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Old man river's log Old man river's log

01-16-2023 , 07:21 AM
Random stats update:
Weight 143 pounds
Waist 27.5 inches (finding clothes that fit is hard, people are too fat.)
BP 110/70.
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01-16-2023 , 11:29 AM
Waist size is crazy! Those 15 to 20 mile walks are major burners.
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01-20-2023 , 11:30 AM
I suspect long climbing sessions are also pretty useful for weight management. Scuba is a hindrance; it's quite sedentary and divers tend to eat a lot.

Climbing, Not a bad session, not a great session. I got some really silly balance-y slabby stuff, which is always a bit terrifying. I also got a climb that needed decent flexibility (you needed high feet on the same holds as your hands at a few points.)

Lifting, doing:
  • Jump-rope warm up.
  • Bench, 3 sets of 5, 50 kgs
  • Front squat, 3 sets of 5, 60 kgs
  • Hangboarding

I've just got a decent outdoor pull-up bar; I have a vague plan of seeing if I can build up to a muscle-up. My indoor bars don't have enough room for it. I've not yet finished assembling the thing; that will probably be this weekend.
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01-23-2023 , 06:54 AM
I went caving at the weekend.

On Saturday, we did Craig Y Ffynnon. There were 9 of us, including 3 beginners, so we didn't far into the cave. It's odd, I'm definitely not super-fit for caving; but the trip struck me quite a gentle bimble. (It was only for about 4 hours. There was quite a lot of narrow crawling, though, and lots of mud.) All the beginners were properly broken by the end. It was minus 3 Celsius and there was snow on the ground, so getting changed at the car was not the most pleasant

On Sunday, we attempted Llanelli Quarry Pot. This is a more ambitious cave that Craig Y Ffynnon; there is a 25m pitch.

After a narrow entrance, there is a super-narrow rift. Jack and I didn't fit into the rift, so we gave up and came home.
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01-25-2023 , 09:05 AM
I went climbing on Monday. It was terrible; I lacked power. The hardest thing I got may have only been 6a, although a couple of 6bs may have snuck in on slab.

I did a walk yesterday, which is standard and I normally don't log. (I averaged 18k steps a day last year). But I got bored and cold, so it included a 3k run, mainly up a hill.
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01-27-2023 , 01:42 PM
I went to a ceilidh on Wednesday for Burn's night. It was fun. The dancing was minor anarchy. I ended up on 35,000 steps for the day.
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01-29-2023 , 06:41 AM
Climbing. A slight ridiculous flat out 3 hour session. I could barely walk afterwards. It was fun, would do again.
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01-29-2023 , 05:50 PM
Climbing, 2.5 hours.
Decent session, I got about 4 new routes. I flashed a couple of them. I got closer in a couple of projects.

I decided to go for a short walk immediately afterwards, as a warmdown. I got lost so it turned into a 7 mile effort.
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02-03-2023 , 07:39 PM
Climbing. 2.5 hours
I started really well, but faded. I did get a 6b+ slab at the end. It was petrifying, and took about 10 attempts. (I never got close before.)

Front squat, 65 kgs, 3x5.
Bench, 55 kgs. 3x6
Deadlift, 100kgs, 2x5.
Hangboarding, which was good. My fingers are stronk at the moment.

Weight: 145 pounds. I am doing a small cut.

Non-exercise news: I have a job offer to do something else. It is less money than I currently get, but sounds more fun.
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02-05-2023 , 05:09 PM
I went scuba diving this weekend.

We were in a group of three. I was slightly away from the others at the start. I couldn't see them as I descended (visibility was about 20 centimetres). So I swam around for a bit, still didn't find them, and slowly came up. 12 minute dive.

They were at the top of the shot, so we went down again. It was nice. 40 minutes (for the second dive); 20 metres; 8 centigrade water.

