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Old 09-08-2017, 11:34 AM   #326
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg


Did another "overwarm" on the bench, hopefully I won't for a while now. I think it's counter productive.

Going to start traveling for a while, the log may get spotty. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in a DL session today.

JM w5d4

145x8x2 set 2:
--I know that J shaped bar paths are the vogue, but I wonder if these aren't in fact too flappy.

Incline DB cluster, 15s rest
45sx5x12 in 5:30
--I was smoked after this, could barely do 5 push-ups!

Pullover (think that's what its called, resembles a tricep extension but stretches the pecs) + Incline curls
-A few sets of ten with the 25lb dumbbell.

4 rounds of 5min

in the ~120s breaks I attempted:

Hanging L sits +2 ct
5, 3, 3, 1
--holy is this hard. Doing them as slowly and controlled as possible. Even with such low volume, my abs are sore today. And I might have cheated the leverage just slightly on a few reps too. This will be a good exercise to try improve for a while.
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Old 09-10-2017, 09:03 PM   #327
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

Squeezed in this last workout from the states.


Weight: 176.2 holy! All time heaviest. Well I don't think it'll last. I'll be doing a lot of hiking soon.

JM w5d5
--forgot my chalk and straps so did mixed grip. I F hate it, for some reason it always hurts my shoulder. Also it's weird, I am definitely strongest with hook when I am at 100%, but when my grip is weak due to sweaty hands, fatigue et cetera, I am better mixed.
--for no reason, just hadn't done it in a while. Seemed fine
230x3x7 75s rest
230x4@8 Seems alright


Ab wheel from Bosu ball
+15x1+f lol

Hamstring curl
four sets of ten

Ok, now that I am on the road, don't exactly know what my training plans will be. Going to try to stay on Juggernaut, but compliance will be hard. May switch to basic GZCL method. I'll do what I can.

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Old 09-13-2017, 07:21 PM   #328
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg


Went to what I guess is a chilean version of anytime fitness. Crappy gym, crappy session.

Everything kg

JM w6d1
--Before I left I thought for sure I'd get 12+ but a few days of travelling and dismal nutrition got to me.

--Happy with this though


Ab wheel

I think this will be the last day that I'll try to comply with the Juggernaut method. It just doesn't work well on an erratic schedule, nor in gyms where the smallest plates are 10kg. Think I'm going to do something like this:
Squat Gzcl
OHP hepburn
Back Abs legs

Bench Gzcl
front squat 5/3/1
rows arms hamstrings

DL Gzcl
Volume bench and dips
Back legs abs

Basic full-body stuff. Then I'll try to do some supplemental work on the chest, abs, and neck with BW excercises when I'm gymless.

Or, if I can get something more structured going I'll probably do a 3 or 4 day split with front squat, close grip or incline, rdl, and volume ohp being t2s.

Read In Patagonia, by Bruce Chatwin, on the way to Patagonia. How corny! Nice book though, lyric prose and a mythmaking sensibility.

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Old 09-19-2017, 07:33 PM   #329
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

Ok in the sticks a while. I realized that there is pretty much no way i'll make it to a gym for at least two more weeks. I'll try to make do. A lot of hiking though.

4x20 push-ups with 4x5 human inchworm
--something about bodyweight excercises just bores the **** out of me. How people could train like this for an hour is beyond me
Natural log press
2x10 pull-ups

Dips + bag (I don't know how much, at the airport it weighed 8kg, a few things have been taken out, a few put in)
6 sets of 5, 45s rest
BWx5x2, 15s rest

35 push-ups

Natural stone lift
stonex15 (hows my form:
--judging by how easily I curled this I don't think it weighed too much, but it was heavier than it looks.

day bagx5,4,4

Bar row

Stone DL
stonex4 how's my form:
--now we're talking! Certainly felt much harder than a 2 plate bb dl, though it probably weighed much less.
--I couldn't achieve full hip extension without mashing my dick. I have a lot to learn about stone lifting! In this vid it's pretty obvious I'm starting with my hips too high. Not sure what happened on between reps 3 and 4, it went from pretty easy to very grindy, maybe I misgrooved.

with controlled leg raises
Bwx5x4 pausing in l-sit as long as possible each rep (which was not long)

10km hike. On the hike I practiced OHP with a MUCH heavier stone. On the first rep I held my breath from the ground through the press. Didn't quite lock it out, dropped the stone and bent over, feeling this enormous pressure and electric like tingling in my head. Vision occluded for a second too. Whoa! Probably the closest I've been to a syncope since I did it on purpose at a middle school party. Lesson learned, I picked the rock up and regained my breath after the clean. Did 3 tough reps. Tris were spent from dips, though.
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Old 09-20-2017, 06:54 PM   #330
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg


15km Hike up a mountain.

