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Old man river's log Old man river's log

Today , 06:01 AM
Squat, high bar, 4 sets of 7, 70 kgs
Bench, 3 sets of 5, 50 kgs
I tried hangboarding, but it felt like my fingers would fall off, so I guess I'd not recovered from Monday's climbing.

I meant to go climbing, but I cooked a chicken spinach curry that took longer than I anticipated, so wouldn't have had time for a decent session. I went for a walk instead, doing 11 miles.

Climbing, I went to CroyWall for the first time in a while. It was not a bad session; I got a shedload of v3s and 1 v4. It was not outstanding, though; I'll try to go back soon as there's some stuff I want to retry, 2 hour session.
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