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FloppyJ's Log - 45yo gets fit - bodyweight exercises+ FloppyJ's Log - 45yo gets fit - bodyweight exercises+
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FloppyJ's Log - 45yo gets fit - bodyweight exercises+

11-25-2021 , 06:38 AM
Wednesday November 25 138.2 lbs
5/3/1 5s PRO FSL C10W1D1 OHP/Bench TM 85/125

OHP 5x55, 5x65, 5x70, 5x5x55
NG Chins 5x8

Bench 10x45lbs, 8x65, 5x100, 5x95, 5x105, 5x5x80
Pullups 5x7

2099 cal/263 carb/71 fat/123 protein/56 fibre

Leg rest day. Managed to misload the first working set on bench at 100lbs instead of 80.
11-26-2021 , 07:30 AM
Thursday November 25 138.4 lbs

Intervals run 1:12:38, 12.5km 3km wu, 4 x 1km with 600m recovery jog, 3km cd, 159 avg heart rate

1870 cal/190 carb/62 fat/168 protein/45 fibre

Interval timer messed up again so I didn't have any pace notifications for most of the running intervals. Was aiming for ~4:50/km pace and looks like it wasn't too far off. Calves remain reasonably beat up. Any long runs or runs with any speed thrown in are still aggravating my left hip flexor but pretty minor on the pain scale.
11-27-2021 , 07:52 AM
Friday November 26 – 138.8 lbs

Easy run – 38:43, 6km, 156 avg heart rate

2955 cal/275 carb/127 fat/159 protein/53 fibre

Not exactly clean eating. But tasty, thank you Five Guys.
11-28-2021 , 08:04 AM
Saturday November 27 139.9 lbs
5/3/1 God is a Beast C10W1D2 DL TM 220

RDL 10x45lbs, 8x95
DL 5x95lbs, 5x125, 5x145, 5x165, 5x185, 5x5x145
Hanging knee raises 5x15
SL step ups 4x15

Barbell reverse lunge 3x10x45lbs

Standing barbell calf raises 3x20x125lbs

2214 cal/147 carb/117 fat/164 protein/42 fibre

It didn't feel like much at the time but I am surprisingly sore the next morning.
11-29-2021 , 06:59 AM
Sunday November 28 140.0 lbs

Long run 1:15:13, 13.1km, 165 avg heart rate

Seated DB OHP 2x10x25lbs, 9x25
DB Incline Press 2x10x30lbs, 9x30
DB HC 3x12x25lbs
Facepulls 3x15x45lbs
DB Row 2x10x60lbs

2767 cal/313 carb/87 fat/193 protein/65 fibre

November 22 November 28 Daily Averages: 139.5 lbs/14.9% bf/2290 cal/225 carb/90 fat/161 protein/7:43 sleep
43.6 km total weekly running mileage at average pace of 6:00 per km

Run felt good but my calves were pretty sore later in the day plus some discomfort wrapping around the back of my left knee. Played around with some dumbbells. Not sure I will make it a regular thing but dropping to a single upper and single lower session is freaking me out a little. Sleep average looks awesome but I think fitbit got a little carried away this week.
11-30-2021 , 07:03 AM
Monday November 29 140.2 lbs

Easy run 38:35, 6.1km, 154 avg heart rate

2111 cal/221 carb/82 fat/152 protein/50 fibre

Run was okay but a lot of pain behind left knee afterwards and building over the course of the day. A bit better this morning but I will take it easier than planned today. May just walk on treadmill or super light jog.
Yesterday , 07:06 AM
Tuesday November 30 – 140.2 lbs

Easy run treadmill – 1:02:18, 8 - 9.54km, 142 avg heart rate

2108 cal/230 carb/71 fat/155 protein/42 fibre

Thought I was doing 8k on the treadmill but did think the effort, while easy, felt a lot faster than what the treadmill was claiming. Fitbit showed a little over 9.5km. No knee pain while running but it obviously gets aggravated by it. Did a lot of unilateral and banded leg, glute and hip stuff later in the day as well.