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Malucci is a FPOS! Malucci is a FPOS!

04-01-2010 , 11:35 AM
Weigh in today

231.8 lbs. down 8lbs. from last month

27.7% body fat. Up 0.3% from last month.

That I don't understand. I don't know how I'm up on body fat this month from last month as I think I've eaten better and exercised more. Can anyone help to explain this to me? Is there something simple I'm missing here? Something complex?

I guess I'm pleased to be down 8lbs, but losing body fat is more important to me than dropping lbs. so, I guess I'm not pleased. I'm confused, and a little disappointed I guess.
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04-01-2010 , 11:38 AM
without knowing anything else, i'd guess it's because body fat measurements can be pretty inaccurate. your lifts have gotten stronger since last month, yeah?
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04-01-2010 , 12:06 PM
Yeah, they've gone up some. Probably could stand to go up a bit more.
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04-01-2010 , 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by Malucci
So when I start struggling, that's when I should start thinking about 3x3? Because that last workout when I failed my squats, then couldn't get my bench or deadlift really, that was the first real struggling. So the immediate answer for that probably shouldn't have been go down to 3x3 right away, maybe a reset was in order.

What do I do to reset, and what weights do I go down to?

Should I reset all my exercises, or just the ones that I'm stalling on?
You only reset the ones you're stalling on.

If you want to try to keep going on a deficit, go ahead. Chances are you won't be able to, but the worst that can happen don't progress and have to tone down volume. I very much doubt you can keep going but that depends on the actual deficit.

Only reset the exercises you're stalled on ldo.

And the BF measurement sounds like the fault of a ****ty measuring system. Are you using one of these weights to do it? If you are, there you go.
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04-01-2010 , 03:50 PM
How are you measuring BF%?
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04-01-2010 , 06:22 PM
I'm measuring body fat through one of those scales that sends an electric current through your body (you're supposed to stand on it barefoot) and it measures your body fat using the electric current. I know it's not the very best method, or most accurate measure of body fat, but it's the best I have access to. I mean, I guess I should just accept that the body fat measurement isn't going to be accurate so don't sweat it too hard and just keep working hard at everything else, especially diet, and results will come through.

Is it a good idea to move up weight doing 3x3s? Because that's what I did this workout. Should I not do this, or keep going and see what happens?

Today's workout

Squats 3x3 245

Press 3x3 110

Assisted chinups 3x5 85

4x25 swiss ball crunches
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04-01-2010 , 06:38 PM
Move up if you're able to.
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04-03-2010 , 04:32 PM
So my brother just got back into town last night, and I guess he has a camcorder so I was trying to get him to go lift with me so he could tape my lifts with his camcorder and he was like "That's the gayest thing I've ever heard". But it won't be the gayest thing he's ever seen because if he doesn't tape me when we go tomorrow I'm going to **** his butthole until he bleeds to death or suffers a penis overdose.

So stay tuned for vids tomorrow and I can finally get my form critiqued.
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04-03-2010 , 05:42 PM
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04-03-2010 , 09:56 PM
Just don't get poop in your peehole (that would be gross).
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04-05-2010 , 01:46 PM
No squat video for today, my brother and I didn't work out yesterday because I was superfly hungover, but I went today while he was at work.

Squat 3x3 250

Bench 3x3 200 (no spotter either)

DL 1x3 255 There was a break between my 2nd and 3rd rep because my hands were too greasy to hold the bar, it was slipping out of my hand in the second rep, but the break was like 15-20 seconds long.
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04-08-2010 , 04:35 PM
Squats 1x3 250, 1x1 250, I failed in my second set. I was all hungover and off of like 4-5 hours of sleep in the gym today, and I went down in the middle of my second set and there was no WIM in the tank, and I had to let go of the bar. Definitely need to be better prepared to squat.

Press 3x3 110

Assisted Chinups 1x5 70 1x4 70 1x5 70
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04-08-2010 , 04:39 PM
Squats are not forgiving.
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04-08-2010 , 04:53 PM
Very true, but after that I rocked the shiite out of my presses. So much so that I should have been doing more weight, and definitely will be doing it next time. Also those were the most assisted chinups I've done with the least amount of weight assistance. So it was a mixed bag, but you definitely can't call it a good day failing that early in the squat set.
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04-12-2010 , 04:57 PM
Okay got VIDEOS today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please check them out and tell me where I'm going wrong.

Squats 225 3x3 It was a reset because I failed last time, and I wanted to get decent form so I can get critiqued and change if i have to.
2nd set:
3rd set:

Bench 205 3x3...though maybe on the last set I didn't get a whole rep on my own because I had the worst spotter ever who grabbed the bar before I even really stalled. Never again with this ****ing guy.

DL 2x265...form is totally lol after seeing it. It's terrible my back is horribly rounded. But look at it anyway if you want to laugh or look at what to never ever do.

Before the set at 265, I did a warmup set of 225, I got like 3 reps, but the camera fell after the first 2. I think my form is a little better there, so check that too.
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04-12-2010 , 05:04 PM
look at your heels
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04-12-2010 , 05:14 PM
Yeah, i noticed that, I try and go by my toes to keep in line when I'm looking down at them, but I obviously need to be more vigilant with that.
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04-12-2010 , 05:20 PM
talking about the fact that they come off the ground
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04-12-2010 , 05:31 PM
squat: i'm curious about the bar position. otherwise like spenda said there's a lot going on. but if you aren't doing low bar squats then talking about it all is kinda pointless before you fix the bar position.

deadlift: owned. i wonder if pelvic tilt is the main factor in making it so hard for some people to extend their lumbar setting up for a deadlift. like, my girlfriend can't come close. she has bad posterior tilt.
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04-12-2010 , 06:27 PM
Where should the bar be in relation to where I have it on the squat?

Aren't the lower weight DLs better than the ones I have @ 265? What can I do to improve upon that?
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04-12-2010 , 06:50 PM
lower? looks like the bar is on your traps and you're trying to do low bar squats. before you fix the bar position, it's pointless to discuss anything else.

the lower weight deadlifts don't look any better really. your lumbar is not extended at all. but i doubt you can physically get into a good position unless you are completely not trying to get your lower back flat.
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04-12-2010 , 06:57 PM
Okay, lower than the traps, so like pressed against my shoulders? Or like mid-back?

I felt like in the lower weight DLs the back was a little more flat, but just really work on flattening the lower back is the main issue on those?
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04-12-2010 , 07:02 PM
if any one person in the world needed to do kettlebell swings, it might be you. have you tried any of magnificent mobility for your warm up stuff?
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04-12-2010 , 07:05 PM
Hah, seriously? No I haven't tried that, or really looked into it much.
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04-12-2010 , 07:09 PM
Seriously, I posted these videos and I realize I should have posted them sooner, but it's all because I'm committed to these exercises and trying to do them better than I'm doing them obviously. So I appreciate all the help you guys can give me in making them better and eventually good.
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