, junkie chick calls her remaining $60, young professional comes over the top for $90 more, asian folds. I call.

Took me a second to think it through, but calling $90 to win $510ish (math?) and I have to.

Turn is T, River J

Young professional shows 22
Junkie shows 98 and spent the entire hand calling out for another 8, thinking she was winning if she hit.

Old lady shows TT for a turned set.

I table my hand, and junkie looks at me in disgust, as if she were winning the pot but for my hand. Oblivious that she was beat by both YP, and OL.

I ran it in an equity calculator and I have about 27% there, with set of deuces at 67%. It is definitely unfortunate I woke up against a set there. Against junkie, old lady, and aggro asian, I think x/raising is the right play there, just unfortunate the set was there though. Interested to hear thoughts on this hand.

Current Live Roll: $4621 + 1 Colossus Entry for $565

Online Roll: $2345

Thinking of going to Manch tomorrow with Vroommmm to play some cash. Poopy Hands Bottom's birthday is on Tuesday, so looking forward to celebrating for that. I'll definitely be increasing online volume coming up. Essentially, I've just been playing 30 minute sessions for the last month due to the fact I'm either not in the mood to play before live, or worn out after coming home from playing live. With new bar study, a good chunk of my poker will probably be 100NL HU, due to the lack of action running latenight on FF lately.

Anyways, if anyone wants any random stories from Asia, life, etc... just let me know and I'd be happy to post one.


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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Another night in the books. Vroommmm and I hit up Manch-Vegas to play some cash tonight. He had been working a lot and I had been studying for the Bar a lot over the last few months so we didn't hang out at all, so it is good to be back hanging with him. Drunk Step Dad and Poopy Hands definitely get tired of me talking about poker from time to time, so it's great to have someone who enjoys poker as much as I do to talk about things with.

I thought Sunday would be packed, but it seems everyone is gearing up for the high hand giveaway next Sunday, which should bring a lot of people punting money. Vrooommmm and I were seated at the same table, which was actually just a really great table to be seated at. There was a bit of money being thrown around in the beginning. I opened 88 UTG to $8, 4 callers, flop 865 rainbow, I lead for 22, one caller, sb. Turn 5. He checks, I check. River is a 4. Sb bets $60, I raise to $145, sb folds.

Vroommmm and I talked about ideally not playing big hands against each other, but it always seems to happen. The table became 6 handed, and of course him and I ended up in a hand. 3 limps to me in the sb with KTo, I limp in as well. I think it is probably a good spot to squeeze with KT, but failed to do so.

Flop comes KT4ss

Checks around, Turn Qx, I check, Vroommmm bets $8, random Army gear old timer flats, I pop it up to $33, Vroommmm and Army gear old timer call. Turn is Jx. I check, Vroommmm shoves remaining $45 (was shortstacked for a bit), I tank call. He shows A8ss. Although it wasn't the biggest of pots, I think a call isn't terrible here. The only hands Vroommmm really has here that beat me are Ax spade hands. I'm basically just bluff-catching here. Then again, I'm still a boner with NLH so interested to hear thoughts on that.

Tables consolidated, which turned out to be great, since Vroommmm and I were considering leaving to get food.

My first hand at the table I look down in bb with AQo and see an UTG open to $6 followed by an entire table flat call. I pop it up to $39, and get two callers. Fred, the BSG. Big Sleeping Giant. The second is this other guy I've played with once before who is a station. Flop comes J83. I decided not to c-bet as I looked at the station and he only had $40 behind. Fred had about $250 behind at this point. Checks through. Turn is a 2. I check, station checks, Fred checks. River is a 3. I check, station checks, Fred bets $50. I call, and station folds. MHIG and Fred mucks.

Not long after, I wake up in sb with two red Aces. UTG opens to $13, 5 callers, Button pops up to $55, I am sitting with roughly $295 and pop it up to $165, hoping to induce. SB who is shortstack calls all in for his last $50, and button tanks. I felt a bit odd with my stack size just jamming. Button is getting a pretty good price to come along. Button open folds two black queens. Flop comes Qxx, turn Q, river x. MHIG against KK from shortstack.

