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Mindflayer's looking for abs Log Mindflayer's looking for abs Log

11-21-2021 , 07:46 AM
Looks like the posting is working well for you for accountability. Nice steady decline in the weight!
11-21-2021 , 03:33 PM
159.3 lbs 7d 159.4 19.0% fat
Sleep 10:30pm up 7:00am 8h 30min Sleep
45 min treadmill

Video on Wim Hof on Cold Therapy and breathing.
I have been taking 90sec-2 minute cold showers every second day or so.
After the 2 minutes the shock effect wares off and I can tolerate it more, and that was reaffirmed by Hof's comments.
Today I will do what Hof recommends which is taking the cold shower first! Then taking a hot shower after.

"Seek Discomfort" for today's power up.

Business adventures p180.
11-24-2021 , 08:32 PM

So my office is moving 5-6 months from now and they are starting to clear out furniture. My office is in an old technical college and we have about 2x as much room as is actually needed. The company is not going to renew the lease and has signed a new lease starting mid next year in a space that is 1/2 to 1/3 the current size. I have not seen the new office yet, but of the 50 or so managers that work in that office about 40 of us work from home now and only go into the office to drop off paperwork and cheques etc. There are another 20 or so support staff in that office.

The gym room had a flatscreen monitor, treadmill, bike, eliptical machine, Squat rack some kettle bells floor mats and random barbells and wts. This universal machine was also up for auction. I checked it out and it has hardly been used. The minimum bid was $50. On the day of the auction, the office printed the mid day bids and no one had bid on this machine. The bidding was by email (hidden bid) and closed at 4pm. I bid $101 at 3:50-pm and won.
It is a Body Craft. The model type is obsolete, but used to be around $2600 new. I found a couple of them on Craigslist/Kijiji for $1200-1300. It is about 9 feet long by 4 feet wide and 7 feet tall. Luckily I live in a huge home and have room. I plan to put it in place of my full size poker table which I have not used in 2 years.
The table was made by a friend of mine Tony Chan of Chanman Poker Tables. He sold it to me at cost because I helped him deconstruct and move around 20 tables that he bid on when a local casino closed down. (to make way for a new much larger one)

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11-24-2021 , 08:50 PM
159.8 lbs 7d 159.5 18.8% fat
Sleep 11:00pm up 5:30am 6h 30min Sleep
45 min treadmill+ 10 min upper body

Video on Motivation by Jocko Willik
I took the cold shower first and it is about 3x as hard as taking it after the hot shower.
It did exactly what Wim Hoff said it would. It forced me to take very short deep breaths while I was under the cold water.
Supposedly that type of breathing is very good for you.

Business adventures p200.

159.1 lbs 7d 159.4 18.7% fat
Sleep 10:30pm up 6:00am 7h 30min Sleep
30 min treadmill with 25lb pack.

Video on Habits by James Clear

So I actually measured the dry broccoli and carrots I mentioned before. I was way off.
The actual numbers for my lunch are:
Broccoli 230g
Carrots 100g

Business adventures p230.
159.1 lbs 7d 159.2 18.6% fat
Sleep 10:15pm up 5:05am 6h 50min Sleep
60 min treadmill. I should push myself to wake up at 5am more often as I can get more
workout time in. The only thing I am giving up is non productive time before bed.

More Videos on how to lose visceral fat.
The Eufy scale that I purchased measures body fat and visceral fat. I have not been able to move
my viceral fat number down. It seems to be stuck at 13. It does not give units, but it says over 10 is
high and under 10 is normal.

Business adventures p260. Some of the stories are out of date, but the Piggly Wiggly Story (USA's first Supermarket) is an explanation of one of the earliest "Short Squeezes" ala Gamestop. All you Business and investing posters will understand. Back then it was called a Corner or Cornering the Market. Neat story.
11-28-2021 , 02:29 AM
160.9 lbs 7d 159.3 19.1% fat
Sleep 10:20pm up 5:40am 7h 40min Sleep
30 min treadmill

Video on motivation by Joe Rogan

Business adventures p290.
2021-11-26 Fasting Day
160.9 lbs 7d 159.5 19.1% fat Today and yesterday I forgot to weigh myself before I started eating.
I was out all day and only had coffee. I did not eat anything until 5pm and weighed myself at 6pm.
Sleep 10:00pm up 5:00am 7h Sleep
60 min treadmill

Video on skinny fat and Warren Buffet on stocks/inflation

Business adventures p310.
156.9 lbs 7d 159.4 18.1% fat Broke my fast with a pear, and steamed Broccoli and carrots.

