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The Cheapest You've Ever Lived Abroad

Example template:

City, Country:

Budget per Month:

Length of Time There:

General Pros/Cons:

Poker Pros/Cons:
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: The Cheapest You've Ever Lived Abroad

I haven't really tried to live cheaply per se, having lived in New Zealand, France, and Québec, but relative to average prices in a big USA city, Montréal and Lyon, France were a lot cheaper. I guess I'll profile Lyon, since it's less known and also my current city.

City, Country: Lyon, France

Budget per Month: $950/month for a fully furnished apartment in the nicest district with all bills included. $250/month groceries (veggies quite a bit cheaper, meat about the same), $150/month entertainment (bars and restos are fairly expensive, $60/month for a public transport pass that includes everything. Total budget ~$1500/month

That being said, you could easily rent a studio/small 1BR, still very much centrally located, but in a worse neighborhood for $500/month, and even lower if you're willing to go a few kms from the centre.

Length of Time There: 1 year and counting

General Pros/Cons: Pros: much prefer Euro style living, being able to walk everywhere, tons of bars/restos/things to do a short walk away. Easy and super cheap to travel around Europe. If you're an American/Canadian looking for a way to stay long-term in Europe, it can be very difficult in most countries, but seems less difficult in France. They seem pretty lax if you just want to study a bit or if you find a girl to marry, the path to permanent residency seems much simpler.

Cons: Bars/clubs/restos can be a bit expensive, probably moreso than a mid-size USA city, so if you go out a ton (I don't really) it can add up. I don't frequent hookers, but from what I gather, it's a waste of time even trying here. Girls are very attractive here if you like thin brunettes (I do), but can be a bit stuck up/difficult. You will need French unless you're just a tourist, which can be a big con, unless you speak French like me and it swings to a pro b/c there aren't nearly as many Americans here as Paris or Nice, and a lot of people love the accent.

Poker Pros/Cons: There are 2 casinos that spread poker I think, but can't comment on games since I don't play live. Online for the moment is a bummer b/c France has a segregated French-only market, but they already agreed to consolidate markets w/Spain, Italy, and Portugal, so things are looking up.
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Re: The Cheapest You've Ever Lived Abroad

Depending were you want to live and what kind of climate you can still live quite cheaply all over the world.

I will name some places were you can live under $1000 a month easily, everything included.


Czech Repl

Probably more countries


India, a lot of places can be done for $500 and if you up that budget to a 1k you can live on the beach, like Goa.
Thailand, Chiang mai can be done for $500 a month, Koh Samui can even be done for $500 but that's pretty much only grinding and not going out at all. But rent and food can be done for $500 a month.

Same goes for Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. Lowest probably $500 and medium living $1k a month.

Th Euro countries, you can rent for 500Eur easily and if you are willing to share/ look for a better deal you can probably rent for 300-350 a month. Food is around 200 Eur, so you can live for 500-600 Eur even in EU.

Check this site out for digital nomads, cheapest cities to live:
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Info Shove
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Re: The Cheapest You've Ever Lived Abroad

City, Country: Pasig, Philippines

Budget per Month:
Originally Posted by Info Shove
Rent ₱13,000 ($254)
Electricity ₱1,000 ($20) - I've been living with absolutely no AC for the past few weeks. It was hard to get used to but I've made it through the transition.
Water ₱200 ($4)
Internet ₱1,500 ($29)
Food ₱7,800 ($125)
Visa extensions ₱2,500 ($50) - About 5k every 60 days
Total 26,000 PHP ($507) - Around $530 if I add some for bathroom stuff, apartment stuff and spend $5 on a date once in a blue moon.
Length of Time There: 6 months so far and I'm still enjoying it

Pros: One of the cheaper parts of Metro Manila, very few foreigners so lots of attention from girls (Filipinas love foreigners), less chance to run into gold diggers than in Makati/BGC, girls are more traditional if that's your thing (good GF material)

Cons: Lots of traffic, no beaches, not much greenery, lots of poverty, fewer hot girls than in Makati/BGC, girls are more traditional which may also be a bad thing if you're looking for ONS rather than a GF

Poker Pros/Cons: No personal live experience. Lots poker action in Metro Manila, I think one room in Ortigas in the westernmost part of Pasig.

Conclusion: If you don't need mongering and wanna live in a big city on a low budget ($500-$800), you might like it in Pasig for the cheap cost of living compared to more touristy parts of Metro Manila. If any of those 3 things doesn't apply to you, you'll probably hate it.
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Not interesting enough
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Re: The Cheapest You've Ever Lived Abroad

[QUOTE=Achilles96;52834241]Example template:

City, Country: Wuhan, China

Budget per Month: I worked at a university as an English teacher. I lived in their teacher apartment complex. All bills were covered by the university. My main expenses were food and recreation. Given that you can eat/drink on $4 per day, you can put away a lot of money.

Length of Time There: 2 years

General Pros/Cons: It's cheap, easy girls (learn some Chinese though), easy job

Cons would be poor infrastructure, middling healthcare, poor environmental care and sanitation, lack of etiquette, insanely corrupt police, hard to find decent drugs if you're into that.

Poker Pros/Cons: Mostly playing in illegal home games unless you want to take a long trip to Macau.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: The Cheapest You've Ever Lived Abroad

I dont think this question can be answered without first clarifying the type of lifestyle you are looking to live.

For example, Wuhan might be very inexpensive for a single English teacher with employer provided housing but very expensive for a married businessman with 3 kids or a fulltime poker player looking to marry locally.

There are tons of places where having live in maids, driver, cook are very affordable but owning a car is prohibitively expensive.
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Guy Incognito
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Re: The Cheapest You've Ever Lived Abroad

City, Country: Bogota, Colombia

Budget per Month: ~1500USD for me, and I lived pretty well (serviced furnished apt in decent area, ate out every meal, Ubered more days than not). If you were really intent on saving you could prob cut that to under 1K.

Length of Time There: 2 months

General Pros/Cons: Weather can be great or miserable, depending on rainy/dry season. Beer is cheap, but cocktails are roughly same price as US. People are friendly, fair amount of English speakers.

Poker Pros/Cons: Fairly loose games (especially compared to current state of US cash games), PLO is popular, some places have uncapped rake tho
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