Random old dude at the table telling us how he is taking a trip to the Philippines and how he goes every summer. Divorced, white and in his seventies. I wonder what he is doing. It kind of bothered me how he talked about going thinking that we all just thought here was this wholesome man just taking a nice, innocent vacation to the Philippines. At least when I hook, I embrace it and own it.

There was one kid at the table, who the game was really revolving around. Had absolutely no idea how to play poker, and was in a ton of Texans gear. Not sure there is a correlation, but I like to draw correlations. He had no idea how to stack chips, and essentially formed a mini Stonehenge of dirty stacks around him. He asked how much to call every hand, and just was absolutely oblivious. Unfortunately, Vroommmm took a pretty rough beat against him. Vroommmm opened to 13 UTG with KK, K of spades. Texan kid calls. Flop is J87ss. Vroom leads 3/4 pot, kid flats. Turn is 6s and Vroommmm moves all in, with the kid having about $100+ left behind, and the kid calls with A2o, but the Ace of spades. River a fourth spade.

Ended the session +$373, which felt pretty good. Slowly building.

Random story:

When i was living in Beijing when I was about 19, 3 buddies and I decided to take a trip in February up to Harbin China. Essentially, this place is Siberia. Russian founded city, with Russian cathedrals, large Russian presence (mafia included), and good Russian food. It really is an arctic tundra. Beautiful city, and one great thing about Chinese girls of the North, the stereotype is since it is colder, they eat more hearty food, so have bigger titties. This rings very true. Side note: They speak the purest Mandarin, or so it is said. So the Mandarin is really clear and easy to understand, completely different from the heavily accented Beijing accent.

So we are up in Harbin for the annual Ice Festival in February. Absolutely stunning. An amusement park of sorts built out of ice, complete with a KFC inside for people like me. It is also the coldest ****ing temperature I've ever experienced. Roughly -15 degrees Fahrenheit, so -24 degrees Celsius or so. Just wearing 6 pairs of socks, snowpants, bomber hats. Anyways, I digress.

We spent way too much of our time drinking at the Russian clubs and watching clearly trafficked Russian women strip on stage. It's actually pretty goddamn scary at some of these clubs. We went to one club the week after a police officer had been stabbed by some Russians there. It is mostly stone-faced Russians and Eastern Europeans quietly sitting with a prosty on each arm quietly smoking hookah and sipping vodka. I can attest to the fact they aren't fans of throwing imaginary dice on the dancefloor and trying to bootydrop. That also is a tangent.

I woke up one morning and checked my computer to read about the Tiger park. I don't really care for zoos much, but we really were looking for some type of picture to show to people to make it look like we did something other than just get lashed every night and drunkenly solicit Russian hookers. We take a taxi to the tiger park out in the absolute arctic tundra. I think we crossed a river, and it was just so absolutely desolate. We were so far out, it was where the Chinese army runs drills. If we went missing, no one would be any wiser. As we are pulling up to the Tiger park, our taxi driver stops, and we sit in silence as 500 soldiers march in front of the car and cross the road for their daily routine.

We arrive and head up to the ticket booth, where next to it, we see a sign with animals on it and prices. We pay for our tickets, then the woman asks us if we want an animal. Naively, I inquire "what for?" "To feed the tigers." Now, this wasn't just like a list of animals no one would bat an eyelash at. The list has chickens, lambs, cows, you name it. We pool our money and purchase a baby lamb for about $30. This place is also either the largest or second largest tiger park in the world, and a breeding ground for Ligers, so it is absolutely huge. It is also very Chinese, which means at these types of parks, there are a lot of "accidents," where workers will be feeding tigers and be dragged out of their car in front of spectators. I think that's what most excites people, the car crash and not the race.