Sleep 10:00pm up 4:45am 6h 45min Sleep. I was not tired and was thinking about work and my
business plans. My clock was set for 5am but I decided not to try and go back to sleep for anothter 15 min.

60 min treadmill

Video on Motivation and long term planning by Jim Rohn.

Picked up my workout machine that I won at our office auction.
I broke it down into 5 parts. I hope I remember how to put it back.

Business adventures P330
11-28-2021 , 07:59 AM
Nice deal on the piece of gym equipment!
11-30-2021 , 07:09 PM
158.7 lbs 7d 159.3 18.6% fat
Sleep 10:50pm up 6:10am 7h 20min Sleep
45 min treadmill

Video on memory and Learning by Jim Kwik
Ordered interlocking high density rubber gym squares for my new EQ.
Funny that the rubber mats cost 3x my equipment.

Business adventures p350.
158.7 lbs 7d 159.2 18.5% fat
Sleep 10:20pm up 5:40am 7h 20min Sleep
45 min treadmill

Video on morning routine.
My morning routine is mostly the same with small variations on the exercise duration.
(min 30 min-75 max)
get up (use Mel Robins countdown method to get out of bed when I don't want to.. it always works)
brush teeth
go to kitchen, dry pots/pans in the drying rack.
turn on dishwasher (load takes 30 min)
change into workout clothes.
If there is a load of laundry to do, put it in, turn it on.
same with drying clothes. We use drying racks, but do a unheated tumble to soften them.
get onto treadmill for 30min-60min
watch an educational or motivational video while on treadmill
... watch the stock market open (first 15 minutes or so at 6:30am)
stretch or do my extra work/ abs or upper body
grind and make coffee in french press (coffee grinds take 4 minutes in the press)
Unload dishwasher while coffee is brewing.
Finish making coffee. 3 cups or 750ml in my thermos.
take shower, end with 2 minutes in cold shower.
bathroom routine./shave/ etc.
hang washed clothes on drying rack.
hang up dry clothes
get changed.
Schedule my day, do a run through if I have to go out of my home office.
Usually I need lots of keys and documents, calculate travel time.
Meditate for 10 min.
connect to work server and Start work.

Business adventures p380.
159.6 lbs 7d 159.3 18.8% fat

Was out all day yesterday and was super tired, drove maybe 200 km between meetings.... So I went to bed early yesterday.
Sleep 9:30pm up 5:10am 7h 40min Sleep
30 min treadmill

Video on motivation (Mulligan Brothers)

Business adventures p400.
12-04-2021 , 11:59 PM
160.4 lbs 7d 159.4 19.1% fat

Sleep 10:00pm up 5:30am 7h 30min Sleep
35 min treadmill+upper body
Cold shower again right off. up to 75 seconds now.

Video on motivation longer fasting 24h-72h, losing muscle during fasting, and how to slow it.

Business adventures Finished.
159.8 lbs 7d 159.3 18.8% fat

Sleep 11:00pm up 6:10am 7h 10min Sleep
30 min treadmill+Sprint/walk 10 min.
Cold shower up to 90 seconds first thing.

Video on Hitting a plateau in weight loss.
Top ways to break the plateau.
-record intake calories
-meal planning
-add weights

Tried to read "Beyond good and Evil" Nietzsche
after 20 pages, gave it up. It is a bit too hard for me.
It is like reading legaleze, but in psychology.
2021-12-03 Fasting Day.
160.4 lbs 7d 159.2 19.0% fat

Sleep 10:40pm up 5:40am 7h Sleep
60 min treadmill

Video by Ray Dalio on China's common prosperity and inflation

Started reading "Modern Man in Search of a Soul" Carl Jung P20
2021-12-03 Fasting Day.
156.9 lbs 7d 159.2 18.1% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 6:10am 7h 40min Sleep
45 min treadmill+stretch + wim Hof breathing+ upper body.

