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06-17-2024 , 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by Fossilkid93
Poker Birds runs PLO5, right?

I was mildly curious, but I'm too worried about the legality and potentially getting kicked out and losing my 5-year visa if a game got raided.

Some people think legalized gambling is coming soon. Wonder if they'd run a few legal poker rooms then.

I think that club has closed now. Rake was super high, like 10bb, not sure if beatable.
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06-18-2024 , 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by Namaste90
Thank you all for your help.

Zarshka- Just ordered the adapter plugs from Amazon thanks. I got my International Drivers Permit a couple weeks ago thanks to you guys' recommendations earlier. Also nice heads up about the tourist sim card, good to know.

Ramabranch-I'm gonna have to man Looks like paradise form the videos I have been watching.

Trontron- RE Songkran: I don't mind water it's gonna be hot anyways :P Already downloaded Grab and Bolt it should come in handy. I assume I can just add any US visa card to it. Got my IDP already Just downloaded line also.

As for cash, would you recommend doing something like getting $2k usd worth of thai baht here in USA and just bringing into Thailand or wait till I get there and then convert? I'm not sure what's best. I read I may need to show proof of funds for my sta so prob gonna bring like 1K usd and 2k(usd worth) in thai baht and see what happens...

FWWM- Thanks for the heads up with waiting for the sim. Only thing i'm worried about is that i'll need to get a grab or bolt from bkk airport to Jomtien and may need to use a thai sim to do so? Anyways i'll figure it out. Nice head sup for being ripped off on the tuk tuks. I know how it is. Walk around central park in Manhattan and guys are trying to sell you all sorts of crap. I'm confident in my abilities not to get hustled (women not included in this statement. They seem to have a way of getting to me)
Pattaya has great conversion rates at the exchanges (TT exchanges are the best) you are losing around 0.5% on dollars to baht. Just make sure your dollars are clean crisp hundos as they are picky about that. So no need to convert unless you really want to. 2k usd worth of baht means you'll be carrying around about 74 bills so your wallet will be bulging. When I bring USD I just convert as needed.

Grab is more expensive than Bolt but also easier to book a ride if you ever have trouble getting one with Bolt.

Women are the only ones you really need to be worried about !
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06-18-2024 , 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by DroneTheHustler
I think you mean gutshot ? there's a few running in Bangkok, some players had issues with Gutshot but it had to do with the old manager, never heard about poker birds, the safest and softest one is in lat prao but invite only for the good games.

on another note, I'll be running a game in Pattaya starting next month, game is soft, and I need some players who can play there frequently, if anyone is interested or know anybody who would be, pm me plz
PM sent would be nice to have a place to play when in Pattaya
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