We hop into a large bus, modeled after African safari vehicles and watch as a few families of Europeans board. Young children, parents, old women. These children were about to learn about humanity and grow up real fast.

The bus started up and we pull up to a large gate, almost identical to the Jurassic park gate, and it slowly opens, revealing a never ending tundra of ice. We start the tour. Now, the tour is nothing exciting, just a bunch of overweight tigers who live a pretty damn good life sleeping. We started to get impatient, when finally we pull out into the middle of one large cage. Our stoic bus driver yells over the walkie-talkie in Chinese, "WE HAVE ARRIVED." At this point, I'm still wondering where our $30 went for this lamb. We hear a creaking sound and look to the end of the large open fence area, where we see a dump truck drive in. This alerts the 40 or so tigers that were napping and they immediately start trailing this dump truck. The dump truck parks about 20 feet away from us, and slowly begins to unload. Out comes Lambchop, our little lamb. He falls out of the bed of the truck, back to the 40 tigers, and slowly turns around to 40 tigers pouncing on him and tearing him limb from limb. The children and parents begin to scream and one woman shouts in English, "It was the Americans!" Children are inconsolable, crying, screaming, crying, screaming, as this poor little lamb is made a meal of.

There isn't really much more to it than that. I know some of you are thinking this is the behavior of psychopaths and young serial killers, but it was really just a when in Rome moment.

We finished off the tour by purchasing chickens for $10 and having a stub fingered Chinese ayi tie them to a large wooden pole. To which we stuck the pole inside the fence, and a tiger would jump up 10 feet or so and snatch the chicken. The chickens were alive. But they are chickens. I'm sure someone will have a field day with this.

Anyways, I was in my late teens and had a blatant disregard for others. I do feel bad about it, and probably would never do it again, but I did it and loved it at the time.

Current live roll: $4994 + 1 Colossus Entry at $565

Current online roll: $2345


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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

I am a Poker player who has a Chess past. I am a Life Master. I also have been trying to keep up my Chess.

A Youtube Chess Channel I really enjoy is

Daniel Kings videos are very well done and around 15 minutes.
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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Good to see a local making a blog. Good to see that your sticking to it. Sry to hear that you have failed you law bar. I have a few friends that have taken them and those aren't easy and I Remember all the hrs they spent studying and stress. Just keep up the hard work man. Work your butt off and dont give up you will get their and pass it. The rake isn't half its 12 percent and the charity takes I believe is 30percent of the 12 percent. I use to grind all the rooms Rockingham, Seabrook, Milford and Hampton falls. They are really good room. If your looking for volume and good choice of tables your best bet are Rockingham and Hampton falls. The Rockingham park room kind sucks but they have the most fish and best table selection around hands down. A few your hands do seem a lil loss and some of them are not betting big enuff and losing alot of value. Good luck in the future sessions.

I totally agree with you never go to bed angry or in a argument with any love one or even friends cuz you never know what can happen. Keep up the good work and always keep studying you can always learn new things.
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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Hey Paul:

Thanks for the link. I definitely am looking for some good chess material so will be watching some of those videos. Right now I really like Simon Williams, and my guilty pleasure is Eric Hanson Chessbrahs haha.

Plzbelieveit: Glad to hear someone local is reading this! Hope I see you out there, if so, beer on me! Really appreciate the encouragement. I live pretty close to the Epping McDonalds off of 101, so I'm right in between Hampton and Manchester. My only problem with Hampton is that I'd say half of the dealers are any good. The ones that are good are really good, but there are some older people who deal there that are just very slow. Overall, I'd have to give the edge to Manchester dealers. Although, shoutout to the Hampton dealer I was talking to the other day (you were great).

So tonight brings it to about 1 month since I started this thread and since I got my results. Honestly, it was an absolutely great night. I one-tabled and shipped the 5k High Roller for +$2,000. I went from 3rd in chips at the start of the final table, to down to 3/4 of a big blind with 9 left. Played a bit lengthy 4-handed, and then a nice little HU match against another reg.