On the way back down I espied some good stones.They were round and river-worn. Kind of chalky too. There was a great big 'un which I tried to lift to the chest. I was able to lap it but couldn't extend at all. Didn't try again.

Later I lifted this rock, first three times, then 8.
Lifting stones is a lot different than a barbell. Feel it in the back more, and balance is a bigger issue. See on the second rep how I nearly lose it forward on the descent, then am able to press it up again. Don't think I would be able to have done that with barbell weighing 115 or so (probably my 8rm). Form probably needs some work, that backwards path doesn't look very efficient.
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Old 09-21-2017, 07:21 PM   #331
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

--these were done about an hour apart

Then I went to the free municipal gym in this tiny town I'm in. They had a walmart-style ultra crapola bench.

I originally wanted to do a reverse pyramid starting with 90kg (literally all the weight) but it was taking too long for it all to free up, plus it seemed like it would have been kind of rude of me. So I did this involved ramp up.

In Kgs

30 x5
65x5x2 everything up to this paused
65x5,4 tng
55x10 tng
50x12 paused
--Not counting the weight of the bar, which I doubt weighed more than 5-10lbs
--60-90s rest. Not quite as close as I normally go with cgbp, but I wouldn't have been able to fit my normal grip in between the hooks. Still, this wasn't that great, but I will blame a few days of stone pressing and the dips earlier.

Bent-over row
--much more upright than I normally row. Pulling to the nipples

Ab wheel
Reverse curl

Lat-pull down
This machine was really crappy and I couldn't get my arms all the way extended, so I did 8 sets of these partial rom wide-grip pull-downs with the whole stack. Gotta say, don't ever remember my lats getting such a pump though!

Weighed my self after: 77.4 kg. Not too bad! But I fear it'll start dropping pretty quickly as the days go on.
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Old 09-25-2017, 12:17 PM   #332
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

No stone lifting lately, it's been raining like all hell.

Yesterday I did about an 7km hike up and down a mirador, then walked for another 5km or so with all my gear (~22kg) trying to hitch a ride.


Fort Valley method pushups
--Like this:
set 1: 15 push-ups, walk 8 feet and back (in imitation of pacing a prison cell), 1 push-up, walk 8 feet
Set 2: 14,walk,2,walk
--Did it to a set of 8 and 8. So 8 sets of 16. Surprisingly hard. That walk only constitutes about a 15 second rest. Those last reps burned.

Suttree by Cormac Mccarthy. Reread.
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Old 10-03-2017, 09:14 PM   #333
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

I bought a monthly pass at this gym in a little city where I think I'm going to base myself for a while. Immediately after I paid, I thought to ask if the bars are all 20kg. Only one, he responded. The rest are these terrible 11kg bars with these skinny sleeves. I just realized I'm not even sure if they rotate. Oh well, I'm happy to have some place to go.

This is what I'll do
A. GZCL squat
t2 bench and row
B. Hepburn OHP
Juggernaut method DL
C.GZCL Bench
T2 front squat

Seems solid. If I come in on other days, I'll just do back/abs/high volume pump stuff.
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Old 10-03-2017, 09:26 PM   #334
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

I typed that up a week ago. The sleeves definitely don't rotate. They are also significantly thicker than an olympic bar. Oh well, weight is weight.

Seems like I lost a huge amount of strength in my squat and press, bench remained stable. I guess from all the dips and push-ups.

Also, when I weighed myself 5 days ago, I was 76.4 kg. Probably even lighter now. Camping out and passing through these little towns with one or two tiny markets makes it hard. Could definitely do a better job getting my calories in though. On the bright side my abs look good.

115kgx3x4@9 all.
--this was humbling. There's alot of bull **** I had to deal with especially on the unrack, but whatever. Fortunately, every set seemed to get a little easier. On the last set I took a 5 minute break and widened my stance out a bit, which seemed to help.
-Fat bar. Not exactly close grip, but closer than normal.
76.4 kgx8
supersetted with
DB row

Sandbag to shoulder
20kgx10 a side

Tried a few standing ab-rollouts, I can succeed reversing about 3/4 of the way down but then past that I get flattened.
--Skipped t3 legs because I was scared of the doms and I am a big ole *****. Nevertheless still had terrible soreness in my erectors and hams 5 days later.
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Old 10-03-2017, 09:39 PM   #335
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg


Did yoga for the first time on a date. Didn't have any problems getting into any position, though the instructor had to keep moving me around. The date said she was new, and the class was much harder than normal. I also discovered that something is F'd in my right shoulder, which began to hurt everytime we went back to the Gato position. I guess yoga could be good for as a compliment to lifting for mobility and proprioception. From what I can tell the muscular demands, even for the abs are not very significant, but I'm sure there are some isometric holds that would get brutal after a certain amount of time. Beyond that I don't know, and it's hard to say how representative my class was. Many girls have obviously develop great physiques with only yoga though, so there's definitely something to it. For guys I suppose it's fine for develop that coveted waifish look.

