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Bodybuilding Classic Physique Division Offseason log Bodybuilding Classic Physique Division Offseason log

02-13-2024 , 10:16 PM
I guess I've only interacted with very westernized chinese people. This was weird as fk.

Weird how testing will actually tell you what stuff is doing.
Bodybuilding Classic Physique Division Offseason log Quote
02-14-2024 , 04:33 AM
Alright here's my new weekly plan that will start Feb 25. I don't remember if I posted it, but I will likely not compete this year. Potentially moving across the country and changing jobs is just gonna make it really stressful to actually do the tanning, final week peaking, travelling, hotel, etc. I'm doing a contest prep diet and going to go until I'm satisfied. Somewhere between 15-20 weeks depending on progress.

Biceps+legs 1
Hammer curls
EZ curls
Hamstring+leg extensions supersetted
Front foot elevated split squat

delt raises
Machine press
Incline db
machine flies
2 pushdown variants

Pullup variation
Underhand row
Pulldown or machine row (doesn't matter)
Behind the body cable curls: 4 sets

Biceps+Legs 2
hammer curls
ez curls
Hip thrust
Leg extension
Leg press

6 days per week with a day off every Wednesday. Legs/push/pull/repeat


This is only counting 'direct' macros, so for instance if I'm eating a chicken breast I won't count the fats toward this number and if I'm eating oats I won't count the fats or proteins toward that number. Just for the ease of tracking. Calories will and macros will be understated around 15-20% as a result.

Medium day: 350p, 300c, 30f
Low day: 350g, 150c, 60f (non training day, wednesday
High day: 250p, 600c, no added fats but a cheat meal with fats at the end of the day. Shoot for around 4.5-4.8k calories total by the end

Foods: Any vegetables but the majority will be green beans, chicken breast/tenderloin, beef knuckle, Salmon, brown rice, sweet potato, white potato, all berries, bananas, apples, pomelo, orange, oats, cream of rice, skim milk, white rice (but only sometimes), whole eggs, nuts, nut butters and butter, avocado. Basically IIFYM but only among this list of foods.

I'm going to try to avoid whey protein in the regular diet. I'll have it around the house for "emergencies" or to make high day treats like protein cakes and bullshit like that.

I'll be eating just over 1kg of cooked chicken breast/tenderloin daily to hit that 350 number.

1 high day per week on Friday probably. I haven't decided which day will be the high day, but probably not the weekend since that's when I have the most spare time to hit massive amounts of fasted cardio when I wake up.

Saturday+Sunday 60-90 minutes on the stairs fasted in the morning, other days around 30 minutes on the stairs during the day/morning or 30min incline treadmill post training. Given my 7:45 work starting time and variable schedule, it's unlikely I'm able to get fasted cardio consistently or on the same days Monday through Friday.

Steps starting at my baseline of 10k/day and gradually increase this up to around 16-18k toward the end of the diet as I go along.

Motivation sky high. Elbows don't hurt. Literally nothing hurts except my right scap feels over-protracted because I haven't been doing my lock 3 since there are no little girl dumbbells. I don't know if they even have 1kg plates to use for it. I'm very excited for this getting shredded phase.
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02-18-2024 , 02:07 PM
Last 2 workouts

Lock 3
DB prone raises: 7.5kgx4 sets failure
Machine press: 135kgx20, 9, 11
db incline: 30kgx17, 13, 14
Machine flies: 3 sets
Normal pushdown stuff, you know the drill by now

Chins: 17, 13, 11
underhand rows: 70kgx13, 11
Weird grip pulldowns: 2 sets
Facing away behind the body single arm cable curls: 5 sets each side to failure

Loving this pull workout. There isn't a huge performance drop off going into the curls because this curl variation involves a lot less forearm flexors or brachiallis which are already exhausted from the back work, but rather isolates that peak area perfectly. I finally found a good exercise to isolate this area... spider curls, leaning away db curls, concetration, curls, preacher curls, and then incline db curls all ended up causing me pain and ez curls/hammer curls really don't hit that peak part of the bicep as much and hit the bicep on the other end.

Alright so now I'm going to take a fairly long break for around 6-9 days and let the fatigue dissipate and joints fully heal. Nothing hurts or anything, I just think some planned time off immediately before starting a more intense contest prep is a good idea. The contest part most likely wont' happen. If I stay in my city, there's a show I can do in august. In that case, I'd probably cut from March but schedule a 4 week diet+stims break in the middle.