I have no idea why when I try to post a picture here, it only lets me post a link and not upload from my computer. I would like to start posting more pictures but it just asks for a link.

Anyways, let's have a quick recap of the past month.

Starting live roll: $2449 + 1 Colossus Entry ($565) --> Ending roll: $4994 + 1 Colossus Entry ($565) --> Live profit: +$2545

Starting online roll: $1874.62 --> Ending roll: $4118 --> Online profit: +$2243.39

Total profit from April 24-May 24: +$4788.39

Still trying to figure out how to post these pictures

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Figured it out I think. That was hard for me since I'm pretty incompetent at basic tasks.
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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Interesting thread Boris well done man. Congrats on the 5k grntd win! I was second in chips and ran QQ into AK and KK which put me on the short stack with 13 left. 22 was my demise after that, up against AQ and AK everyone all in pre. 568 flop 8 turn 5 on riv GG )
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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Great thread op, gl.
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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Yeah really like this thread.
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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Hey All,

It's been a few days since I last posted, and unfortunately don't have any new poker updates, as I have taken the last 4 days off. Poopy Hand's had his 26th last week, so Drunk Step Dad and I took him out and got pretty lashed, spent the following day sleeping/picnicking on the beach. Also, have started to grind out the Bar study even more. It is pretty depressing being one of the only people at the library, next to old Jewish lady with 3 pairs of sunglasses on her head, and man who mutters to himself.

Jax: Glad you checked out the thread man. I was sweating the other table and saw that AK, AQ, 22 hand. Definitely a fist pump until that river. You my boy Jax, but I was glad I didn't have to play at a FT with you. The HR is definitely a lot weaker since a lot of regs left due to pay out issues, agreed?

ExpectedV: Thanks for the kind words man, been following your thread as well, getting ready to comment on it. Really enjoying it.

Labax: Thanks for the good words as well. Checking out your thread as we speak! You definitely have a lot more introspection than I had at your age and I think that is going to take you far.

So my goals for this upcoming month. Well, grind out Bar study. Unfortunately, it doesn't make for the most exciting poker thread. I will still be playing, but much shorter sessions online. The goal is to play the High Roller a good chunk, and the other good value tournaments. There are freezeouts with 10k starting chips that run 5+ hours that are not on that list, since cash would possibly yield a better profit. Looking to put in a little live volume as well. Tomorrow is the high hand giveaway in Manch, so I will be going to that with Vroom for hopefully 10 hour session. Tomorrow or Monday morning will be an update detailing Sunday's session.

A side note: My father is visiting for a few days from Hong Kong and him and I went out to lunch today. I brought up how I was still playing a bit of poker, which he has never been that supportive of. One thing that was great though, he made a comment about how it is pure gambling since the house always wins. Now I know the reason why he was so pessimistic about poker, he thought poker was similar to blackjack or some other table game. I explained it to him and in pretty deep detail, and he cracked a smile and said, "well then, it looks like I was wrong." And he essentially gave me the nod of approval. This made me feel a lot better about things. Even though I'm 25, it still is nice to now have some support that I didn't have.

Really looking forward to the session tomorrow and feeling re-energized.

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Happy Memorial Day to all. Today is a good day to update, as I recently just played two sessions; one in Manch, one in Hampton. -$133 between the two. -$413 in Manch, and + $280 in Hampton. Feeling pretty good about it though.

Manch was pretty rough the other night. It was an absolutely action packed table, and pots were huge pre, the only problem was, I didn't have any hands. One leak is that I was seeing way too many expensive flops with marginal hands. I didn't even play any big pots. I literally just dusted off 2 buyins from seeing expensive flops. The few hands I did hit, I was oh so fortunate to c-bet flop with ex. TPTK and get jammed on by a shortstack for $30 more on draw heavy boards, and have them get there. Point is, not the best night. I actually had a great time though. EK was there and was crushing, and his asian buddy who is literally the definition of a whale.

