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Malucci is a FPOS! Malucci is a FPOS!

06-12-2010 , 06:01 PM
She's cute. Probably hotter snatching and with more than a femto-second glimpse.

Rob/Pat are virtually identical in terms of Sinclair IIRC. I dunno if one progressed more than the other since Broz interview.

lol Caleb Ward's anti-drug comments. Dude ain't never gonna be a star unless he gets his ass on the gear. Guy is worthless
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06-12-2010 , 06:21 PM
Hah, I didn't say you were a jew, I just said your beard resembled that of a hasidic jew...and it kinda does, except for you don't have the cool curly Q sideburns that you usually find with a nice hasidic beard. Did I detect any hate there with the "I'm not a jew" comment? They're not that bad, I promise you.

In talking about the "air" in the room, that was a compliment more than anything else. It's an air of, if you're not here to work hard, you shouldn't be here. Which is great, and the thing I liked the most about the place after one visit. It's not a bunch of Ed Hardy douches doing curls and lifting up their shirts to check out their abs. I love that aspect. Love.

You're right about a lot of things you say in there, like who cares how nice people are and stuff like that, I agree...these are just my bare bones first impressions. Also, you're absolutely right, not there to make friends all that stuff, I agree with you.

So how do you know that those two are together? How old are they? What would you say is the average age of all the people you've seen training there? I felt like you and I were the oldest ones in there by at least 5 years, maybe more, and I'm still in my 20s...
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06-12-2010 , 06:50 PM
Rob starts his first year at UNLV this year. I think she's 19. I know they're together because I talk to them. I don't know how old you are, but I'm 24 and I think there's a pretty big mix of ages depending on when you're in there. A couple of the really strong regs there are 35+.

I have no problems with jews outside of their hatred for leaving baby penises in tact.

And WRT to what Thremp said, Pat also has quite a bit more weight than Rob. Rob is putting up those numbers at 97kg. I was squatting next to Pat today and he was making 260 look like my 90.
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06-12-2010 , 07:41 PM
Yeah, Pat clearly has a good amount of weight on Rob. So if they're that close on any lifts, it's really really impressive. Everything I've seen them do in my limited experience there has been really really impressive also.

Thanks for the comments too Max, makes everything make a lot more sense. I'm 28 btw. What lifts have you been doing there? I want to learn how to PC there, and maybe start snatching and doing other lifts too. I won't be able to do any of them at my regular douche gym where they get upset if you deadlift.

How long has Average Broz been operating there?
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06-12-2010 , 07:54 PM
I squat 7 days a week, press 5 days a week and DL once a week. Probably start incorporating the OLY lifts when I get back from WI in August. I don't want to start cleaning and snatching and jerking etc. (wow that sounds sexy) and then have to take a month off because I can't do that stuff where I'm going to go so might as well just work hard at what I can do right now then come back "strong".

Not sure how long they've been there.
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06-13-2010 , 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by Maximum Rocknroll
Yeah, that's her. And Rob is a goddam beast. It's gotta be tough training in the same gym as Pat when in basically any other place, he'd be the star. I think they're within 5kg in at least one of their lifts (not sure which so I'm not going to guess).

He's the one I mentioned finished up his second session of the day the other day with a 265 back squat that looked like it took <1 sec.
Just want to clear this up. They're not close any more. They WERE within 5 on some things a while ago. No longer.

And I think Rob is 97 and Pat is about 120.
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06-14-2010 , 03:21 PM
Couldn't get into Avg Broz today, so I went to the local globogym for a workout.

Squats 3x3 235. Did high bar like Pat showed me last week. Looking up and all that stuff. On the first two sets the bar was really bothering my right shoulder, which has been really messed up for a while but not enough so to not lift, when I got the bar off the rack and also as soon as I racked it up, the pressure just really hurt my shoulder. The third set I adjusted the bar a little bit on my traps and it felt a whole lot better.

Bench. I warmed up with 115, then 135, and I put 185 on the bar, and did one rep and my shoulder was throbbing hard (which sounds gross) so I racked the bar up. Instead of just not benching I decided to do a workout of smaller weight and higher reps, so I did 135 1x10 2x8.

Didn't want to do chinups or anything because of my shoulder, so I did some lame hammer curls to bro it up 25 3x10

This is the worst my shoulder has been since I really hurt it like last summer, if it doesn't improve any, and I'm going to look into some stretches and other things, it's not a muscle issue though, but if it doesn't improve I'm going to have to get it looked at by a doctor or something. Hopefully it won't require any sort of surgery, but I have a fear that it might.
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06-16-2010 , 08:46 PM
Did 30 minutes on the elliptical at 11 resistance, and I ended up doing 4 sets of 4min. tabata intervals during the 30 minutes. It was pretty rigorous, my fat hated it.
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07-18-2010 , 03:28 PM
I am back in the gym after roughly a month long absence due to working two jobs for a month, and not having a day off in a month. I just couldn't get to gym due to a pretty constant fatigue the whole month. I do believe I lost a few pounds, anywhere from 5-10, but I don't believe it was all good weight to lose.

Anyway, I didn't go as hard as I probably could have today, just to get back into the swing of things

Squats 3x5 185. I wanted to do sets of 5 because I wanted to get back into the feel of doing squats and I figured the best way was to do more reps at a slightly lighter weight. I could have done more than this, but I feel like my form was pretty good, no real back movement, and I'm doing high bars like I was shown at Avg. Broz.

