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EDF July MMA Thread EDF July MMA Thread

07-20-2009 , 04:57 AM
Dida just one-upped him on entrance music.
07-20-2009 , 05:00 AM
30 seconds in and I can tell Kikuno not gonna beat muay thai like Dida lol.
07-20-2009 , 05:02 AM
countdown to kikunos death...3..2..

edit:ruuu roooo
07-20-2009 , 05:02 AM
kikuno's grin is creeping me out......he looks like he's going to be dead before the second walkin around like a lollipop with his head that high.
07-20-2009 , 05:04 AM

edit: (dida i hope you at least got a big yakuza payday)
07-20-2009 , 05:04 AM
Dida had no business losing that fight imo
07-20-2009 , 05:06 AM
WTF was that
07-20-2009 , 05:06 AM
k it's 5am here, i'm turning in.

lemme know how bad filho gets destroyed
07-20-2009 , 05:16 AM
This should be good. ldo
07-20-2009 , 05:20 AM
sigh....looks like justin's power went out....
07-20-2009 , 05:20 AM
Un****ingbelievable. Stream craps out right as the fight begins
07-20-2009 , 05:20 AM
ugh can anyone send me pm's that are working sdfhgjklasghdfjkgjk


edit nv mind its working now. missed the filho fight.

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07-20-2009 , 05:21 AM
FILHO! ship it
07-20-2009 , 05:22 AM
I was just about to head over to J-man's...not gonna do me much good?
07-20-2009 , 05:24 AM
the finals, aoki/ribeiro and taylor/yoon are left
07-20-2009 , 05:24 AM
streams are back up i think (i think they are all from the same source, at least for this niche event)
07-20-2009 , 05:25 AM
Originally Posted by zacd
streams are back up i think (i think they are all from the same source, at least for this niche event)

Sucks to miss that armbar from Filho though
07-20-2009 , 05:26 AM
er, nm. Back down after 10 secs
07-20-2009 , 05:26 AM
looks like there gonna rewind the fight on the stream

Last edited by caught_clean; 07-20-2009 at 05:27 AM. Reason: at least on the one im watching
07-20-2009 , 05:27 AM
They are replaying the fight right now
07-20-2009 , 05:33 AM
doesn't matter how many roofies paulo filho has ingested, if he gets on top of melvin manhoef it's game over.
07-20-2009 , 06:07 AM
gross, looks like his foot snapped in half
07-20-2009 , 06:16 AM
shaolin one timmmeeeeee
07-20-2009 , 06:37 AM
lol Aoki turning into a standup master?? what world do we live in when aoki stalls in guard for a standup. really weird fight but strangely entertaining seeing aoki with some passable standup offense.
07-20-2009 , 06:39 AM
LOL mezger is really bitter that Japanese judges have given him 3 split decision losses