Obviously after a bit of a rough night it is easy to be down a little, but I just wanted to get back out there tonight (so I went to Hampton). I had to exact my Korean revenge. If you guys don't know what Korean revenge is, I suggest you check out Lotgrinder's PG + C thread titled "The People's Freeroll." Absolutely loved that thread. To sum it up, Korean revenge is where you get boned or lose, and you go home at night and watch a bunch of Korean revenge genre films, then the next day, you get your Korean revenge by doing really well.

George was unaware that I was about to Korean revenge on him, and Korean revenge I did. George was this absurdly old veteran decked out in Army gear who was sitting with an $1100 stack when I sat down. Just playing any two cards, but smashing flops. Would casually just lead $50 into a $6 pot. George didn't realize that hell hath no fury like Boris scorned. I took a few orbits to get in the swing of things, but eventually picked up AK on the button. UTG reg who I know from Manch opened to $8, I popped it up to $29, George calls from sb, and reg flats begrudgingly from UTG. Flop comes K93 - Pot $87ish

George checks, reg checks, I bet $60. George flats, reg folds.

Pot $207ish.

Turn: 3

George checks, I move all in for $160, George snap calls.

He triumphantly flips KQ and he bricks the river.

Him and I played a few other medium sized hands, where I just valued TPTK and was paid off. George proceeded to lose his entire stack to the rest of the table.

I had one thing happen with the reg from Manch that kind of irritated me a little. I flatted EP open to $8 with A8, reg flats on button. Flop comes QJ6, EP leads for $15, I flat, reg pops it up to $40, EP folds, I call. Turn is 7. Gin. I check, reg bets $50, I raise to $135, and reg tank folds. I had been chatting with him a bit and told him he could turn 1 card. He decided to flip both, and says, "well that's what you get for check raising me." Just seems like pretty poor etiquette and reinforces that fact I shouldn't be showing any cards. He's on my list now. His kiss, is not on my list.

My table had a cast of characters though. Fat accountant lady who played about 3 hands, her old friend Nancy-pants who pissed me off too. Nancy-pants is on my list. Nancy-pants had about $300 in front of her, $250 in $25 chips, and then $50 in $1 and $5 chips. She refused to play with the $250, and folded every hand. All she did was complain about raising, and looked at fat accountant at one point and said, "I need to leave soon. I hate these types of games where everyone is making expensive flops." Get the hell out of here lady.

Shoutout to Gary at the table. This big guy in his mid 50s who crushed 4 milkshakes when we were there. Just because "I gotta try all the flavors to see which one I like the best." Very valid point and I actually don't hate that reasoning Gary.

One noticeable difference between tonight and last night in my play was the fact that I was more disciplined and not seeing flops with marginal holdings.

PS: One thing I absolutely love is Billy Pappas. I've mentioned that I see him a bunch when I go, as he used to deal at The Rock I think. Every time I see Billy Pappas, he just wanders around the room stopping at different tables and watching hands for a few minutes. Now, if you haven't ever seen Billy Pappas in person, he has one of those lean forward, ass out walks. Almost like a velociraptor. He kind of keeps his arms perched as well. Love watching Billy just velociraptor walk all around the card room.

Now for a story.

Taiwan Boys Weekend:

A while back, some buddies and I did a boys weekend in Taipei. The boys in question.

Esquire, Big Dick Valick, Fisherman, and Akio.

Esquire: One of my best buddies. A early 30-something from the refined streets of Delaware. One of the smartest people I know, closeted alcoholic, and true misogynist who still believes that the Old Boys Club preferential treatment should still take place.

Big Dick Valick: Banker and also one of my best buddies. No one can say a bad word about Big Dick Valick. Hard working, hilarious, and just thrives off of energy. Usually the life of the party.

Fisherman: Fisherman is the dad of the group. An early 30-something as well from Canada. Enjoys wearing pork-pie hats, discussing sea cucumbers, and usually the guy who has a girl stolen from him by one of us at some point in the night.