Bench 3x3 185. I was hoping to do 3x5 of these, but I had no spotter, and they were heavy enough that I don't think I could have gotten it done. Yes, I agree it's weak that I was doing the same weight with both squat and bench.

Deadlifts 1x3 225. Surprised that this wasn't a little harder. But that's also pretty encouraging too.

My legs after squatting felt really really dead. Like the muscles were separating from the bones. I feel like I'm going to be in serious hurt tomorrow. Part of me is really looking forward to it to. Not a big part of me.
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07-21-2010 , 05:11 AM
Sleep schedule went out of whack and I ended up waking up at like 1am and going to the gym.

Squats 3x5 205. Felt pretty good, maybe 2-4 good mornings in the 15 reps though, not real serious ones, but something that needs to be fixed.

Press 3x5 105, close to failure on the last reps of the last two sets.

Flat bar curl 2x8 60 1x10 60

Some lady was on the assisted chinups machine doing both pull ups and dips, I didn't come to the gym at 1am to wait for this lady. So I did those curls. Kinda weak in retrospect.
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07-23-2010 , 12:54 PM
Sleep schedule still messed up and will continue to be for the next few days at least...probably more.

Squats. Warmed up, then was about to do 185 as a warm up and my shoulder hurt too much to have the bar up there, I got into low bar form and did one rep, but felt all unbalanced and weird for not warming up low bar, so I decided not to squat. I'm going to be going back to low bar and see if that keeps my shoulder from bothering me. Fingers crossed on that one.

Bench 2x3 185 1x4 185

Deadlift 1x3 245

Dumbell presses 2x8 55 1x6 55

Fly machine 2x5 145 1x8 145

Had to bro it up because I couldn't squat. Stupid shoulder.
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07-23-2010 , 11:44 PM
Weighed myself today down to 218 lbs. from 244.5 on January 4th. This is also with the addition of a nice amount of muscle on my legs, and surely other places. So it's good to know that, but I feel like there's so much road ahead. Lifelong struggles are ghey.
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07-31-2010 , 03:00 PM
So I went to the gym today, I got to the squat rack and there was this girl in it, and she was working I guess side by side with this guy who was in this other squat rack (though i'm not sure it's officially a squat rack, it's this terrible rack that I refuse to squat in because the bottom like bar is too high and I feel like I'll be slamming the bar into it everytime) but the guy informed me that the girl was just starting her workout and it would be 10 sets of 10 reps. So she ends up doing 100 reps of 55lbs. Good work out.

Squats 3x5 225, did low bar and they felt pretty good. No shoulder worries which was nice.

Press 1x4 115 2x3 115

Assisted chinups 1x5 70 2x4 70
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07-31-2010 , 09:43 PM
The 100 rep workout, pretty sure it rules.
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08-01-2010 , 12:13 PM
Yeah, I think her trainer/boyfriend/supreme douche was doing the same things only he was doing like 185, and really giving hard grunts after rep 5 of every set.

On the plus side, the girl wasn't using a pussy pad, and she was going ultra low, pretty much as low as you can go with decent form though it was high bar.

He was going to about parallel every time, and his tribal tattoo looked immaculate.
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08-02-2010 , 06:58 PM
30 min. of elliptical on 11 resistance did 4 sets of 4 min. tabata intervals in the 30 min.
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08-05-2010 , 12:44 AM
Tried to run for 40 min. today but only made it for 23 of running time, then ten minutes to walk back home from where I was.

It had been a while since I went for a run, and it was like 106 out today too, and I just got a smart phone so I wanted to learn how to use it...and I make a lot of pussy excuses cause I'm a big pussy.
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08-05-2010 , 03:31 AM
Bro, what is with all the running? Lift and eat less imo.
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08-05-2010 , 09:53 PM
215 lbs. today. Going in right direction

Soul- I don't know, I like to mix it up some. Can't do one thing all the time. Another important thing is, after work the gym is just totally packed and I don't like to wait 2 hours to squat while 1400 people are doing quarter squats and curls in the rack. Or sets of 100. And if I don't do something I'll feel even worse about myself. I'm eating less for sure...and I'm still getting in at least a couple lifts a week, but it's nice to do different **** from time to time...and I like the way that running makes me feel, and improved cardiovascular benefits? Maybe? I might have to change some things up and get back harder on the diet again, but we'll see how soon that happens.
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08-06-2010 , 04:06 AM
Running is fine, I just noticed that there were some solid gaps of time between your last lifts. But lifting twice a week is cool while cutting anyway.
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08-06-2010 , 08:12 AM
1/4 Squatters running rampant itt.
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08-10-2010 , 09:03 PM
Squat 3x3 235

Bench 1x3 185 1x4 185 1x3 185

Deadlift 1x1 265. Ripped a gross long fart while it was coming up, might have been pretty loud, had music on and couldn't hear it. Couldn't do another rep after that due to shame. Smelled like the oldest peanuts in the world.
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08-12-2010 , 09:46 PM
35 minutes on elliptical at 11 resistance with 5 tabata 4 min. intervals.
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08-18-2010 , 12:46 PM
Squats 3x3 235

Press 1x4 115 2x3 115

Assisted chinups 2x5 70 1x4 70
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08-18-2010 , 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by Malucci
Squat 3x3 235

Bench 1x3 185 1x4 185 1x3 185

Deadlift 1x1 265. Ripped a gross long fart while it was coming up, might have been pretty loud, had music on and couldn't hear it. Couldn't do another rep after that due to shame. Smelled like the oldest peanuts in the world.
You need to get this out of the way before the rep. Dont let your ass win. You work through that stench. Eye of the Tiger.
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