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Re: Whisky

Originally Posted by EADGBE View Post
I typically drink 2 or 3 glasses neat of roughly the amount you see in the pic I posted above. I'm guessing that's roughly ~2 shots a pour maybe? That's drunk over the course of the entire evening. I've found that I tend to pour much heavier when it's a rocks glass than a glencairn.

I used to basically only drink fri/sat nights, but since COVID I've been drinking much more frequently. Maybe 5x per week.

I'm in the middle of a self-imposed dry week atm. Just want to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

I saw this and was like uh, I drink more than that...

I than saw your pours and realized I’m probably pouring 1/2 to 1/3 what your pouring per drink. I think in the UK a pour of whiskey is 25-30 ML, roughly half a shot glass. In the US it’s I think 1 to 1.5 oz which is probably to 2/3rd to 1 shot glass.

I personally like the process of pouring more often, the uncorking/unscrewing, trying not to spill. I also feel I get a better scent, can nose it better and it tastes better when there’s less. Probably silly and all in my head.
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Re: Whisky

I just broke out the baby's bottle to measure my pours with water (for science!). Turns out my pours are usually ~2.5oz, which is a bit less than 2 shots.

Google says U.S. standard is 1.5oz shot, 2oz neat pour, 3oz double. 25mL is half of those little sample size bottles? Those are some tiny pours! The advantage there is probably you get to drink 4~5 different whiskys in a night compared to my 2~3.

And even if it's just in your head, you should keep doing it as long as you believe it to be so. If we convince our brain that it makes a difference, our brain actually does make it taste better for us.

I think there's a lot of subjectivity involved even with the same whiskey just tasting different between your own first/second/third tastings of it depending on all sorts of things like mood, what you ate recently, etc.
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Re: Whisky

Thanks for clarifying. It’s just odd, I feel like **** day after if I have a few shots (Unlike light beer). I went to a bar maybe a month back and asked for a triple on the rocks and the server made a comment about “wow you must be having a rough day” lmao and my friend made a comment even though he goes out to drink alone and gets hammered.
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