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Mindflayer's looking for abs Log Mindflayer's looking for abs Log

01-15-2022 , 01:56 AM

158.5 lbs 7d 159.5 18.6% fat

Sleep 10:45 pm up 6:00am 7h 15min

treadmill. 4.05 km. distance this year to date 43.78km

Video on Gary Varichuck Inspiration

Reading: Clash P165

Today's Declutter items
Brother Printer Manua (recycle)
100 Pages of old notes (recycle)
Old wall map (recycle)

159.1 lbs 7d 159.3 18.8% fat

Sleep 10:00 pm up 6:15am 8h 15min

treadmill. 4.15 km. distance this year to date 47.93km Passing Trinity Western University on the #1 Highway on my way to Hope BC

Video on Will Smith "Best Shape of my Life ep 1"

Reading: Clash P180

Today's Declutter items
My Old textbook from 1989
Handbook of Steel Design (donate)
book on Wine appreciation (donate)
Stuffed toy Animal (donate)

158.5 lbs 7d 159.0 18.5% fat

Sleep 1 am up 6:10am 5h 10min
I was in bed at 10:45 but got an offer on a warehouse I have up for sale. Mind was racing with all the work I have to do. Will not accept the offer as is. Need to do lots of calculations and get quotes on work that needs to be done on the property. Got up at 11pm and had to write notes for a while.

treadmill. 4.0 km. distance this year to date 51.93km

Video on Will Smith .. Best Shape, ep2

Reading: Clash P195 .. I must sell all my Bank Index funds and rebuy the same much lower MER Vanguard Index in my Self Directed RRSP
s .

Today's Declutter items
3 baseball caps. (Donate)
01-18-2022 , 02:35 AM
156.7 lbs 7d 158.8 18.2% fat Yesterday was a fasting day.

Sleep 10:50pm up 6:50am 8h sleep

treadmill. 4.23 km. distance this year to date 56.16km

Video on Will Smith .. Best Shape, ep3 and Back Stretching

Reading: Clash P210 .. Checked my bank index funds. was not as bad as i thought. the MER's were only 0.66 and 0.77 I was expecting something like 1.5%. I did buy some Vanguard ETF with a MER of under 0.1. for this year's RRSP (NICE!!)

Today's Declutter items
Picture Mandarin- English dictionary (donation)
Canadian University ranking book (donation)
How not to die (book for donation)
158.5 lbs 7d 158.7 18.7% fat

Sleep 11:00pm up 6:20am 7h 20m sleep

treadmill. 4.3 km. distance this year to date 60.46km

Video on Will Smith .. Best Shape, ep4 and Motivation David Goggins

Reading: Clash P225

Today's Declutter items
Real Age Workout book (donation)
Biggest loser wt loss book (donation)
Men's Health Belly fat workout book (donation)

162.9 lbs 7d 158.9 19.8% fat I forgot to weigh myself until I remembered i had to post. so after lunch and dinner.

Sleep 10:30pm up 5:55am 7h 25min sleep

treadmill. 4.23 km. distance this year to date 64.69km Just entering Abbotsford now.

Video on Motivation. Goggins and Wilnik

Reading: Clash P240

Today's Declutter items
Nordic Track Manual (garbage)
Get organized without losing it (book for donation)
1 Tee shirt. (donation) one is my old Empire Poker T shirt.
01-23-2022 , 01:52 AM
160.0 lbs 7d 159.2 19.2% fat

Sleep 11:15pm up 6:10am 6h 55m sleep

treadmill. 4.81 km. distance this year to date 69.50

Video on Will Smith .. Best Shape, ep5 and various Motivation

Reading: Clash P255

Today's Declutter items
3 Tee shirts
158.9 lbs 7d 159.2 18.7% fat

Sleep 10:40pm up 6:40am 8h sleep

treadmill. 5.07 km. distance this year to date 74.57 Passing the Wallmart Supercenter in Abbotsford.

Video on various Motivation (Motiversity)

Reading: Clash P270

Today's Declutter items
3 more Tee shirts. That is a lot of tee shirts.
161.1 lbs 7d 159.5 19.1% fat

Sleep 1 AM up 6:25am 5h 25min sleep Got a booster shot today.

treadmill. 4.0 km. distance this year to date 78.57

Video on various Motivation Joe Rogan and Eric Thomas (Motiversity)

Reading: Clash P285

Today's Declutter items
Emptied 3 storage trays of junk (I have a lots of old trays of tools, nuts, bolts, all sorts of accessories, socket wrenches, hammers, mallets, painting tools, sanding tools, drywall tools, electrical, switches, strapping, toolboxes. all for home/office/workwhop improvement, ) (re-organized what was worth keeping, will have maybe and easy 10-20 days of sorting this stuff out.)
3 (empty) very old storage trays (dumped 75% of what was in the trays)
01-23-2022 , 10:04 PM
161.1 lbs 7d 159.9 19.1% fat ** Fasting Day Today

Sleep 10:25 up 7:05am 8h 30min sleep! Arm not sore, but tired today.

treadmill. 3.0 km. distance this year to date 81.57

Video on Motivation Believe Nation (Evan Carmichael) on Eric Thomas 50 rules , only got half way thru this video.

Reading: Clash of the Cultures P 300.

Today's Declutter items
2 books, Emotional Intelligence and Turnaround.
1 phone cable
157.6 lbs 7d 160.0 18.7% fat

Sleep 9:30 up 6:05am 8h 35 min sleep!!! first 3h was a broken sleep.

treadmill. 4.0 km. distance this year to date 85.57

Video on Motivation Eric Thomas 2nd half of video.

Reading: Clash of the Cultures Finished. Great book by Jack Bogle.
This is the first book that I actually did what was in the book WHILE I was reading it. It always knew it to be true, but was too lazy to swap my Bank Index funds charging 0.7% MER to Vanguard's equivalent Index, charging around 0.1% MER. That is a free 0.6% on very large sums of money every year!!!

Today's Declutter items
1 pair of old Golf Shoes,
Old Weed whacker. ( I have never used this since I moved to my new home 6 years ago. ) I pay a gardener for most of the regular work. I do some finesse stuff now but not grass cutting.
Two rolls of fishing line.
159.6 lbs 7d 160.2 18.9% fat .

Sleep 10:30-12pm up 2am sleep 2am 7:05am 6h 35 min sleep! Had a hard time falling asleep again. Decided not to have coffee this morning.

treadmill. 5.81 km. distance this year to date 91.38km On Higway #1 passing over the Chilliwack River on my way to Chilliwack.

Video on "Obese to Marathon" Very good motivation. was on the treadmill this morning for over 1h.
I have hit a plateau on my weight. Exercise and endurance is not an issue with me. My Diet and lack of tracking Macros is the main culprit. I will give it another week and If I am still stuck, I will have to spend another 15 minutes every day.. tracking my intake.

Reading "The Smith Manoueuvre" P15 This is an advanced investment technique that should be learned and used by EVERYONE with a home mortgage and some investments.
It will save you 1000's if not 100,000's of thousands. (well not everyone, only those who actually are good at record keeping as messing up the paperwork is not good.)

Today's Declutter items
Socket Wrench Set. (metal recycle)
2 bags of bolts. (metal recycle)

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