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2013 Music Thread 2013 Music Thread

01-07-2014 , 06:26 PM
i think there is quite a bit to dislike about yeezus from a personal standpoint .dont see how it ever makes sense to feel the need to justify not recognizing the awesomeness of an album or lack thereof. i only really like black skinhead and hold my liquor
01-09-2014 , 09:22 AM
Ugh I both love and hate any of you going to Coachella this year. Such a good lineup.

01-10-2014 , 02:57 AM
Goat is a GOAT live band, believe it or not. Anyone going to Coachella who might be into psychadelic rock with "world music" influences should check them out.

01-10-2014 , 03:57 AM
When's the 2014 thread going up? Awesome sounding release from Wolf Collage coming up:

Up The Denial

They seem to tag it folk rock themselves but I don't know, they seem to be mixing it up. Here's a pretty delicious dream pop song they released last year:

01-11-2014 , 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by rafiki
I think I'm going to just chalk it up to being weird, because I found a lot of the "big" albums this year to be fairly mediocre.
no you are not weird, all of the 2013 big albums and top10* lists are complete horse****.
except for danny brown's old maye.

it hurts.

*edit ok pitchfork has MBV on #4.

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01-11-2014 , 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by Nick Royale
That sounds both boring and impossible, just get Spotify.
Why is collecting music boring and impossible? If spotify is enough for you, thats fine... i know so much good stuff thats not in there.

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01-11-2014 , 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by siebenacht
Why is collecting music boring and impossible? If spotify is enough for you, thats fine... i know so much good stuff thats not in there.
I should've been more clear.

I get a lot of music that's not on Spotify, there's a lot of great music missing for sure. What I meant with "boring and impossible" was the idea of trimming down your collection to concensus great albums. It's boring because while there's a lot of great concensus albums, you're missing out on a ton. It's impossible because people won't agree anyway, so you'll end up listening to a lot of music and decide for yourself anyway.

I would recommend to use spotify and other online sources to explore new music and to build a collection of albums that means something to you on vinyl, instead of just getting critically acclaimed must-haves. For me personally, getting my collection in digital form wouldn't feel right, but that's not what I was reacting to.
01-11-2014 , 08:44 PM
Looking back at his post it seems I read it wrong.
01-14-2014 , 09:07 AM
Where is private joker with the 2014 thread? He's slipping.
01-17-2014 , 01:47 PM
Maybe someone else can start one?
01-22-2014 , 05:57 PM
what do you guys like to listen to when you work out?
01-22-2014 , 07:26 PM
I like to listen to rap and pop when working out. Would probably be fine with some EDM as well