My bw already came up to a massive 99.65 but I stayed lean the whole time. When you're lean, you just don't need very many calories to add muscle and if you aren't stuffing yourself you gain a really good ratio of muscle and glycogen to fat. I may have underestimated how heavy I'd be when stage ready with peeled glutes. It could be as heavy as like 87kg which would be great.

I never made a big new year's post because I was busy with work and not able to just sit down, do nothing and think. I feel like I just completely slew 2023. It was off to a rough start with me initiating a breakup I wasn't sure I should have in October 2022 and the chaos of the reopening in December 2022, and I was hitting a lot of bumps around March/April, but after that I really got things together and just blasted through so many life and fitness plateaus and I've carrried the momentum into 2024 and I am just crushing all my goals with i guess the exception of not getting that job but that's kinda w/e tbh. Best years of my life were the 2017-2018 academic year and 2023 as a whole. 2024 seems to be getting even better and better and I've already decided that this is the year I'm gonna get shredded glutes. And I'm going to do it without abusing performance enhancing drugs or doing anything super extreme with the diet that messes up my mood sufficiently to mistreat or be impolite/mean to anyone irl.

Pumped pic with great lighting which makes me look leaner than I really am, but starting the diet from here and feeling very fresh/recovered/no cardio or stim tolerance built up yet? It's gonna be sick when I actually start dieting again.
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Yesterday , 10:22 AM
So I guess I had 7 days off. I deliberately took things very easy just since it's been such a long time. Feel good, fresh, nothing hurting. Appearance rapidly got worse but w/e it'll come back. Now we're at the start of what will be my most successful cut ever. Gonna get inside out shredded. Feel like I've got my training and dieting strategies ultra optimized.

Cut Week 1
NG chins: bwx16
Fat grip supinate chins: 13, 11
Underhand rows: 70kgx10, 8
Underhand pulldowns: 50kgx13, 10
Facing away single arm cable curls: 20, 2 more myo-rep matching sets (get to 20 on sets 2 and 3 with as many 10-20 second breaks as needed)

The grip I was doing chins with was not exactly neutral, like halfway between neutral and supinated. I noticed slight elbow pain even on the first few reps on the "ng" chins which certainly solved a long standing mystery. I guess i should just never do those again. I coulda done more than 16, too...

All these equipment manufacturers always make so many different weird and crazy different grips. It's inconceivable that we might just want to be able to do regular supinated chinups, pronated pullups, and neutral grip pullups. Have you ever seen anyone doing the crazy angle and weird width grip pullups/chins? Me neither.

Anyway, our only normal pullup bar is those monkey bar things but super ****ing thick and way up there where I need to get on a 30 inch box to reach up there. But having refrained from using straps on everything but sldls for a few months now and I feel like my fat grip and normal grip chins will be around the same bc my grip and forearms have gotten so strong.

Did ~15 minutes of hard cardio on the stairs surprised to find I had lost almost no cardio fitness despite not doing any for about 3 weeks. I think I internalized a lot of rippetoe-isms (anchoring effect) and one of those was something to the effect of "cardiovascular adaptations are much less permanent than muscular adaptations. You can lose all your cardio shape within a few weeks/months". That's bullshit lol, cardio adaptations aren't as permanent as muscle, sure, but they're going to take years to lose just like muscle will take years to lose. More reason to keep doing it year round.

Because I'm unsure how long I'll be dieting and given the relatively lean starting point, I'm going to hold off on the clenbuterol for the first few weeks and do caffeine+yohimbine+synephrine only.
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Yesterday , 03:11 PM
Re: your curl variation, I'm fairly certain they're called "Bayesian curls".

Glad to hear 2023 went so well; the new plan sounds great and I continue to appreciate this log.
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Yesterday , 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by Montecore
Re: your curl variation, I'm fairly certain they're called "Bayesian curls".

Glad to hear 2023 went so well; the new plan sounds great and I continue to appreciate this log.
They're so incredibly effective. It's like pure bicep peak and very little forearm, lower bicep, or extensor strength. Hoping this visually affects my bicep peak a bit, but I suppose it'll take several months to find out.
Bodybuilding Classic Physique Division Offseason log Quote