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High Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of high stakes MTT hands and techniques

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Live deep multiday strat? (HPT)

Playing in an HPT event in a week, I don't really have much experience with live MTTs and some minor experience with online MTTs (cash PLO is my main game), I've been playing the satellites the last week or so and if it is any indication of the play in the main it is going to be one of the softest tournaments I've ever played, lots of super tight play and just bad play in general (limp folding with 20k at 1600/3200). I've been just playing the sats tight early and loosening up and stealing a bunch when the antes kick in, is this solid for live in general until people start playing back at me? Sometimes its awkward because people defend a lot but will mostly give up but the sats got shortish pretty fast so I could lose a lot of my stack on a cbet if they hit.

Structure for the main is really good

30k starting stack
40 minute levels on day 1, 60 minutes on day 2








Does anyone have general tips for deep multi day live MTTs? I'm thinking just tag early and loosen up a little bit closer to the money bubble/when antes kick in and abuse the super tight passive play, it is a re-entry with 3 flights but I don't expect the avg player to re-enter so not sure how much that comes into play. As far as restealing in this type of tournament how do you decide when to do it? I really haven't seen anyone get super out there with stealing from my experience in these sats, I expect it to be different in the main obviously but I'm really not sure with live players as it seems less common than it is online with stealing/restealing

thx in adv
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Re: Live deep multiday strat? (HPT)

play solid/don't spew
play as many hands with fish/whales as possible, especially when deep stacked and especially when in position

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