Finally - Akio: Akio was the wild card of the bunch. I had only hung with Akio a few times before. He was one of Joe's colleagues. Akio hailed from the great country of Japan, and loved Filipino prostitutes. Akio was also married and a habitual solicitor of Wan Chai hookers at 3am. Akio was raised right near the Asahi factory, and is the type of man who enjoys about 7 beers for breakfast. One thing to add, Akio doesn't know us that well on this trip and his English is passable at best. Usually Akio stands in the corner pounding beers and chain smoking cigarettes.

If you haven't been to Taiwan, you have to go. Beautiful country. Clean, tons to do, some of the best looking women in Asia, incredible food, and very cheap. We all rented motorbikes and rode around Taipei during the day the entire weekend. We made it out to Pingxi, kind of an old town with beautiful scenery, and great food. Akio spent most of his motorbiking with a cigarette pursed between both his lips.

Esquire lived in Taipei for 7 years. So this was his stomping ground. One thing that is popular for guys in Taiwan is to go to Jiudians (酒店). JDs for short. JD means hotel in Chinese, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. JDs are essentially giant buildings with a bunch of small rooms for KTV (Karaoke), where you select from a lineup of bar girls to accompany you and drink and sing karaoke. JDs are most infamous for the fact that the women will also give you bajowskis, handy-jays, and some places will sleep with you. I'd say JDs are highly economical, as you usually pay a flat fee for drinking, and a standard handy-jay, then everything else is negotiated separately. We payed about $60 USD for 2 hours of all you can drink booze, karaoke, and extra services.

So the boys get all dressed up as the JD is our pregame before the club. All you can drink is such a selling point. We hit up 林森北路, Linsen North Road, probably the most infamous spot for JDs and make our way up. I don't know if anyone has been to a KTV (karaoke) place before, but it is just essentially a bunch of small karaoke rooms with large screens, each room looking similar to a recording studio. Long halls, as these places are essentially factories, with their main export; handjobs.

We are led into our room, and sort through the girls. Girls come out in lines of 7-10, in short skirts, tons of makeup, and tube tops. We sorted through a few lineups, and Fisherman went in the bathroom to take a dump. Esquire became pretty impatient, so made us pick rather hastily. Fisherman still hadn't returned from taking a poo, so we picked his girl for him. She wasn't a girl. She was a 50 year old Mamasan. Fisherman came out and was extremely disappointed, but we thought it was hilarious. Mamasan still had some large jugs.

Esquire then went in to take a dump. Not sure why this kept happening. This is where I jumped the gun pretty fast. I usually get very caught up in the moment in things, and this can be either good, or not so good. This one could go either way. So Esquire is taking a dump, we have all our girls on our arms, and Mamasan goes and kills the lights. Immediately, in large blue letters on the big screen, the words "The Wanky Song" start flashing, and I can only describe it as this electro-pop synth heavy music. Immediately, the girls strip naked, and catch us by surprise. Most of us had never been to a JD before, so didn't realize it was just one of those things that gets weird right from the get go. I thought this was the cue for me to get naked too, and immediately tear off all my clothes and am standing there getting rubbed off by my lady in the middle of the room. Esquire finishes his poo and comes out to see me standing right in front of the door, bare-assed with a raging boner. I know this sounds pretty gay, but honestly, this bizarrely just didn't feel gay at all. For the next two hours, we proceeded to get tuned up off of all you can drink whiskey and beer, karaoke, and dance on the tables with our naked girls. Akio decided to take advantage of the free food offered, but was so lit he spent about 1/4 of the time just throwing watermelon against the wall. This might be the closest I've felt to being a rockstar. We were twirling girls, dancing on the tables, smashing glasses, chain smoking cigarettes, and just going absolutely nuts. I think the girls enjoyed it because it wasn't the usual older Japanese business men who come in to finger them while they quietly sing karaoke. Fisherman kept trying to dance and grab everyone else's girl but his own. About halfway through the night, I hear a loud crash, and look over, and see one of the girls naked and unconscious on the floor. Big Dick Valick had accidentally twirled a girl off the table and head first in the wall. Fisherman's Mamasan immediately turned on the lights, stopped the music, and started yelling at everyone in broken English, thinking Big Dick had just assaulted this poor, young, naked Taiwanese girl. Almost out of a movie, as it looks like the night is about to end, this girl springs to life, jumps back up on the table and yells, "I'm ok!!!" To a chorus of cheers, and the music resuming.

