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Help with my fitness routine and goals

After a couple years of not having a steady exercise routine two months ago I decided I needed to lose a few pounds and just get in better shape in general. Growing up I always played lots of sports (mostly soccer) but put on some weight and got out of shape due to too much eating, drinking, smoking weed and just not being very active.

I'm currently around 187 lbs, 6'00 and approximately 15% body fat. For the past two months my weekly routine has included 3 lifting days, 2 days of cardio, 1 soccer game and usually I rest one day whenever I start to feel too sore. What I need most help is with my lifting routine. I have a much weaker upper body than lower and I've read though the FAQ and probably should be on SS but I've decided to work out in my building gym for convenience. Every time I try to start at a normal gym I always end up not going very often and get distracted and start playing basketball plus I hate the time it takes just to get there and back. The gym in my building isn't well equipped but I would rather be doing a less efficient routine that I stick with rather than one that I won't.

My building gym consists of some stationary bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, dumbbells up to 40 lbs, a plain bench and a multi gym machine similar to this one. On lifting days my routine is something like:

Jog 5 minutes (.5 mile)
Bench press on machine
Pull press on machine (like bench but pulling instead of pushing)
Seated sit up with shoulder strap thing on machine
Leg press
Pull downs on the thing that looks like a pull up bar
Shoulder press with dumbbells
Squats with dumbbells
Bicep curls with dumbbells
Bench press with dumbbells
Run 1 mile (6:30)

Most lifts I do 3x10 and usually only do 6-7 out of the 9 I listed on any given day. Most cardio days I run 3-4 miles at about a 6:40/m pace.

When I first started 2 months ago I weighed ~194. Since I was trying to lose a few lbs my goal was to eat around 2000 calories and 200g protein a day. I probably averaged a little over 2000 cal and about 150g of protein. The weight has been coming off pretty consistently at ~1lb/week.

My goals are pretty evenly distributed between getting faster for soccer (both endurance and top speed), stronger (especially upper body), and looking better. If you have any tips or suggestions as to how I can improve my workouts I'd really appreciate the feedback. I also have some questions below.

Will smoking weed on a nightly basis have any meaningful impact on my workouts or muscle development besides making me lazy and not want to work out?

Currently the only thing I take is whey protein and I only use it on my lifting days. Should I start to use it on cardio and off days if I'm not hitting my protein goals?

I'm sure I'll come up with more stuff later, thanks for reading.
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Re: Help with my fitness routine and goals

Read the FAQ

Also someone needs to move the part about Starting Strength up higher in the FAQ since 90+% of the responses to threads like these will be people recommending Starting Strength.
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Re: Help with my fitness routine and goals

I have already said I know SS is probably ideal for me but I'm not willing/don't have time to go to a gym so I'm looking for recommendations for what would be best given the equipment I have at my disposal.
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