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05-15-2010 , 11:00 PM
60 min of elliptical on resistance 11
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05-16-2010 , 02:29 AM
1715 cal. 171g protein 32g fat
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05-16-2010 , 02:31 AM
Originally Posted by kitaristi0
Standing overhead shoulder barbell press.
I can lift 500 pounds over my head with one hand.

(English money is very light.)
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05-16-2010 , 02:45 AM
Thank you for your contribution.
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05-16-2010 , 05:12 AM
I just ballpark the BF %, I have calipers but too lazy to use them. I go by the mirror anyway for judging teh sexy.

Afaik those weights are pretty **** for measuring BF and wildly inaccurate depending on hydration. If you want to measure it's probably better to get calipers.
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05-16-2010 , 01:28 PM
Yeah, those scales aren't great, but it's what I've started with and it's what I'm going to use for the time being. We'll see how it all works out in the end. I think I would have a very tough time just measuring it in the mirror, but that's why they call you the Soulman I guess.

Squats 3x3 245. These were pretty good, and I think my last set was the best of the three which is also good. Unfortunately I was feeling a ton of pressure on my shoulders and elbows after the sets, and it really killed my WIM. That and I woke up and went lifting, which I don't think is good for WIM either.

Bench 1x5 185 1x2 185. Absolutely ****y. My shoulder was really bothering me though, so I didn't want to go more though I probably could have.

Deadlift 1x3 225. Could have done WIM. Pathetic.

Today is also diet cheat day...I wish I hadn't made it workout cheat day too. Oh well.
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05-16-2010 , 01:31 PM
Is everyone on the 3x3's nowadays? Every other log has em. I am quite enjoying the 3x3's since there is almost no DOMS and I can hit the gym every other day.
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05-17-2010 , 08:46 PM
Back on diet: 1945 cal. 204g protein 37.5g fat
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05-17-2010 , 09:11 PM
Seems this thread is focusing most on your workout routine.

If you're trying to lose weight it's definitely all about changing your diet. I'd recommend trying to eat vegan for two weeks and see how you feel. If anything it almost forces you to cook for yourself, that alone will greatly improve your diet. If you have problems with portion control, then being vegan helps. You can eat as many apples, bananas and carrots as you can stomach and you'll still lose weight. Eat a bunch of fresh fruit in the morning, salads or sandwiches for lunch, and find an interesting vegan recipe for dinner.

And yes, there are vegan bodybuilders and athletes. Look up Tony Gonzalez from the Falcons.
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05-17-2010 , 09:22 PM
No interest in becoming a vegan, at all.

I have just recently began becoming focused on my diet as much as the working out and the thread reflects that I think. I have begun cooking for myself and in the week or so that I've been doing my diet, it has been going pretty well. So...we're gonna stick with this. Thanks for the advice though.
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05-18-2010 , 08:04 PM
Hamstring still sore from Sunday, so I didn't squat today

Press 3x3 125 these were much better than last week

Assisted chinups 1x4 55 2x3 55

Flat bar curl 2x8 70 1x4 70
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05-19-2010 , 01:58 AM
So all I had throughout the day was a 12oz. glass of skim milk and 2 protein shakes until I went to this party with some delicious homemade pho and then I had a good amount of is kind of a wash but not a full fledged cheat day?
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05-19-2010 , 11:02 PM
2065 cal. 244g protein 28g fat
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05-25-2010 , 05:53 PM
Back in the gym after being sloppy fat and drunk my whole birthday weekend.

Squat 3x3 255 New high. Low bar squats starting to feel more comfortable. Sky is limit?

Bench 1x3 215 2x3 205 Lost my spotter, didn't trust anyone else there.

Deadlift 1x2 245 Couldn't get up 3rd rep. Weak ass WIM. Might be able to contribute to having not eaten for like 14 hours before going to gym, but then again I killed it with squats and bench was good too. So I dunno.
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05-25-2010 , 10:40 PM
1550 cal. 197g protein 33g fat
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05-25-2010 , 10:43 PM
squats are high or you have trex arms
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05-26-2010 , 12:16 AM
Originally Posted by Spenda
squats are high or you have trex arms
What are you referring to?

Are you saying I'm not doing low bar squats based on the video I have posted a couple pages back? If that's the case, since then I have responded to the criticism of said video and begun working on low bar squats and have been doing them since then.
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05-26-2010 , 11:05 AM
Generally when your DL is lagging behind your squats, in this case 3x5x255 squats and you can't even break the 3rd rep of 245 off the deck, you aren't squatting deep enough b/c doing so would leave someone with ample strength to pull 245 for 5. I looked at your past videos and you were going plenty deep on the 225x3 I saw but that wasn't that long ago and now you're claiming to do 3x5x255. Get videos up again so we can see, could just be you're not built all that well for DLs but I'd say every time someone's squats here were ahead of their DLs they weren't squatting deep enough.
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05-26-2010 , 12:06 PM
Well, it's actually 3x3 with the 255 on squats. And I'm pretty sure I"m getting deep enough with those too...but you're right I need to get some vids up.

With the DLs, I've actually done 265 before, but if you'll notice in the videos, my back was like fully rounded and terrible. So now I'm really focused on starting my DLs in extension and trying to maintain that extension, so that's probably why my weight is falling behind my squat weight. Or at least that's my justification of it. Either way, I definitely need to get vids up and hopefully will be doing that soon. Have to acquire a camera for that...
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05-26-2010 , 12:33 PM
FWIW that is the exact reason my DL and squat are the same now. Back safety first etc.
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05-26-2010 , 02:13 PM
Yeah, I don't care about deadlifting more than I squat if I'm not doing it right. I want to make sure the lifts are as safe as possible. I'm finding it difficult to start each rep in extension after the first, so there's kind of a longer lag between reps for my sets of deadlifts, and I feel like after the first two for my last set yesterday, I just didn't have the WIM to get up the third rep. I think I could have done it, I just didn't do it yesterday. But I desperately need to get some vids so you can see if my low bar squats look right, more help with DLs, and then check my presses to see if they cool too.
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05-26-2010 , 09:18 PM
2039 cal. 243g protein 43g fat
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05-27-2010 , 10:07 PM
Got Vids!!!!!!

Squats 3x3 265 which is a new high. On the first set, after I finished, I didn't get the right part of the bar on the peg right and it almost came down. My brother had taped it, and it was lol terrible, but he deleted that video because I had told him that he didn't get my feet in it, so I was pissed at him for that, and you should be too, because you would have laughed.

Set 2:

Set 3:

Press 2x3 125 1x2 125. Failed my third rep of my final set. Unfortunately pussy brother only taped first two. Check my form on these please.

Set 1:

Set 2:

Assisted chinups 1x4 55 1x2 55 1x4 70
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05-27-2010 , 11:35 PM
2044 cal. 259g protein 44g fat
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05-28-2010 , 12:20 AM
A couple of ideas from your squat video.

One, you may need to flare your feet at a greater angle, they look pretty more straight ahead than out at 30 degrees as recommended in SS. I struggled with this for a while, and still do because I'm slightly pigeon toed.

Second idea would be to tighten your back up. It looks pretty loose, try to set it at extension. The thought for me is chest up with butt back and brace like hell. An extended back will transfer the energy from you legs and hips through to the bar much more efficiently.

Just some ideas, good luck.
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