With about 20 minutes left, the Mamasan puts on some slow music and dims the lights even more than normal. Now the room is huge, and spaced out. Essentially it just has one giant couch in an L shape that runs across the wall of the whole room. This is the point where you cozy up to your girl and get your included handy-jay. Akio obviously had chosen a girl with a giant dragon tattoo running from her neck down to her thigh. So there we are, 5 guys, getting stroked off mere feet from each other in a poorly lit room, to a slow Chinese karaoke song. Things seem to be going well, and I finish up, and look over and see Akio just laser eyes staring at me. He gives me one of the craziest grins I've seen to date, and I quickly look away. Akio had finished up and had walked over and was standing near Ken. As Ken finished up, Akio in his poor English, yells, "Hey Ken, nice cumshot!" And flashes him the thumbs up. It is kind of the unspoken rule of JDs that you don't look at each other, but goddamnit, Akio does what Akio wants.

So that's what it's like to go to a JD with 4 of your dude buddies.

Live Bankroll: $4861 + 1 Colossus Entry ($565) - Thinking I will forfeit it, but FF management said they would credit my account with it.

Online BR: $4100

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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Just busted the High Roller in 7th or so, so 2 away from cashing. I had one hand that I definitely wasn't sure to do.

11 players left, new guy just came to table, haven't played any hands with him and have only briefly seen him.

Blinds: 625/1250/125

I start hand with 32,000 chips.

New guy in HJ limps, sb limps, I have TT, raise to 4500

New guy clicks it back to 11,000. Sb folds.


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Re: Boris's Poker and Life Thread

Tonight was pretty damn gross. Quite frustrated right now, but it's one of those things where you just realize, this is what you wanted in the first place, and it isn't going to be easy. Sometimes, in order to succeed, you just have to take it right on the chin, and take it I did. $-350 for the night.

I think I played pretty well tonight actually. Looking back, there were only two hands (that stick out anyways), that I played marginally, and one of those hands was just due to a pretty bad mental error on my part.

To start the night off, I look down at AJ in the CO, and pop a table of limps up to $17, to which we go 7 ways to the flop. Pot $120ish.

Flop: AJ7

Checks to me and I lead $80. Button comes over the top for $80 more, folds around and I snap. He turns AK, and the board runs out K 6 and he scoops.

This guy was also pretty mentally unstable. He was a big guy, 400 lbs or so, and looked a bit like Bigdogpocket55s. He was all over the place emotionally. Chasing gutshots that didn't hit, or lamenting his terrible luck when he folded pre and the flop gave him nut straight. There was one hand where he bricked a flush draw, and was facing a river bet, folded, and then punched the table incredibly hard, silencing the whole room. No one did anything which I think was a bit strange. Dude was literally just a giant hairy baby.

I rebounded not too long after, picking up 99 on the button and popping up a few limpers to $17, to which some ss in the BB shrugged and said, "I think it's about time for me to go" and pushed his last $65 in. This young-ish guy who was to my right, definitely competent, sigh flatted, and I called as well.

Pot: 200ish

Flop: QJ9

Young guy checks, I jam $175 and he calls.

Board runs out J5 and they both show trip jacks, and I scoop with my boat.

The game lulled a bit, and then this lady who I'm not very fond of sat down. Her and I have played a little before, and each time she gets visibly irritated and makes comments towards me for raising, saying things like, "you're gonna get caught one of these times." How she speaks just absolutely tilts me. No qualms on my part with the deaf, but she was definitely born with some degree of deaf-ness, as she speaks like how most deaf people do when they try and talk. She also just complains constantly.

