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Pot odds in multi way pot w/ nut flush draw


LJ (HERO): $11.86
HJ: $16.49

Hero deal A♧10♧

UTG +2 limp, hero raises to .30, HJ reraises to .80, UTG +2 calls, Hero calls

Flop: J♤ 9♧ Q♧

UTG +2 bets $2.55, hero calls, HJ jams for $15.69, UTG calls, and hero calls with $23.57 in the pot.

Run out Q◇ 9♤

Sorry about the hand history the site i use doesnt give me a copy of a file anywhere.

This hand was pretty simple. I just had a few questions for future reference in multiway pots about how i should calculate my odds and play a nut draw.

The only questions i have about how i played the hand is if it is better to jam after the short stack effectively bets and puts himself in on the flop. Should i jam to discourage the big stack from coming along and just try to out draw the short stack?

Realistically, when calculating my outs any 8, club or K should win me the pot so ive got 15 outs with 2 cards to come so somewhere around 60% to make one of those. I also have an over card that may or may not be good if it pairs. If the big stack calls hes probably got a hand like a set where my equity is half that. But he jammed so im getting 3 to 1 to make the call so i really only need 25% to call right? Or is there something else i should consider like potential removers to my out that my opponents could have? Like a KQ, AQ type hand and the fact that its multiway?


I had to make the call right? Lol. They showed up with AQ and KQ but i think i got it in ahead.
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Re: Pot odds in multi way pot w/ nut flush draw

Are you asking if you should consider blockers when you have about 60% and you need 25% to call? You might have a couple tainted outs if they have a set, the fish has some weight on clubs but it is not super significant since they have lots of top pair/2pair/set type hands, very rarely if ever is it worth to consider flush removal. You are getting 2.5-1 here because you do not cover the big stack. Raise 3x+1 for every limper pre, calling that 3b is fine with the fish money and small size. You still have 13 outs vs a set. Don't jam, take the direct odds to continue because even if you get called by top pair/overpair you are only flipping, whereas if you get to a turn you can fold when your equity is no longer favourable and get value when you hit your hand. Also jamming here with 1 player to act behind and a fish who is pot committed screams made hand and some regs will fold their 1 pair hands here.
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Re: Pot odds in multi way pot w/ nut flush draw

it depends always on the hand range but this play is matematically correct so just move on.
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