Video by Brendon Burchard on high level performance.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P40
12-06-2021 , 01:16 AM
2021-12-04 Yesterday was not a fasting day, (mistake on my last post) but I did watch my calories and snacks.
I was pleasantly surprised by today's weigh in., because I usually eat a lot more on the post fast day... but not this time.
156.9 lbs 7d 159.0 18.1% fat

Sleep 11:00pm up 6:30am 7h 30min Sleep
30 min treadmill+stretch
Short on exercise today as I have a lot of chores stacked up.

Video by Elon Musk on Learning and how to solve difficult problems.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P60
12-06-2021 , 11:31 PM
2021-12-06 I got confused on the last two posts.. Dec 5th was not a fasting day. Dec 4 was.
I forgot to change the day on the last post.

158.5 lbs 7d 158.9 18.5% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 5:30am 7h min Sleep
30 min treadmill+stretch
Lower back was sore so I did less treadmill and more stretch.

Video by Zig Zigler on Goal Setting.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P80
12-08-2021 , 11:34 PM

158.5 lbs 7d 158.8 18.5% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 5:50am 7h 20min Sleep
45 min treadmill ended at 5% grade +stretch lower back

Video Tom Bilyeu interviewing Tim Ferris re: pushing limits and breakthroughs

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P100

158.9 lbs 7d 158.6 18.7% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 6:35am 8h 5min Sleep : intentionally slept in as I got way ahead in my regular work.
30 min treadmill +10 min stretch lower back

Video on how 30 days of icebath changed me./how 1000 days of meditation changed me. etc.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P120
12-10-2021 , 10:20 PM

160.0 lbs 7d 158.6 18.9% fat

Sleep 11:00pm up 6:45am 7h 45min Sleep :
30 min treadmill +10 min stretch lower back

Had difficulty falling asleep as I was thinking about variations on my next investment. There are many possibilities and variations that I have to account for. when I woke up, I had to write down some notes and plans.

Video on Elon Musk, First principles.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P140

159.3 lbs 7d 158.4 18.7% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 6:15am 7h 45min Sleep :
60 min treadmill, ended at 5% slope +10 min stretch lower back

Video on Kathy Woods and inflationary vs. deflationary forces.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P160
12-14-2021 , 01:45 AM

156.7 lbs 7d 158.4 18.1% fat Yesterday was a fasting day.

Sleep 10:30pm up 6:30am 8h Sleep :
45 min treadmill,

Video on Charlie Munger on Bitcoin and the Greater Fool theory.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P180

160.2 lbs 7d 158.9 19.3% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 5:10am 6h 40min Sleep :
45 min treadmill,+10 min stretch lower back

Video on Sennica and Meditations (Stocism)

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P200

159.8 lbs 7d 159.0 18.8% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 5:55am 7h 25min Sleep :
35 min treadmill, (in a rush today) Thinking about RE.
How to present ideas to my son's friends who are interested/excited about RE investing.

I also have to work on % for new JV agreement for my own project.

Video on Sorelle Amore talking about Young people (Australian Blogger)
How to think, how to invest, time and money.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul P220
12-15-2021 , 01:02 AM

159.1 lbs 7d 159.1 18.7% fat

Sleep 10:10pm up 6:10am 8h Sleep :
45 min treadmill, +10min lower back strech.

Gave a talk and Q&A on RE investing.

Video on Jim Rogers and Ray Dalio on the Economy and long term debt cycle.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul Finished.
This was a more difficult than normal read as it was written a long time ago and
references many authors and books, and philosophies that I am not aware of.
The real question the book tries to answer is..

What is the meaning of life?
12-18-2021 , 03:39 AM

158.9 lbs 7d 159.1 18.5% fat

Sleep 10:10pm up 6:00am 7h 50min Sleep :
60 min treadmill,

Video on Sean Evans "Hot Ones" interviewing Tom Holland

Reading "The Obstacle is the Way" Ryan Holiday P30

1560.2 lbs 7d 159.2 18.7% fat

Sleep 11:00pm up 5:55am 6h 55min Sleep :
60 min treadmill, +10 min strech

Video various

Reading "The Obstacle is the Way" P60
2021-12-17 Fasting Day. I am mentally preparing myself to try and fast again tomorrow. It will depend on my weight tomorrow.

