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Nick Sandmann sues Wapo for 250 Mil

Too bad we will never know the out of court settlement.

Much like Smollett media needs a little pause before they go to the mat to destroy. Maybe this can be a wake up call but I doubt it.
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Re: Nick Sandmann sues Wapo for 250 Mil


The lawsuit claims that The Washington Post “ignored the truth and falsely accused Nicholas of, among other things, ‘accost[ing]’ Phillips by ‘suddenly swarm[ing]’ him in a ‘threaten[ing]’ and ‘physically intimidat[ing]’ manner.”
What was actually in WaPo's article:

In an interview Saturday, Phillips, 64, said he felt threatened by the teens and that they suddenly swarmed around him as he and other activists were wrapping up the march and preparing to leave.
Suing WaPo for...quoting someone? Bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for him!
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Re: Nick Sandmann sues Wapo for 250 Mil

I'm sure play has spoken out against Alex Jones and the suit against him in that thread, a case that will not be easily dismissed as this one will be.
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Old 02-19-2019, 10:08 PM   #4
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Re: Nick Sandmann sues Wapo for 250 Mil

so the same kid who can't read a newspaper is claiming he would have made $250 million but can't anymore?
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Re: Nick Sandmann sues Wapo for 250 Mil

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Re: Nick Sandmann sues Wapo for 250 Mil

Another Peter Thiel-funded expedition?
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Old 02-19-2019, 10:30 PM   #7
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Re: Nick Sandmann sues Wapo for 250 Mil

Why the **** did you start another thread on this?

Unless you thought we all needed a good laugh. If so, thank you.
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Re: Nick Sandmann sues Wapo for 250 Mil

The complaint is hilarious and not surprisingly oh so slanted. Not even sure it can really be called a complaint, as it's more of a right wing retelling of the heroic kids vs. the "phony war hero" who was hell bent on creating the confrontation.

The claimed false statements are all mostly quotes, including one from the Diocese that says it condemned the boys actions. Not sure how publishing quotes can be defamatory.
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