--Wtf brutally hard. Going for 8 doubles and couldn't manage it. Not sure what the f happened to my OHP. Just before I left I did 8 triples at 130lbs, so I've taken a huge dive. Today as I warmed up I clean and strict pressed 60 kg a few times and it was much easier, so maybe its just an exercise that is particularly sensitive to practice for me.
Suppersetted with
--never put up a chins form check, so here's one. ROM seems totally fine, but maybe swinging my legs like that is a leak.
10kgx6 ng

Snatch grip high pulls 40kgx10
abwheel roll-out of medicine ball Bwx6
Dips Bw x 11
--3 rounds

DB seated shoulder press

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Old 10-03-2017, 09:49 PM   #336
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

15km walk. Couldn't really call this a hike, since it was unweighted and virtually completely flat.

Incline push-ups
Bwx12x3 (maybe 4 sets)
--off a fence. Greater than 45*
Ft. valley 11

80kgx3x4 @8,8.5,9,9.5 paused
80x6@10 tng.
--fat bar, closer grip than normal

I had planned to do conventional 100x5x6+, instead I did this
100x5 conventional shiat
120x1 sumo dece
140x1 sumo dece
150x1 sumo shiat
140x1 sumo dece
120x1 sumo dece
100x4 conventional/with straps shiat
--great job sticking to the plan!

Incline db cluster set.
--timer set at 5m30s, 15s rests
20kgx5x8? very steep angle, greater than 45*.
20x5x2 very flat angle, almost a bench press.

DB row
35x10 straps
35x15 straps

DB flye
BB curl 30x8x2
hammer curl 7.5x15?

Also, I realized I already ****ed up my "program" but oh well at least I'm getting in there. I'll be happy to get on something structured again and get my weight up again. Seeing lots of PRs in other logs. Has me envious.
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

Oh yeah, other books from September.
The Defense, by Nabokov. Not his best, but Nabokov is never bad.
Confession, by Tolstoi. Author contemplates suicide and the futility of his life. This was written after he had written W&P and AK, so I can only imagine what smears the rest of our existences have been when held to the standards of the good Count Levov. Predictably, Tolstoi finds refuge in faith.
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Old 10-04-2017, 02:00 PM   #338
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg


Couldn't resist coming into the gym today. Realized it closed for lunch in 45 minutes, so I did this in about 35. I like this superset, some muscular overlap without the exercises getting too much in the way of each other. Leg strength remains diminished badly, but the short rest times made it pretty hard.

Front Squat
80x5x5, with
Pendlay Row
--After rows, rested 90-120s.
--Here's a vid of I think the second set:
--Form has gotten pretty sloppy in front squats, initiating with my hips every rep. Really need to work on keeping my knees forward. I have no idea what constitutes good Pendlay Row form, I hardly ever do them. My Back was pretty beat-up from 35 db row reps with 35kg yesterday, though.

Then I rested 3 mins and one more front squat set, 80x5@9
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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

October round-up

For about three weeks I did some construction and handyman work in a little town called Villa O’higgins, in the far south of Chile’s southern highway. There was a free municipal gym there, though for the first two weeks it was infuriatingly closed (the man with the key went out of town). But just by working I got some pretty good upper back training in—duck walks with propane tanks, zerchers with iron beams, barrel holds and the myriad other weighted carries which are staples of rural life all over the world. I also did some stone work on my own. Near the playground where I’d do pull-ups and dips I’d also do 5-10 sets of singles lifting a heavy stone over a fence about the height of my sternum. When I got back in the gym, I sumo dl’d 300 for five reps pretty easily, which is probably somewhere in PR range. So lol specificity. I’m sure my quads are a disaster however. I haven’t really squatted in about a month.

I also have discovered (or rather confirmed) how much I loathe trying to use bodyweight fitness for anything more than supplementary work, and I have a genuine contempt for people that use it as their primary form of training. Just never could imagine myself ever being able to stick to a bodyweight fitness routine unless I was locked up. II will admit that the “bars men” do generally seem to have the kind of physique you want to have when meeting a woman on the beach.