We failed to pull the shot line after the dive, which gave rise to:

The went out to the same wreck (the British Inventor.) It was fairly lumpy on the sea, but diveable. The current was ripping, probably 2 knots. We hauled ourselves down the shot, and freed the weight from the bit of wreck it was caught on. Then we blobbed and went for a fast drift. I got enough scallops for dinner.
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02-07-2023 , 04:00 AM
Limbing. A decent session, 2.5 hours. I got two v4s. I spent a long time on a v5, where's I got to the final move. Unfortunately, that was the crux. (You have poor feet, and are any hing hands on a poor crimp facing the wrong direction. You somehow need to reach the arrete from here. Once you've done that, it's easy. But I never managed it.)
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02-09-2023 , 09:42 AM
I lifted yesterday, doing:
Bench 3 sets of 5, 55 kgs
Deadlift 2 set of 5, 110 kgs
Pistol squats A few; I didn't count them.

My weight cut is going well; I am down to 142.5 pounds.
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02-10-2023 , 05:17 AM
I went climbing in a 3 hour session. I was terrible, I barely got anything. The rare highlights were:
  • A terrifying slab v4. The crux was the last move; the trick was to just jump and pray, which worked fine once I worked up the courage.
  • A dyno overhaning v3, with the dyno on the second move. Not many people seemed to manage this. I actually flashed it.
I got 25,000 steps in as I went to the office, and I don't like the tube or lifts (we work on the 11th floor, I tend to go up and the stairs around 5 times a day.)
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02-11-2023 , 08:15 PM
I did a walk today.

We went from Hove to Seaford then back to Newhaven. It ended up being just over 26 miles in total. I don't often get marathon distances in, so job's a good'un.

My diet was trash for a change; we had fish and chips. But Fitbit reckoned my calories out were 4,700, so it probably doesn't matter too much.

View if Brighton from a hill,:

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02-13-2023 , 07:08 PM
I lifted, doing:
  • Bench 3 sets of 5, 60 kgs. It looks like this is the heaviest I've done for a while. Lol I'm weak. At least I can still bench bodyweight.
  • Squat High bar, 3 set of 5, 80 kgs.
  • Hangboarding
  • Pull-ups A shed load.

Climbing. It was fun. The gym had reset. I got some pretty hard slab, and in the room which had not been reset, some new overhanging routes. 90 minute session.
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02-20-2023 , 07:01 AM
Climbing, 2.5 hour session. I was terrible. I probably should have moved onto slab early on as I got pumped quickly, but I spent my time on silly overhangs.

GB cave in the Mendips. It was about a 4 hour trip; a very pleasant gentle bimble. We saw most of the cave. There is one bit that needs a ladder and (for those not confident on ladders) a belay. When we got to this bit, the ladder was pre-rigged by another group, so I went up (no belay) for a quick look around. Since our group was quite big, and some would definitely need the belay, we decided not to do this. We tried coming back a more sporting route, up a waterfall then a very hairy rope climb to a bit that looked sumped. So we turned around and went back up Mud Chute, the way we came in.

Rod's Pot, probably about a 4 hour trip. This is a very Mendips cave; a bit sporting (you could do some damage if you fell at some points); very narrow at some points; a bit muddy and a bit of of a maze.
Our original plan was to do the through trip to Bath Swallet, but that needs SRT and a couple on the trip weren't happy with that. So we slowly meandered around. The survey we had was massively out of date; digging at this cave has been very successful and extended it a lot.
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02-27-2023 , 12:01 PM
SRT practice; it was busy at the pretend cave and I was training others so I didn't get much done.

Climbing. I was terrible; I fell off the wall a lot and didn't get any new routes. 2.5 hour session.

Climbing. I was pretty good; I got some harder stuff. I was at a gym I hadn't been to in a while. One route (graded as v3-v5; definitely at the lower end of the scale) took me about 57 goes. I went for the final move with my right hand the first 56 attempts; it was actually quite easy with the left. 2.5 hour session.

