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EDF July MMA Thread EDF July MMA Thread

07-04-2009 , 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by nutsflopper
Ppl that judge others b/c of stigma from wearing a brand are the douchebags (sherdog etc). That stigma only comes from it being the most popular mma clothing brands which the posers then wear..they got popular b/c they were the best at what they do. The ppl behind tapout and affliction are generally really cool from what I can tell.
i think this was an afterschool special once.
07-04-2009 , 11:49 AM
07-04-2009 , 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by BuckyK
There's your problem.
Their conditioning, diet and strength forums are pretty good, better than the health and fitness forum on here which for the most part is decent.
07-04-2009 , 12:12 PM
their boxing forum is good and contenders is alright
07-04-2009 , 01:47 PM
The Affliction shirt thing has gone well beyond just MMA fans looking down on them, some of my friends who don't follow MMA have come to think that anyone wearing an Affliction shirt is a d-bag.
07-04-2009 , 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by nutsflopper
lol at what? While a lot of people that wear tapout shirts seem to be posers, the tapout guys are cool (despite thier goofy costume type sht) and are great supporters of the sport. RIP mask, he was awesome.
Not going to get into a huge argument but guys who wear TAPOUT or Affliction or whatever are generally posers, or pseudo tough guys. Most of the guys who wear it don't even train and even if you do train, why is there a need to say: "Look at me! I'm tough!" In fact, you can't even get into some clubs/bars where I live if you're wearing an Affliction T.

On top of this, it's almost analogous to NASCAR fans wearing NASCAR gear (although I'm not saying that MMA is like NASCAR)
07-04-2009 , 03:47 PM
The only reason Tapout gets a pass now is because Mask died. Before that, everyone **** on them like they do Affliction.
07-04-2009 , 03:57 PM
Maybe I'm way off base/totally naive or whatever, but I never had any visceral negative reaction to seeing people wear Tapout stuff. It's always been something along the line of "oh, dude likes/watches MMA. cool enough" It's a given that the number of people who watch MMA >>>>>>>>>>>>> the number who train MMA so to me someone wearing a Tapout shirt trying to advertise that they're the next GSP is equivalent to a guy wearing an Air Jordan shirt thinking he's the next other words very toolish and highly unlikely. Hence I think giving people who wear Tapout/Affliction/whatever a pass is pretty reasonable.

Full Disclosure: Don't own any from either brand though my wife considered buying me a Tapout hat.
07-04-2009 , 04:24 PM
Have you guys all seen the Tapout tv show? I didn't know about it until recently but it's pretty cool. You get a good look at some of the top training camps as well as a few guys that are top contenders in the WEC right now. Plus their humor really cracks me up.
07-05-2009 , 07:46 AM
huerta - maynard ufn 19

dana interview
07-05-2009 , 04:46 PM
Reminder: The Top 100 fights countdown airs on Spike starting tonight at 9pm. It's on Sunday-Wednesday at 9 and then the top 10 countdown comes on before UFC 100 on Saturday.
07-05-2009 , 07:41 PM
So stoked for 100.

Ordered the 99 but it wasn't in HD. Got to call and make sure we have this bad boy in HD.
07-05-2009 , 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by LurchySoprano
Reminder: The Top 100 fights countdown airs on Spike starting tonight at 9pm. It's on Sunday-Wednesday at 9 and then the top 10 countdown comes on before UFC 100 on Saturday.
christ, that was a disappointment. I thought they were actually going to show whole fights. If i just wanted clips i could go to youtube.

probably not going to bother watching the rest.
07-05-2009 , 11:47 PM
...100 fights in their entirety would take a really long time to air on TV
07-06-2009 , 03:57 AM
I liked it. Seen pretty much all of them, but shows like this are great to tide me over in between events.
07-06-2009 , 07:29 AM
Originally Posted by traz
...100 fights in their entirety would take a really long time to air on TV
what if they're all fights like wandy/jardine?
07-06-2009 , 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by sixfour
what if they're all fights like wandy/jardine?
then not so long.
07-06-2009 , 05:38 PM
just watched never back down. man what a stupid movie.
07-07-2009 , 12:41 AM
the next strikeforce card is sick
07-07-2009 , 07:01 AM
Finally got to see Pride Fighting Decade and HOLY SH*T!! So well done. I would love to see any organization put together a documentary like this. You could actually feel the excitement from matches that are 10 years old.
07-07-2009 , 06:47 PM
Diaz vs. Riggs for the vacant Strikeforce WW belt in August. Easy win for Nick I guess, as Riggs won't be able to handle the mass amount of punches Diaz likes to throw, plus his cardio is through the roof (does triathlons regularly apparently).
07-07-2009 , 08:05 PM
Fight scheduled for 5 rounds, then 3 more at the hospital
07-07-2009 , 09:12 PM
favorite roganism "what a torrid pace" said when tyson griffin had his head in between frankie edgar's thighs and frankie edgar was clasping his hands around tyson's thigh and crotchal region.

nice vocab there joe.

07-07-2009 , 11:14 PM
The MMA section on Yahoo! Sports is now called UFC?
07-07-2009 , 11:58 PM
Countdown to UFC 100 is up on right now for anyone that forgot it was on Spike tonight.