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Malucci is a FPOS! Malucci is a FPOS!

08-19-2010 , 12:17 AM
It came from nowhere. The deadlift ripped it out.
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08-21-2010 , 10:46 PM
35 minutes on elliptical machine at 11 resistance, with 5 four minute tabata intervals in there.

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08-24-2010 , 09:34 AM
Squats 1x4 235 2x3 235

Bench 2x4 185 1x3 185

Deadlift 1x295, I don't think I got full lock out on the 295, but I did get it
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08-24-2010 , 09:45 AM
You still dieting?
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08-24-2010 , 12:14 PM
I'm dieting in that I am watching what I eat, certainly not eating everything I want to. I am not dieting in a very focused manner though. I'm not recording calories and protein intake as well as I should be. I'd like to tell you that I'm going to start doing that again really soon, but I've got a lot of plans in the upcoming month(s) that are going to get in the way of that, so maybe soon, but I can't make any promises to you or myself about that without breaking them.

I feel like I'm still dropping weight though, even people I see all the time keep asking me if I'm losing weight, so that's good I guess.
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08-27-2010 , 11:31 AM
34 min. on elliptical at 11 resistance, doing 5 tabata intervals during that time.
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08-29-2010 , 03:29 PM
Squats 245 3x3, rather excited about these, though maybe a form check would tell me I shouldn't be...I dunno. Will have to get some new vids up soon.

Press 115 1x5 1x4 1x2

Assisted chinups 2x5 70 1x3 70

Alternate hammer curls 1x6 25 1x8 25 1x6 25

Best gym day in a while. I worked hard today.
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08-30-2010 , 01:25 AM
why arent you reseting your presses?
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08-30-2010 , 01:52 AM
I dunno. What do you recommend?
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08-30-2010 , 03:31 AM
10% and work up.
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08-30-2010 , 05:44 AM
Okay Soul, you got yourself a deal. I'll drop 10% and go 3x5.
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08-31-2010 , 03:09 PM
Weighed in this morning at 210.5 lbs.

Baby kinda likes...
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09-03-2010 , 06:17 PM
Squat 3x3 255, these were good except for the last set I had a couple good mornings I feel like. I'm going to get some vids up soon though.

Bench 1x1 205 2x4 185, my elbow was really bothering me from throwing around the football the other day. Throwing a ball should not affect my elbow that bad. I might have some sort of ligament or tendon pussitosis...

Deadlift 1x1 275, according to my workout partner (yeah, I finally took my buddy to the gym) he said my lockout looked comical. So it probably wasn't perfect.
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09-06-2010 , 09:04 PM
Ran for 35 minutes in 100+ degree heat. Telling the temperature doesn't make me any less of a pussy for quitting before 40 minutes. For shame.
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09-07-2010 , 04:48 PM
So...I've decided to get back on a more rigid diet. Making some life changes and these will make dieting easier, and give me more time for it I'm hoping, so I'm going to try it out, we'll see if I can get balls deep in there.

Non lifting days- 1600-1900 calories >210g protein <50g fat

Lifting days 2100-2500 calories >315g protein 50-70g fat

This is what I'm going to start with for now...anyone have any comments or recommendations with regards to my ranges? I'm interested in opinions. Time to really forge some steel boys.
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09-07-2010 , 11:52 PM
1692 cal. 215.5 g protein 61.5g fat

Fat was high today because I ate a bunch of salmon for dinner. So good it was. Cooked it myself. But that's not fat I'm going to lose too much sleep over, so long as I hit my protein dreams.
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09-09-2010 , 12:37 AM
2035 cal. 275.5g protein 43g fat

Calories were a little higher than I would like, protein was high too, but I got no issues with that.

I just finished eating, and I'm hungry still. Lame.
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09-09-2010 , 04:09 PM
Squats 1x3 255 1x1 255 1x3 245. My first set of squats was fine. My second set I could not for the life of me get comfortable under the bar, and did one rep and then couldn't get the bar right on my back so I racked it up. I got my WIM together to go for another set of 255, and I just couldn't get right under the bar, I don't know what the deal was. So I went for 245, and I still couldn't get right under the bar. On my last rep when I was down at the bottom the bar like rolled down my back, and I had to roll it back up before getting it back up in the air and back on the rack. This was all very weird and troubling to me.

Press 3x5 105 on a reset. The last couple reps, especially the last one, were tough.

Assisted chin ups 3x5 70. Best ever.

Flat bar curl 2x8 60, 1x5 60
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09-09-2010 , 04:32 PM
Is there any particular weight you're hoping to reach Malucci?

Get a mod to change the name of your thread to "Malucci is no longer a FPOS", imo.
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09-09-2010 , 04:39 PM
I would do that if I felt that way, but I don't yet. Though...I don't know, it's getting better for sure.

Honestly, that's something I've struggled with, I haven't set a weight that I want to get to, I just want to look at myself in the mirror at some point and be really happy and comfortable with what I see, but I have a terrible body image, so that may never happen no matter how much weight I lose, just because I'm insane.

I feel like though, if I maintained my muscle mass now and was at like 180-185 I would probably look pretty sweet. I don't know. I should work on and with this.
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09-09-2010 , 05:08 PM
Dropping 25-30 lbs without losing muscle mass is pretty much impossible dawg. Hm, I've lost 25 lbs...wonder how much of that was lbm :/
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09-09-2010 , 05:30 PM
Yeah, I know that I won't be able to lose nothing but fat when dropping that much weight. But so far I've dropped like 35 lbs. and have definitely gained muscle especially in my back and legs during that time...
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09-09-2010 , 05:33 PM
Gets harder the lower in BF % you go. Obv not saying it's not worth it. I've accepted the fact that to get hot abz and hudge gunz I need to put on more LBM tho.
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09-09-2010 , 10:27 PM
Malucci I will be heavier than you pretty soon. I was 203 yesterday afternoon. Looks like things are going well, but I notice an absence of the power cleans in this log, what's up?
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09-10-2010 , 12:08 AM
Soul- yeah, I feel like it's going to get harder, which is one reason that I've decided to go hardcore with the dieting, and I feel like if I can really stay on that, it's going to melt some of these lard off pretty well for at least a little bit, and then we'll see what kind of adjustments to make or whatever. Maybe do some RFL. Or maybe do some sort of terrible cleanse where I wouldn't lift or exercise for the duration of the cleanse. I'm not saying a cleanse is a good idea for health purposes...I'm just saying, I might do it at some point.

Evoken- I mentioned it in a thread, but I guess maybe not this one, the gym where I work out won't let you drop weights on the floor. It's lame. I've been castigated for doing deadlifts there before, but now don't drop the weight as much. So they would never go for PCs there. It sucks. I would like to do them. So Evo, you're trying to put on weight?
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