Climbing. This was my best session in quite a while. I sent loads of stuff, including a few long term projects. Oddly, a few of these were overhangs and I'm generally better at slab. I seemed to have better strength than normal. 2 hour session.
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02-27-2023 , 12:36 PM
Here is a picture from my walk after climbing on Sunday. The gym is in the Oaks Park, which is famous for a bet the Earl of Derby won against Charles Bunbury. Derby won the bet; the upshot was that the Epsom Derby got its name. If the bet had gone the other way, there would probably now be the Kentucky Bunbury, which doesn't sound as good to me.

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03-06-2023 , 01:07 PM
I spent the week diving on the Isle of Mull in North West Scotland. It was lovely.

One expects terrible weather at this time of year. In fact, we had sunshine every day, very little wind, very little snow, and very little rain. Air temperature was typically 6 Celsius; water temperature 8 Celsius. 12 dives; max depth 40 metres; max time just over an hour.

Here is a random sunset from a castle I walked to.
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03-08-2023 , 06:52 AM
I came back from my diving trip yesterday. I got a puncture en route, which was a bit annoying given it's a 550 mile trip and I don't have a spare. The upside is that while waiting for the repair I got to do tourist stuff in Dumbarton; I went for a walk, went to the castle and went to a marine museum. I got around 11 miles walking done in total, getting home at 2.30 a.m. having left at 7.00 a.m.

Here is another picture from Oban, because it was nice:
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03-08-2023 , 06:57 PM
Love it. Flat tire - no problem, I'll just go for an 11 mile walk while waiting for repairs. Not even a long one by your standards. #StepKing
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03-10-2023 , 03:45 PM
Thanks Floppy.

Since starting bonkers amounts of cardio, I don't really seem to get stressed about stuff. I recently read "Burn" by Ponzer. This has the theory that, long term after adaptations, the calorie burned by an active person and a sedentary person of the same weight, sex age etc. are broadly equal. There does seem to be some evidence for this. His hypothesis is that NEAT is not sufficient to account for this, and sedentary people will spend calories on miscellaneous nonsense like stress and inflammation. So my anecodotal n=1 "evidence" ties in with this idea.

I went climbing yesterday. It was a 3 hour session where I went flat out, and could barely walk at the end. It was fun. I got a few v4s, maybe one v5. Oddly, I sent a load of stuff right at the end whilst super-pumped. The crux of loads was at the top, so I spent a long time falling from great heights. This was at Substation in Brixton, which I'd not been to before.

Weight: 140 pounds.
BP: 105/70.
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03-16-2023 , 05:32 AM
Climbing, 2.5 hours. It was an odd session. I ended up doing quite well, but everything was hard. Some climbs took me many, many goes.

The highlight was a dyno. A vast horde of youngsters tried it many times; none of them got it. I (eventually) sent it. I went a different route to them. They all did a full jump with both hand off the wall to two hand holds. I kept my right hand on a hold and just popped up with the left.

The crux was probably the penultimate move, which took me a while to work out. (You move a high right foot onto a poor volume, and do a long reach rock-over to a poor crimp. I did this dynamically, as the crimp was miles away, which seemed to work.)
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03-18-2023 , 04:57 PM
Caving, a 5 hour trip. It was fun, we found some bits of OFD I'd not been to before. There was a lot of climbing. I slipped at one point and started to unexpectedly move down a steep slope. I spead-eagled and stopped the fall, to my relief.
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03-21-2023 , 03:32 AM
4 hour trip. There was one utterly terrifying down climb with no holds at all, above a 35 foot drop. I may plop in a hand line when I do it again, although it may be better with a different route. (I came up a different way; under a boulder rather than over, which was fine.)

This led to the streaway, which was truly stunning. It was a top day out.

Climbing. 2.5 hour session. This was bonkers; I got 6 long term projects (1 dyno thing; 3 scary slabs and a couple of brute force and ignorance ones.) I had new shoes which seemed to work well, although I downsized a reasonable amount so they hurt a lot at the end.
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