I look down at two Queens in the BB, entire table limps except SB who is this smug mid 30s guy talking about how he just won $1100 on ACR. He pops it up to 12, and I 3-bet to $39. I think I probably need to be sizing that better and making it bigger. Folds to him, and he calls.

Flop comes AA2, he checks, I check.

Turn is a 9, he bets $25, and this is where I had a pretty big mental error. I saw him count out two green chips ($25 each), and he was about to put both in, but dropped one, only betting $25. I acted impatiently and tossed out $50, which was a min raise, and he then tank shoved all in for $125 more.

I tanked for quite a while, and ultimately my call came down to this guy spewing a bunch of bull**** at the table. He definitely thought he was smarter than he was. Looking back on it, and his general demeanor, I think I pegged him properly, and should have been out of the hand on the turn. From his later bet sizing, he was popping high pocket pairs up to almost $20 pre. I should have considered this $12 raise. He isn't popping it only to $12 with TT, JJ, KK, AA, AK. He's making it $12 with presumably AQ, AJ, AT, KQ, KJ, 77, 88, 99.

River is a Q. Gin. Or so I thought. I flip my hand thinking I'm good, and he shows one Ace. Pot starts to get pushed towards me, and he then looks at me and says, "Tough one for you," and shows a 9 for a better boat. I kind of just rolled my eyes and said, "nice hand." I imagine even if I call the $25, and the turn rolls out on the river, we get it all in anyways.

Less than 10 minutes later I look down at QQ again, on the button. UTG deaf lady limps, few other limps, and ss shoves for $70ish. I just flat, which in hindsight I think I should have popped it up. And the deaf lady just shrugs and takes about a minute, teetering between mucking her hand and calling. She opts to call. And her and I go HU with the ss all in. Pop it $210ish.

Flop comes 98h5

I have $140 behind.

Lady checks, I check. Also, I think this was terrible on my part.

Turn is 9

Lady checks, I bet $90. I should have either jammed flop or turn. She gets visibly irritated, and just starts angrily muttering to herself. She then calls the $90.

Pot: $400ish

River: T

And she immediately stands up and shoves all her chips in with just angriest, yet most justified smile. I have $50 behind at this point, and call it off.

She flips A8 and high fives the dealer. I can't even be that mad, considering she called $70 pre with A8ss and thought that was a good idea. I want that any day of the week. I called it a night right after.

It was a frustrating night, but when you look at it, I'm only down about 2 buy-ins over these last few sessions, which is nothing on the grand scheme of things. My mother was very adamant about putting things into perspective growing up, and it really helps me keep a clear head. Yeah, I am frustrated now, but this frustration rarely lasts through the night.

The worst part about the night is that 5 seconds after the hand where you decide not to buy back in, and are about to leave, and everyone just kind of looks at you. And the deaf lady looks me up and down muttering incoherent babble about how she was owed that spade on the river.

Outside of tonight, there was one thing that got under my skin a little. I became acquainted with a guy who is in an inner circle of debatably one of the best tournament players out there. I won't go into too much detail, but him and I were lined up for a transaction or two of sorts. He then started trying to sell me hand histories of his deceased friend for $500 a piece, which is a red flag. I also received a heads up from someone I respect who knows of this person, warning me to stay away from buying action, etc...This was something I was thinking about doing. Looking back on the interaction, I get the impression I was being taken for a ride and trying to be taken advantage of. Maybe I'm a tad paranoid after being tipped off by someone.

Today (Saturday), I'm going to see Rustic Overtones with some buddies in Portsmouth, which I'm pretty damn excited about. Might play a session on Sunday. That's to be determined.

Current Live Roll: $4,511

Current online Roll: $4,425

"Feelings, sensations that you thought was dead
No squealing, remember that it's all in your head."


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