159.8 lbs 7d 159.2 18.9% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 6:45am 8h 15min Sleep : I was very tired when I got up. The only thing I can point to is that I had takeout Chinese food last night.
30 min treadmill,

Video on Stephen Gundry and Leaky gut causing fatigue.

Reading "The Obstacle is the Way" P90
12-20-2021 , 02:28 AM
2021-12-18 ANOTHER Fasting Day. I looked at my weight today saw I hit a wall and decided to try my first ever two day fast.. (will end at 60h)

157.4 lbs 7d 159.3 18.2% fat

Sleep 11:15pm up 6:55am 7h 40min Sleep : .
50 min treadmill,

Video on benefits of 48-72h fasting

"The Obstacle is the Way" P120

155.6 lbs 7d 158.7 18.2% fat My Viceral Fat number has finally dropped to 12. It is still high.

Sleep 10:10pm up 5:40am 7h 30min Sleep :
Mentally I was Ok when I got up, but I was physically weak.
I had trouble doing my 30 min treadmill. Legs felt terrible.
I finished my fast at 9am this morning with a protein shake and some fiber cereal and almond milk.

Video on Evergrand and Defaulting Chinese RE Companies.

Reading "The Obstacle is the Way" P150
12-23-2021 , 02:14 AM

156.3 lbs 7d 158.2 18.0% fat My Viceral Fat numbe went back up to 13.

Sleep 10:30pm up 6:00am 7h 30min Sleep :
45 min treadmill. 10min lower back strech

Video on Home Gym Essentials.

Reading "The Obstacle is the Way" Finished

156.5 lbs 7d 157.8 18.0% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 6:00am 7h 30min Sleep :
30 min treadmill. 15min psoaz strech

Video on Psoaz muscle causing lower back pain and how to stretch it.

New book. Where are all the Customer's Yachts? P30

157.6 lbs 7d 157.6 18.4% fat

Sleep 11:30pm up 6:05am 6h 35min Sleep :
Went to sleep late last night as I was putting my Home Gym machine together.
30 min treadmill. 10min psoaz strech

Video on Morning routines ; Wilik and Goggins.

Reading Customer's Yachts P60.

Reading "The Obstacle is the Way" Finished
12-26-2021 , 02:40 AM

157.6 lbs 7d 157.3 18.4% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 7:45am 9h 15min Sleep!!
30 min treadmill. 10min upper body.

Video on Various

Reading Customer's Yachts P90.

158.5 lbs 7d 157.1 18.5% fat Did NOT fast today.

Sleep 12:30pm up 6:55am 6h 25min Sleep :
30 min treadmill. 10min strech

Video on Collagen.

Reading Customer's Yachts P120.

159.3 lbs 7d 157.3 18.9% fat
Heart rate at rest 106/79

Sleep 9:50pm up 6:35am 8h 45min Sleep :
45 min treadmill. 10min upper body.

Video on Ken McElroy Real Estate and inflation.

Reading Where are all the Customer's Yachts? P150.
12-29-2021 , 12:25 PM

159.3 lbs 7d 157.8 19.0% fat

Sleep 11:20pm up 7:20am 8h Sleep
45 min treadmill. 10min strech

Video Abundantia: Starting from nothing, now owning multiple properties. Fairly Young/Female perspective (Australia and Iceland?!?)

Reading Persuasion by Jane Austen P20.

158.0 lbs 7d 158.1 18.5% fat

Sleep 11:00pm up 6:45am 7h 45m Sleep, Felt tired this morning.
30 min treadmill. 10min upper body

Video on Inflation and RE. Ken McElroy

Reading Persuasion by Jane Austen P40.

158.7 lbs 7d 158.4 18.7% fat

Sleep 10:15pm up 5:45am 7h 30m Sleep
45 min treadmill.

Video on no purchases for 1 year. (outside of basics, food and consumables) ie, no new clothing, no technology, books,

Reading Persuasion by Jane Austen P64.
12-31-2021 , 11:04 PM

158.2 lbs 7d 158.5 18.4% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 6:15am 7h 45m Sleep
30 min treadmill. +15 min upper body

Video on Goal Setting.

Persuasion P80.

