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Poker software in 2018


I am getting back into Poker after many years, just deposited 10$ on stars and it has already grown to 50$ playing NL2. Planning to step up to 5NL at 100$.

My questions are as follows
1) How is HM2 working these days? worth getting?
2) is there any way to get a free copy through promotions?
3) Can I even use my HM1 copy I have? (actually have trouble just installing it ATM, complaining about license, but never asks for key.)

4) is it even worth considering using at microstakes?
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Old 12-08-2018, 09:17 AM   #2
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Re: Poker software in 2018

I mainly use it to mark hands for review and analysis/note taking on the regs at my stakes when not playing
there are lots of programs with similar functionality nowadays, some cheaper. look around on google/ software sub-section on 2+2
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Re: Poker software in 2018

HM2 is working fine on Stars (assuming you're not in the US, where HUDs might be banned on the few legal sites), and it's very useful for tracking your stats and doing some analysis.

Ask on the official HEM forum about money-off deals and switching from HM1. I think it was a free upgrade when HEM2 was launched, but HM1 is no longer supported AFAIK.
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Old 12-19-2018, 04:37 PM   #4
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Re: Poker software in 2018

I use Copilot. You get a 1 month free trial. It's easy to use/easy to install and pretty user friendly as it was originally intended for the mac but they have a windows version. I think they were having issues with poker stars but fixed after an update.

In terms of is it useful for microstakes, it definitely is if you play more than one table as you don't really have to pay as much attention to watching how people are playing. If you build up a good hand history with other regular players too it can aid in table hopping. If you are just playing one table though I wouldn't say it was massively important, specially with you having a good win rate so far

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Re: Poker software in 2018

Definetly worth it IMO.
U could also check out software like Starscaption, which is very nice for betscript / converting $ to BBs etc.
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