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***Official H&F LC Thread*** ***Official H&F LC Thread***

07-09-2024 , 07:54 AM
kc forum legend back. If we get him off low rep barbell lifting and onto the side of light then this is the H+F renassaince (periodization).
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07-09-2024 , 12:19 PM
Recommend me some programs. Just doing the Bridge for a few weeks to get used to lifting and get a little strength back.

I'm not quite as weak as I expected already.
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07-09-2024 , 10:42 PM
Renaissance periodization upper/lower or push/pull/legs 3 or 4x/wk.

Summary: Mostly dbs, machine, bw, sets of 8-30 on most things with "reverse pyramid of reps" where you take a weight then do something like 15 reps with 1-3 reps in reserve, then do another set at the same weight with 1-3 reps in reserve, then a 3rd set with 1-3 reps in reserve. Something like SLDL: 185lbsx15, 12, 10 with approx 2-5 minutes rest

Approximately 10-25 sets per week per bodypart, but individual sessions shouldn't have more than maybe 4-12 sets for a particular bodypart. Less sets if you're using higher reps.

Check the Renaissance periodization youtube channel for examples.

diet: high carb, moderate protein (1g/lb is more than enough), lower fats. If you're a pescatarian should be easy, but even as full on vegetarian not that difficult as long as you've got stuff like tofu, paneer, egg whites, cottage cheese, quark, etc.

Payoffwiz's log is also a good example. I'm enhanced, basline 12k steps per day just from work, tons of different pains and limitations, advanced bb trying to bring up specific weak bodyparts, and limited equipment due to living in China so looking at my log isn't a good example.
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