158.2 lbs 7d 158.5 18.4% fat

Sleep 10:15pm up 5:30am 7h 15m Sleep
Had to get up early as I had to go out and drive early. Ended up being a snow storm the night before. Drove extremely cautious. Passed 5 stuck vehicles, including buses and trucks. Luckily 4/5 were in the opposite direction and the traffic was extremely light as most drivers just stayed at home.

45 min treadmill.

Video on RE, investing, Evergrand etc.

Persuasion P100.

160.0 lbs 7d 158.8 18.8% fat

Sleep 10:30pm up 7:10am 8h 40m Sleep ; overslept my alarm.

30 min treadmill. +15 min upper body

Video on Goal Setting/procrastination vs. discipline by Jim Rhone.

Reading Persuasion by Jane Austen Will try to finish this tonight.
Year in review.
Not bad. Dropped about 12 pounds.
Fasted 23 times (mostly 42h fasts, Starting Thursday evening at 8 pm and ending Saturday at 2pm.) Once was a 60h fast.
Completed 365 out of 365 days of exercise, with a minimum of 30 minutes on the treadmill.
Goals for 2022,
Drop another 10 lbs. and get my abs to show up (more).
Keep doing my Friday fasting until the last 10 lbs are off.
Put on some upper body strength.
Do 3 Real pull ups in a row by year end
Bench 150 on the machine i purchased.
Log 1000km on the treadmill. (Avg just under 3km./day)
Take care of my skin. (it is super dry and my face and neck turn red from wind and cold.)
01-02-2022 , 07:31 PM
I am also going to do a de-clutter this year.
The goal is 1000 items.
A hardcover book counts as 1,
Manuals count as 1,
Things that I can take a photo of, or post on Craigslist to sell count as 1
Even if it goes in the Free section. If it sells for more than $10 it counts as 5!!

5 magazines = 1
3 unmatched tupperware or small plastic storage with no lids = 1
30 business cards = 1
a pair of shoes = 1
shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, =1 each
old sporting gear = 1 per piece unless its part of a pair or set that loses function if you only have 1, like skiis. etc.
loose paper, old notes, old printouts or instructions 20 pages = 1
cds, dvds, old vhs tapes = 1 each
I am sure there will be lots of other things that need to be grouped in a bunch but I will get to those when I think of them or see them.
01-02-2022 , 10:57 PM

156.7 lbs 7d 158.5 18.4% fat I forgot to post that Yesterday NY eve was a fasting day.

Sleep 12:20pm up 7:20am 7h Sleep

treadmill. 3.75 km.. distance this year to date 3.75km Leaving home at 49th and Oak st. Vancouver running East.

I am trying to do an imaginary trek from Vancouver to Edmonton
through Hope, Kelowna, Vernon, Revelstoke , Banf, Calgary and Red Deer. Was shooting to make 1000km this year, but the trip on Google maps says 1341 km. I will see if I end up in Calgary, Red Deer or actually make Edmonton by
years end.

Video on Organization.

I read 27 books last year. Mostly on Real Estate, Self Improvement, or Fiction. This years goal is another 26 books at least 6 on Real Estate 3 on investment and 6 on self improvement.

Reading The Clash of Cultures, Investment vs. Speculation by John Bogle. P 15.
I will likely Act against what I think Bogle will recommend, as I have a nutty plan on investing in Tesla.
I was totally against investing in Telsa as a Car company for the last two years. After studying the company and Elon,
i no longer think that Tesla is a car company. .. anyways that should be posted in the BFI forum.

Today's De-clutter items
Brother DW5900 Manual (recycle)
hardcover book Essential Aromatherapy (donation)
hardcover book Food Cures. (donation)

158.5 lbs 7d 158.3 18.5% fat

Sleep 11:40pm up 5:30am 5h 50min Sleep

treadmill. 3.1 km.. distance this year to date 6.85km ( into East Vancouver still on 49th Ave.)

Video on Decluttering.

Reading: Clash P30

Today's Declutter items
C99 Nordic Track Manual (recycle)
2 old notebooks (recycle)
30 business cards (garbage)
01-06-2022 , 01:21 AM

160.2 lbs 7d 158.6 19.0% fat

Sleep 11:00 pm up 5:50am 6h 50min Sleep

treadmill. 4.14 km.. distance this year to date 10.99km ( into Burnaby now.)