And of course, I have done a lot of hiking. Hiking and lifting are I guess the only kinds of physical activity I enjoy, but I like them for completely different reasons. Lifting is a pleasure of process; hiking, a pleasure of result. I actually get amped up when it’s time to go the gym, and sometimes I have a hard time leaving. When I am hiking I am almost always wishing I wasn’t. And yet, I never regret it later. I remember one day I left my campsite to hike to a glacier in what became driving rain. I was miserable, and the sight of the glaciar made me want to puke. On the way back down I told some Chilean tourists entering the trail “no vale la pena,”and convinced them to not do the hike which they had just driven from town to do. Even the next day I was still pissed about that hike. Yet now, about a month later I remember it (walk and glacier) fondly. I never regret lifting either, yet a PR is a transitory joy. I don’t remember any lift I did as fondly as I remember a view of, say, a river cutting a valley along the side of a mountain I just climbed. Not even close. Nor has any lift I’ve done given me any sense of achievement. Maybe this will change if I ever perform a lift even marginally noteworthy, but generally it seems I only like lifting so I can lift something more later.

Also contrary to Rippetoe on conditioning, I don’t think strength training really will do very much for long distance work. I’ve been smoked on the trail a number of times by wan and feeble-looking euro skinnyfats. One hike I remember I kept mollifying my ego by telling myself that my companero’s pack was much lighter than mine. Then I lifted it into a sheep truck that stopped to pick us up. His was about 5kg heavier.

The walks with a heavy backpack give a good trap pump, but judging from the pencil necks who surround me, I’m dubious of the training effect. I also always forget to do neck bridges, which is something I could be doing every day no matter where I am.

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Re: Hi this is Jim Logg

OK enuf F grabassing here’s what I’ve written down. Left out are a lot of push-ups and hikes.

Push Press
51.5x5, 41.5x10, 31.5x15
--I unfortunately have to accept that my ohp has taken a huge dive. When I get back in a regular gym I’m just going to do some sort of linear periodization.

+10x5x2; Bwx5x2
+10x8,5; bwx8x2

Trap bar Farmers walk
100kg short run w/turn x 1 x 7; x2x1 (double run on the 8th set ”AMRAP”)

Damn that’s all I wrote down but I know I did some other stuff too.
sometime after I did a 10km unweighted hike.


Mech dropset 5,4,4,8

After 10.10 there’s a 15 day gap where I didn’t log anything. I know that I did 100 reps of dips a few times and I was trying to do some Version of Pavel’s pull-up progression daily. Worked up to 12,10,10,8,8 I think. Also did the fort valley pushups up to 18 I think.

One day I did a 15km unweighted hike along the ridge of a mountain. Up there I PR’d on the stone deadlift, getting my knees and shoulders extended after failing three times first. Don’t know how much it weighed but pretty much had to be over 120.

Also an overnight hike, weighted.

Fort Valley 17

This fifteen year old local swung by to inform me that the gym was open! Here are the specs: 16kg bar, four 15kg bumpers, pair of 20s, pair of 25s, Walmart “my first bench” set, no collars.

76kg x4close, x6 super wide.
66x8x3 close
--that was the last time I used that bench. It was narrow and creaky and the hooks were set up so that you could only grip it ultra narrow or ultra wide. Trying it wide I scraped the **** out my knuckle racking the bar.


Ab wheel
Bwx10x5; supersetted with
BB row

Unfortunately with weekends and holidays (apparently 1/week) I could only go 4-5 more times. I really liked the challenge of working with strictly a barbell and “macro”plates. Squatting was the only thing I couldn’t figure out. Too bad there were no collars: I would’ve tried out a full Steinborn.


Conv 96x5x2
Sumo 136x1,x5 straps
Conv 96x5,96x6

Pause front squat

Nordic curls

Lat pull down x 15




Floor Press

Tri extensions, curls


Zercher Squat
--zercher dling the first rep off a bumper and a plate to start, which was usually the hardest part. Lifting 106 like that was so F hard, and surely stupid. I wish I had a vid to send to Dr. Stuart McGill. I imagine every segment of my spine was in max flexion. I’ll definitely never zercher dl again; my low back hurt 7 days later.
--cool exercise, but I don’t see much benefit too it over a front squat, besides the manmaking aspect.

Cant remember what else I did that day besides landmine rows and bent knee v-sits.

Floor Press

--this is a really good exercise. When I arch it has the same rom as a bench press anyways, so short are my arms.


BTN press
w/ Pendlay
--were these strict? No.

Oh yeah I also did the ab wheel pretty much everytime I was there, sometimes standing and ramping up a piece of plywood angled at 45*. Couldn’t quite get my belly all the way down like that though.

For the next three days I did a 50km hike weighted with 24kg+food. Then another two day hike with less food, about 30km.

That’s all.
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