Video on Elon Musk Vs Bill Gates and EVs. Evergrand- China RE. must demolish 39 illegal appartment buildings.

Reading: Clash P45

Today's Declutter items
2 T shirts (recycle)
4 pairs of good socks (recycle)
4 pairs of old socks (garbage)

160.0 lbs 7d 158.8 18.9% fat

Sleep 10:45pm up 6:10am 7h 25min Sleep

treadmill. 4.10 km.. distance this year to date 15.09km ( Past Metrotown)
Cold shower for 2min. 47.5 F. Did i tell you how much I hate cold showers.

Video on some person doing a 10 day cold shower challenge.

Reading: Clash P60

Today's Declutter items
4 T shirts (recycle)

160.2 lbs 7d 159.1 19.% fat Ok I have to get back on track and sleep earlier. I have been goofing off lately in the evenings.

Sleep 11:00 pm up 5:50am 6h 50min Sleep

treadmill. 4.15 km.. distance this year to date 19.24km close to Ikea Coquitlam.

Video on morning routines of Billionaires.

Reading: Clash P75 This is a good book. Very Critical of Mutual funds and banks skimming from investors. with high MER's etc.

Today's Declutter items
3 books
Eureka Man (About Archimedes) Hirshfeld (Donation)
Creative Drawing Peter Gray (Donation)
How to Think Straight by Anthony Flew (Donation)
01-09-2022 , 02:26 AM

160.7 lbs 7d 159.5 19.1% fat

Sleep 10:45 pm up 6:10am 7h 35min Broken Sleep all night

treadmill. 4.01 km.. distance this year to date 23.25km close to Ikea Coquitlam.

Video on Tesla and setting quarterly goals.

Reading: Clash P90

Today's Declutter items
3 coffee mugs
2022-01-07 Fasting Day

160.4 lbs 7d 159.5 19.1% fat

Sleep 11:00 pm up 7:00am 8h 0min Sleep

treadmill. 4.00 km.. distance this year to date 27.25km

Video on goal setting.

Reading: Clash P105

Today's Declutter items
2 rolls of 15y old brittle unused duct tape (toss)
1 Extension cord (toss)

158.2 lbs 7d 159.7 18.6% fat

Sleep 11:00 pm up 6:45am 7h 45min

treadmill. 5.28 km.. distance this year to date 28.53km past the Home Depot in North Surrey.

Video on Hives and Rashes. My skin has been turning red around my neck. Will be taking antihistamine every day for the next few weeks.

Reading: Clash P105

Today's Declutter items
2 more coffee mugs (donate)
1 foot massage roller. (dump)
01-12-2022 , 02:24 AM

159.3 lbs 7d 159.9 18.8% fat

Sleep 11:15 pm up 6:45am 7h 30min

treadmill. 3.0 km. distance this year to date 31.53km

Video on Minimalism and 50 things to stop buying

Reading: Clash P120

Today's Declutter items
2 pairs of Jeans 36" x 30" Levis (still in good condition but I am down to a 34" w now- Donate)
1 belt (donate)

160.9 lbs 7d 160.0 19.1% fat

Sleep 10:40 pm up 5:40am 7h

treadmill. 4.2 km. distance this year to date 35.73km

Video on Decluttering Hacks . Average US home has 300,000 items!

Reading: Clash P135

Today's Declutter items

8 old notebooks (trash)
200 pages of old notes various (trash)
5 expired credit cards (cut up)
Emptied 80% of one office drawer. Came across my old poker notebook that tracked my sessions every day.
Hands played/% played/+- BB/ and any interesting notes. this was back around 2005!! In my drawer with the other 8 notebooks for 17 years!!

158.7 lbs 7d 159.8 18.6% fat

Sleep 10:00 pm up 5:50am 7h 50 min

treadmill. 4.0 km. distance this year to date 39.73km almost a marathon.

Video on top Vanguard Index funds; Investing/Low MER funds.

Reading: Clash P150

Today's Declutter items
1 mug
1 old leather cheque binder (with a broken zipper) Looked more pro when I went to the bank and waited in the business line with this.
2 stack of old blank cheques from closed business accounts. (will shred these)